5 Best Office Chairs for Sciatica (Perfect for Nerve Relief)

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez

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Best Office Chair for Sciatica

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Sciatica can cause pain in the lower back and bottom parts of the legs; that said, getting an office chair that relieves your nerve pain is extremely important.

There are tons of chairs available in the market, but we’ve reviewed the best office chair for Sciatica. They’re a little costly but worth every penny.

We tested and ranked the chairs based on long-time seating experience, body posture settings, built quality of Product, and few adjustability features. Let’s get started!

Top 5 Office Chair for Sciatica 2021

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair

This executive chair from Steelcase is the best office chair to alleviate sciatica pain. This new model from Steelcase is specifically made for a painless sitting experience. This high-end construction chair is also combined with all ergonomic features.

Its adjustable armrest is amazing in quality. Along with that, this Steelcase chair is designed with outstanding lumbar support; hence the entire body posture remains stress-free when anyone is sitting on the chair.

The graphite color creates an attractive look, which can easily go to both office and home settings. This particular branded executive chair is the best choice for avid users. Though its price is slightly higher, you can access the most comfortable sitting and maintain a healthy body posture if you go for this one.

2. SIDIZ T50 Home Office Desk Chair

When selecting the best office chair specifically to avoid sciatica nerve pain, SIDIZ T50 must be on your list. Its upholstered seat fabric quality is really great, which will keep your thighs and bottom way better protected from cold than any other executive chair.

Apart from that, its airy mesh backrest won’t stop the flow of normal air, so your body will remain free from sweat. Its adjustable headrest and armrest offer a completely relaxed and tension-free sitting experience. In fact, sitting on this chair, incorrect posture, nerve pain, and other body aches will be reduced slowly.

Though there are few complaints about the light seat padding of the chair, it will not affect much when you do any task while sitting on this chair. So, keep yourself completely fit and healthy even after sitting through for extended work hours by purchasing this office desk chair.

3. Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

While you are choosing the best chair for sciatica, you must look at the features of the ergonomic chair from Herman Miller. The chair offers an absolutely smooth sitting experience, so your back and thighs will not face any pain even after working for long periods.

You will be able to complete all kinds of work, from office jobs to gaming, while sitting on this special Aeron chair. This is made with PostureFit SL technology, which ensures better back support and sets a healthy posture for your entire body structure.

Besides, its refined tilt mechanism enhances the range of tilting degrees. So, leaning on the chair as per your requirement is no more a problem as well as you will be able to incline the chair to relax for a short break. Along with that, this chair’s armrest and sitting arrangement is highly adjusting.

Though this executive chair has no such area or feature for headrest, the rest of your body will remain relaxed and free from any difficulty. So, without any doubt, you can buy this chair to get relief from sciatica as this specific product from Herman Miller is really great to deal with at a good price.

4. GM Seating Ergolux Genuine Leather Executive Hi Swivel Chair

The newly launched chair from GM Seating is a perfect combination of swivel, executive, and ergonomic features. This high back chair, which is loaded with all features of an executive and swivel chair, can be apt to diminish the pain of the sciatic condition.

You will get comfortable adjusting headrest- armrest, etc., features on this new model by GM Seating. The top-notch upholstery sitting offers a completely pain-free placement of your back and thighs. On the other side, its high headrest, armrest keep your arms and head relaxed.

This chair also features a synchro-tilting mechanism, seat height and depth adjustment, back angle adjustment, etc., and all these additions actually improve your body posture. Apart from all this, this amazing product offers a long 5-years manufacturer warranty. So, if you face any discomfort or notice any defects with this chair, changing the same or repairing it will be completely cost-free.


The long list of best office chairs for reducing Sciatica comes to an end and all these above-mentioned models are really good to avoid this specific nerve pain along with other body ailments, which occur due to sitting for long stretches on the chair. The Steelcase Gesture Chair can be considered the best all-rounder chair for sciatica pain. This advanced model is built with all required design features that any good quality ergonomic chair should have.

Next comes, sciatica relieving chair from the SIDIZ T50 family as it also has all ergonomic sitting features. Most importantly its great fabric upholstered seat offers soothing warmth to your back while you sit on it for prolonged periods. As a result, you will feel less stress and pressure on your lower back portion.

Last but not least both Herman Miller and GM Seating are great to deal with good features. These two branded chairs for sciatic patients are nice to pick for prolonged sitting. Apart from that, the chair from GM Seating has 5-years long warranty. So, just read the article patiently and select the right option for you to remain free from sciatica while working for long hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can an office chair cause sciatica?

Ans. At the time of sitting, the pressure on the lower back’s spinal discs is much higher than while you are standing. And prolonged sitting on a poor ergonomic office chair can cause pressure on the sciatica nerve. As a result, you can encounter an irritating pain in your static nerve roots. Thus, poor sitting posture due to a low-quality chair can also cause sciatica.

How to sit on office chair with sciatica?

Ans. If you are suffering from sciatica, then at first, you need a good ergonomic chair to sit on. Secondly, you must sit with a good posture, where your back and buttocks are strain-free. Always try to sit deep on the chair and never towards the front of the chair. Keep your feet flat on the floor at the time of sitting, and your posture should be upright on the chair. Do not lean on any particular side or cross your leg while sitting on the chair if you have sciatica. Straight-up posture is the only way to decrease sciatica. We have a detailed guide on the same topic, you can read it from here.

Does lumbar support help sciatica?

Ans: Sciatica is a nerve problem, which takes place due to excessive pressure on the lower back. Proper lumbar support actually helps to maintain a straight-up posture, which decreases a substantial amount of pressure on the lower back, thighs of the body. So, yes, accurate lumbar support during prolonged sitting truly helps to reduce sciatica pain.

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