6 Best Office Chairs for Tall People

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez

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Best Office Chairs for Tall People

We understand what you have to go through being tall, as most team members include people above 6.2″.

Almost all the office chairs are designed around an average height of 5.11″ – 6″. We have felt that only a few (countable) chairs are actually designed for tall people.

Our teammates complain that they are experiencing under-thigh pain every day and can’t sit for longer durations. We all are aware of the fact that bad posture directly affects the efficiency of an individual.

While digging up the internet for some options that could actually solve the problem of our teammates, we came across a few super effective office chairs.

Apart from this, we have considered the height range of 6″ and above. We have listed them below; you can go through the list and make a decision.

Note: None of the chair manufacturers influences us. All the reviews are completely unbiased.

TOP 6 Office Chairs for Tall People

1. BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back

Berlman office chairs are known for their durability. Berlman chairs usually last for years with minimal wear and tear.

This particular chair, i.e., BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back office chair, is as sturdy as it looks. Besides this, your thighs won’t get a better companion than BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back seat in terms of comfort.

This chair is designed with a High Back so that people over 6′ could sit for long hours without compromising their comfort.

It comes with adjustable armrests, and fixed headrest, and adjustable lumbar support that will hold your waist in a perfect posture throughout the sitting session.

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back comes with a tilt mechanism; therefore, your posture will be as per the ergonomics, even while relaxing or stretching.

The maximum weight that BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back can hold is up to 250 lbs. To learn more about this chair, check out its pros and cons.

2. Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair

Oak Hollow Furniture is famous for its range of executive chairs for tall people. This chair manufacturer is one of the rarest manufacturers that manufacture chairs and office furniture for individuals.

The USP of this chair is its exclusive leather seat fitted with super comfortable padding. The claims that genuine leather seat is far better than synthetic leather seats because genuine leather is free from all sorts of chemicals.

This chair offers you a 4-D adjustable armrest and 2-D adjustable lumbar support. Apart from this, this chair comes with 4 locking positions. You can also adjust the resistance knob of the Tilt Back mechanism.

A lifetime after-sales warranty backs oak Hollow Furnitures, and the manufacturer also offers a 5-year limited warranty for the leather seat.

The maximum weight that Oak Hollow High Back office chair for tall persons can hold is 300 lbs. Therefore, durability won’t be a concern for you, and that’s the reason why the company offers a lifetime warranty.

3. XUER Ergonomic Office Chair

As the name suggests, the XUER office chair comes with cozy lumbar support; the company claims this new lumbar support offers industry-level comfort to tall people.

The “Cozy” lumbar support works closely with the body’s posture and gravity that adjusts itself to offer the best comfort.

Apart from this, the XUER office chair comes with 3-D leather (PU) armrest and adjustable headrest that offers maximum satisfaction to individuals of different heights.

In this chair, you get a push-button to adjust the armrest as per your needs. The back and seat of this chair are made up of Mesh that offers a breathable environment to the body.

Though there is no information weight mentioned for this product, however, based on the reviews, we can assume that it can hold up to 300 lbs.

The tilt range of the XUER office chair varies from 99 – 119, and it comes with adjustable back tilting. On top of that, you’ll get a resistance knob to adjust how easy tilt you want in your chair.

4. High Back Leather Executive Computer Desk Chair

If you want a chair that comes with loads of padding and looks more of a bossy chair.

The reason behind why this chair is on this list is because the manufacturer spends a lot of time finding the super comfortable yet sturdy material that can be used to build the best office chair for tall people.

This chair comes with flip-up armrests and a push-back mechanism with a range of 90-110 degrees. Apart from this, you get a pressure adjustable knob to manage the push-back mechanism’s resistance.

Though the chair looks heavy as it comes with dual padding seats, that’s where the chair’s caster wheels come into the picture. The wheels of this chair balance the weight quite easily and smoothly.

The maximum weight that this chair can hold is 250 lbs, and it comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

5. Steelcase Gesture Chair, Licorice

If you are looking for a super durable yet stunning office chair, Steelcase Gesture Chair is the best option that you can get for your tall body.

This chair comes with a fully adjustable armrest, 4 position recline lock, and adjustable seat. This chair is designed to offer all-day comfortable sitting to its customers.

Though this chair looks very basic in terms of features, you have to trust us; this is a very comfortable office chair for tall people.

The maximum weight that this great-looking Steelcase Gesture office chair can hold is 400 lbs and is backed by 12 years of manufacturer warranty.

6. Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair

Another very great looking yet effective office chair for tall people. This Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair looks very futuristic and minimal. It will suit you best if you are looking for something sober yet stylish.

This chair comes with a 6-D adjustable armrest and 4 reclining lock positions that offer maximum satisfaction to the body and help you maintain perfect body posture in long hours of sitting.

The back of this chair is our favorite. It gets adjusted as per the body shape and ergonomics to reduce maximum stress from the body. The maximum weight capacity of the Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair is 400 pounds, and it is backed with a 2-year limited warranty.


In the middle of this pandemic, each one of us is spending most of our time sitting at a chair, staring at the screens. To maintain our efficiency, it is suggested to make a good investment in our equipment.

Don’t get confused; getting a comfortable office chair that suits your tall height will increase your productivity many folds and offer comfort to your body.

All the chairs listed above are picked after thorough research, and you can pick any of them as per your preference. None will disappoint you.

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