4 Best Office Chairs for Back Pain in 2021

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
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best office chairs for back pain

When zeroing in on the ideal office chair, the prime features that users look for ensure less back pain. Because we all are aware of the consequences of sitting for 7-8 long hours on chairs at office.

But, the quest for the best office chair for minimal back pain is not that easy, because in most cases, office chairs that claim to deliver a painless seating experience often lack proper lumbar support.

That is why we guide you in choosing the best quality office chairs perfect for prolonged tenure usage. A list of office chairs is mentioned below with all details, which help reduce back pain even if you have to sit on it for extended periods.

TOP 4 Office Chairs for Back Pain

1. Steelcase Gesture Chair

This latest model from the Steelcase brand is mainly made to ease the back pain of users.
The entire design of the chair is made as per the body posture of users, which supports a great range of advanced technologies, i.e., 3D LiveBack including synchro-tilt mechanism and so on.

The gesture mechanism of this chair helps to adjust natural spine movement and users’ back in various postures. Its synchronized interfaces ensure a huge range of sitting postures by heavy users throughout the day. Along with that, the soft edges of the seat provide a comfortable seating experience.

This chair has a locking backrest in an upright position and advanced leaning forward and flipping the lever down features. The upholstery seating arrangement of this new series of Steelcase Gesture will provide a smooth feel at your back while you sit on it.

2. NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Office Chair

Another favorite pick for an office chair is the model of Ergo3D from the brand NOUHAUS. The chair will provide you super-smooth feel at the time of sitting on it. Its adjustable armrests are made with a 3D mechanism, which will ensure the relaxed posture of your arms.

Most importantly, the advanced lumbar support system of this chair will provide you straight-correct sitting posture along with a cozy feel. As a result, your entire body will be free from any ache or pain even after sitting on it for prolonged stretches.

The adjustable headrest of this chair will offer support to your neck in every possible position. Moreover, the breathable Elasto-Mesh quality fabric will assure a sweat-free and less sticky seating experience. This chair will allow a leaning position up to 360-degree, which also includes recline lock.

This particular chair offers you 5-years long warranty service; so, replacing the product if it has any problem is entirely cost-free.

3. Steelcase Leap Desk Chair

While you are looking for a comfortable and excellent office chair, Steelcase’s new series desk chair can be a preferable option. The leap of this chair will provide you enough lumbar support, which ensures perfect posture of your body while you sit on it for long shifts of office job. The smooth nature, adjustable support, and other essential features of the chair make it a worthy choice in this segment.

The lumbar tension system of this new leap-featured chair will offer you the flexibility of increasing and decreasing the backrest curve as per your requirement. Apart from that, this chair’s lumbar support has great height-adjustable support, so you will be able to adjust the amount of pressure on the chair. Its highly adjustable leaning mechanism will help you to tilt the chair up to a huge range.

This chair can take a great weight capacity, and the long-time durability of the chair makes it popular among prolific users. Apart from that, good breathable mesh fabric quality, highly adjustable headrest, armrest, and other required features of this chair are great additions. Though the price is a little bit high, undoubtedly it is a worth-purchasing product.

4. Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair

Lastly, in the genre of comfortable office chairs, The newly launched Aloria series chair from the house of Oak Hollow. With this chair, you will avail an advanced and cozy seating arrangement, as the seat of this chair is made with high-quality cowhide leather.

Along with this best-in-class seating structure, the chair is also equipped with great 4-way adjustable armrests, So, you will be able to easily keep your arms in any position which feels relaxing to you. The padded and high-quality lumbar support of this specific office chair will ensure perfect sitting posture.

Apart from that, a flexible reclining mechanism, synchronized and equipped with four different locking positions, makes this chair popular among customers. In fact, with this chair, you will get completely hassle-free adjustable sitting which includes a tilt tension mechanism, advanced headrest, both back, and front-seat depth adjustment, etc.

Besides all these, this branded chair offers you 5-years warranty support, which is undoubtedly a great benefit. The build and design of this office chair is professional yet sleek. You will easily fit it in your office and home as it has a great look.


Finally, we can say that all these chairs mentioned above are perfect to avoid back pain for long time office work. But, if we need to pick the best among all, then we can say that the Ergo3D office chair from NOUHAUS is an all-rounder in every aspect. This chair is not only great in quality, but it is a value for money product. A long-time warranty is also a great advantage of this particular product.

Then comes both Steelcase Leap and Steelcase Gesture office chairs. Both of these chairs come from the same company but in different series. Though both are equipped with all features of an ergonomic chair, the Gesture is a little bit advanced compared to Leap as it has upgraded gesture mechanism sitting comfort.

To sum up, we can say Aloria Series Office Chair from the Oak Hollow brand is undoubtedly a great choice. This chair also has all necessary ergonomic chair features just like prior mentioned products. The look of this chair is way trendy and professional, along with a 5-years warranty. We hope the entire article is helpful for you to understand and purchase the best office chair for back pain. So, ponder over the above info and pick the correct one for you.

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