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Why For The Makers

We believe DIY should be fun and easy. It shouldn’t involve trips to tons of stores and blogs to gather everything you need. We started For the Makers because we know how hard it is to find the good stuff out there. It’s one part magazine, one part coolest craft store ever. We search high and low for materials you can’t find anywhere else and when we can’t find it, we have it made.
We believe in making what you want to own. Maybe the only thing you’ve ever made is a peanut butter sandwich. Maybe you’ve been making your own sparkly things for years. We believe in making things you’ll love and wear now and for seasons to come. With the right materials and a little DIY know–how we’ll turn that “I could totally make it” into “Oh this? I made it.”
We believe that we tell the world who we are through the things we create, discover and share. For the Makers is all about sharing our favorite tips, tricks and techniques. We share everything we’ve learned from years designing for some of your favorite brands... and some of the coolest girls around are sharing what they’re making too. We inspire and are inspired by makers everywhere.
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How It Started

For the Makers is made with lots of glue and sparkle in New York City.
The Team

By working with companies like Kate Spade, Anthropologie and Marc Jacobs, the founder of For the Makers learned the ins and outs of finding the prettiest, highest-quality materials from every corner of the world. Braving tetanus on a regular basis, we’ll climb a mountain of chain or test a few dozen shades of green before settling on just the right shade. Crazy? Maybe, but the outcome is well-worth it.

For the Makers is made with lots of glue and sparkle in New York City, the perfect place for fashion and design inspiration. Every day, the team dreams up new and exciting DIY ideas to share with you, and loves nothing more than seeing the projects come to life your hands.

The Team


Janet Crowther

Founder & CEO

Janet has always been drawn to the beautiful things, from an early age you could find her making something out of nothing. She has an undying passion for handmade goods and the art of purposeful design. Her work has been featured on the pages of almost every major fashion publication. On any given day at For the Makers, you can find her driving conceptual design to nailing down the perfect ribbon color. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband Collin and their new baby Davie...oh, and their loveable craft-destroying pup Podgie. Her first book, Make a Statement: 25 Handcrafted Jewelry and Accessory Projects, is out now!


Rachel Heaton

CTO and mistress of glue

Rachel keeps the codes coming. She is building For the Makers using Ruby on Rails and Postgres. She has consulted for numerous high traffic, high volume startups while working with Pivotal Labs. Rachel is always trying to work a skull into the next collection.


Evie Shaffer


Evie Shaffer creates the gorgeous illustrations behind each project. She blogs about DIY projects, art, and motherhood and moonlights as a graphic/web designer for the company she created with her husband: Create Etc. Evie created A Beautiful Idea in 2010 to give artists a chance to create what they love to help others.