11 Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours in 2021

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Best Computer Chairs for Long Hours

Every person has their own needs and every single person should choose a different chair.

The first problem heavy computer users face is back pain, neck pain, and leg pain.

To get rid of these problems, using a comfortable chair is a must-have. Hundreds of chairs come in the market, some are good and some are bad but only few of them stick around.

We have tested many of them and made you this guide for the best computer chairs for long hours.

Top 11 Computer Chairs for Long Hours 2021

1. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair

This classic Aeron chair from Herman Miller is considered as one of the finest chairs.

Its highly adjusting nature makes it popular among users, and it is available in different sizes.

All you need to do is pick the best suitable chair size as per your height and weight. This classic chair of the Aeron series is made with PostureFit SL technology, which helps keep your body perfectly while sitting on the chair.

The mesh material of this chair provides ultimate comfort. At the same time, its adjustable feature and reclinable back support help you avoid any back or shoulder pain even if you sit for long stretches. This particular classic chair offers ample flexibility, so you will be able to move the chair easily. Get ready to pick this one for a convenient seating option.

2. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

This Ergo3D, newly launched chair, has all the essential features that any executive chair should have. It is a budget-friendly option for your long-term usage. Its one-of-a-kind 3D adjustable armrest ensures smooth and comfortable placing of your arms. Apart from that, the 3-piece adjustable backrest is specifically made to keep your back completely pain-free.

The benefit of its ElastoMesh material is its unique breathable quality. As a result, additional and comfortable airflow when working for long hours on this chair is a welcome addition.

Though the quality of the mesh is a little bit saggy, you will benefit from the prior-mentioned features after purchasing this chair.

Its 135-degree tilt feature offers you back-pain-free sitting along with relieving pressure on your spinal cord. Apart from that, the chair’s smooth and non-sleepy wheels help you move on the entire surface seamlessly.

3. SIHOO Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

This chair is made with 3D features like dynamically adjusting armrests that move in forward, up, down, and back positions.

This chair has 360° rotation, so you won’t feel uneasy while working overtime. You won’t face any air circulation issues on this chair, as it has a mesh back and seat.

The material of the SIHOO Ergonomic chair is indeed durable which has excellent lumbar support to keep your spine and back pain-free.

This chair’s excellent headrest helps you avoid shoulder pain, usually due to sitting for an extended duration on office chairs.

It has the super-adjustable quality and covers the need of all those who are 5.8-inches to 6.5-inches tall. Besides, 45° tilt range, 10 cm adjustment range, etc., features of this specific chair make it preferred for users.

4. CLATINA Ergonomic Office Chair

Another favorite executive chair with a 5-years warranty and is excellent for long hour usage for both home and office is CLATINA’s High Swivel model. This new office chair is combined with a seamless 3D armrest, lumbar support, and adjustable height head support features.

These features help you do continuous work in both home and office comfortably and without any body-ache. This attractive grey-colored 3D office chair provides easy airflow that keeps your back and body cool while sitting on it for long-drawn work shifts.

Along with that, its thick pad’s soft texture ensures comfort and decreases the level of pressure. The feature of a 360-degree swivel provides a smooth and flawless sitting experience along with the back recline option, which stretches from 90 to 135 degrees.

This adjustable 3D upholstered back chair, which you can call an office chair, is mainly made to deliver you sheer comfort. So, pick this CLATINA lumbar support chair and continue your work and gaming with utmost ease.

5. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

SIDIZ has launched a T50 mechanism combined ergonomic office chair, which can be used as a computer chair for extended use. The unique part of this chair is that you will quickly assemble it like a simple puzzle without any difficulties.

The height adjustment feature of this model offers up to a 3.5-inch seamless height range adjustment. With its super-comfortable lumbar cushion, you will enjoy relaxed sitting, and its smooth tilt mechanism ensures you a wide-range movement.

You will not face any back, arm, shoulder, or back pain while you sit on this chair for long tenures. Though it is a bit pricey, you can get ultimate comfort with this new model of SIDIZ T50 chair.

6. Serta AIR Health and Wellness Executive Office Chair

Its dynamic lumbar support offers you a smooth and relaxing experience while you sit on it. You will be able to easily adjust the seat and height of the chair as per your requirement.

The excellent tilt mechanism of this long-use computer chair makes it a perfect pick for you. The thick layered body pillow and padded armrests provide you with ultimate comfort at the time of gaming or working. This chair is made with smooth-rolling dual-wheels, so you can seamlessly move it from one area to another.

Apart from that, you can sit in various postures as the chair is combined with flexible air lumbar technology. It ensures airflow while working on the chair and provides you with a comfortable sitting experience.

7. Giantex Ergonomic Office Chair

To fulfill the prime concern of breathable material, Giantex has launched this ergonomic office chair. The mesh of this particular chair is super breathable, which ensures the durability of the mesh. Along with that, in this specific ergonomic chair, the airflow is superior, and it helps you to keep your posterior portion dry.

The ergonomic design of this chair makes it popular among avid computer users. The chair’s three-dimensional armrest and adjustable headrest offer ultimate relaxation to your shoulder, head, and neck as well. Apart from that, the detachable lumbar support feature of this office and computer chair ensures zero pressure on the spine.

Thus, you will easily benefit from additional comfort at the time of working or computing. Get ready to experience premium comfort with this ergonomic chair for long sitting hours. This chair has five mute universal wheels, which are not only smooth but non-slip, wear-resistant, and durable as well.

8. Steelcase Gesture Chair

The Steelcase Gesture model contains all the essential features that decrease the pain and pressure of your spinal column.

The chair has a reclinable tension adjustment feature, through which you will be able to help 360-degree swivel.

This chair has a beautifully wrapped upholstered back and seat, so you won’t feel uncomfortable at the time of sitting on it. The x-factor of this chair is that it has a massive range of adjustments, which is 4D arms.

Here you will avail flexible backrest to move back and forth on this chair easily. The chair has an attractive look, and you will get it in a different light frame color scheme. This chair’s durable and high-end build makes it popular among heavy computer users.

The high quality of the product keeps it perfect in any situation. The seat and back support of the chair move in a synchronized order, and your body also moves accordingly so that you won’t face any kind of body ache. Though it is a little bit expensive, it is very much comfortable for regular users.

9. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

When it comes to the best mesh swivel chair for both computing and working, then the High Back Swivel model by Ergohuman is the ultimate pick. The seat depth adjustment mechanism ensures a comfortable and healthy sitting posture.

The build or construction of this Swivel chair is top-notch, which is combined with smooth synchro-tilt technology. You will easily tilt the chair as per your requirement and avail of a pain-free long-term sitting experience.

The Pneumatic cylinder helps to pull and push the chair as per your requirement. The headrest adjustment, seat cushion, and back setting of the chair can be changed as per your individual needs. The outstanding mesh of the chair makes it preferred for regular users.

This chair is featured with a three-position tilt-clock adjustment, which makes your seating experience way comfortable. So, get this model to give yourself the added advantage of working longer hours.

10. Serta Hannah Microfiber Office Chair

Hannah Microfiber chair from the brand Serta is excellent in quality for both house and office purposes. This chair is made for consistent users, and the prime feature of this chair is that you won’t face any back, neck pain even after sitting for long.

The soft pillowed headrest of this chair offers a tranquil experience of sitting. The lumbar setting of the chair supports your lower back and keeps the body structure healthy.

This chair is made with pillow-soft pads for the armrest, and you will smoothly avail yourself wrist, hand, forearm comfort at the time of computing or gaming. The waterfall seat edge mechanism of this Microfiber chair helps to reduce the pressure on your back legs.

So, with this specific chair, long-term work or computing is free from fatigue and enhances your work speed. The reclinable mechanism of this chair offers you to lean back comfortably.

Along with that, adjusting seat height, layered body pillows, etc., are more features that you will get with this respective chair. Though few users complained about the quality of wheels, the multi-surface dual wheel provides hassle-free access across the floor. This chair is indeed a great deal within an unbeatable price.

11. Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

This particular chair is designed with four supporting points, i.e., head, back, hips, hands, and lumbar support. In this chair, you will be able to adjust the headrest, backrest, along with seat height effortlessly.

The flip-up arms of this chair ensure good sitting for long stretches. Its foldable armrests feature means you will easily push the specific chair directly under the desk. This particular feature helps keep your arm, neck, shoulder, back free from all sorts of pain.

This Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh model is larger than any Mesh chair. The whole dimension of the chair is large so that you will sit on it comfortably. The reclining nature of this respective chair gives you the choice of more comfortable positions.

Another benefit of this chair is that it is breathable; as a result, a smooth airflow is maintained. A high-quality mesh chair is made for additional comfort. So, you won’t get hot even after working for long 4 to 8 hours, and you will avail yourself perfect long day sitting.


We can say that the Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair is one of the finest chairs that you can purchase for regular use. Its adjusting and comfortable nature make it popular among most of the users.

This particular chair is worth purchasing because you can easily get all features required in any computer chair or office chair in this chair. When you consider the financial aspect, the Serta Hannah Microfiber chair is the perfect pick for you. This specific chair is a good deal at a great price. Its attractive look and comfortable sitting mechanism make it worthy for regular computer users. So, this can be a good choice that ensures your good health.

If you consider any chair with a long-time warranty along with a comfortable sitting experience, then the CLATINA Ergonomic High Swivel Executive chair is apt for you. This chair offers 5-years long warranty with a highly adjustable head, arm, and lumbar support.

Finally, we can recommend all these prior-mentioned chairs as they all qualify to be on the list of best chairs. So, you can choose any of them as per your budget and requirement.

Things to look for to buy the best office chair

Let us first see the features that a good and comfortable chair should possess from top to bottom.


Depending upon the purpose and duration of work, the material of the chair may vary. If you want to use it only for office purposes, a breathable cloth seat would be more appropriate. Whereas if you work on office chairs for a long-time and prefer having food on your desk itself, a leather material would come handier because it is easy to clean.

Adjustable backrest

Sitting up straight is no doubt a good practice to take care of your posture but continuously maintaining the same posture will build a lot of tension on your lower back. Sometimes, the seat and backrest are attached, in that case, there should be an option to tilt the backrest forward and backward. The best office chair for extended sitting will have an option to tilt up to 135 degrees.


To maintain a proper distance between your eyes and the screes, it is important to have an armrest otherwise, you will tend to rest your hands on the desk, eventually moving too close to the screen. This will not only take care of your eyes but will also keep your shoulders and arms relaxed.

Depth of the seat

Taking care of your knees is also essential and to make sure that your knees are not under stress, get yourself a comfortable office chair for long sitting. Your knees should make a 90-degree angle for your calves and parallel to the floor.

Lumbar Support

Ever experienced that your posture after sitting continuously for 2 hours was not erect? Yes, we slouch after sitting continuously for long hours. The lumbar region or commonly known as the lower back is arched inwards. Supporting this region will keep it relaxed and hence allow it to work comfortably for a longer period of time.

Adjustable Height

This is also one of the basic things to look into before buying the best computer chair for long hours. One of the main reasons that you should buy a chair that has the option of adjusting the height is, sometimes you may want to write something on your desk and for this, you need to increase the height. Another reason is, your office chair may be used by your kid to attend the online classes since you may be working from home.

Casters and Swivel

Having casters in your chair will provide you the mobility to easily move around the room instead of getting up each time to take out the printout. If your office space has a hard-surfaced floor, you should buy the chair with rubber wheels, but this is not the case if your surface is covered with a soft covering. To find the things around your desk, you need not use the wheels, but swivel. It can be a fun activity too if you swivel on your chair for a few seconds now and then.

Easy Adjustment Control

All the adjustments that we talked about in the above points should be easily controlled by you. The controls must be easily accessible.

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