5 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $500

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Best Office Chairs Under $500

We have noticed a pattern in most buyers; they think that an office chair under $500 isn’t the most comfortable one, and they are afraid that they won’t get an ergonomic office chair for $500.

However, if you are our continuous reader, you would have come across our budget chair guides, containing a list of best office chairs under $200 or so.

If you ask us, under $500, you can quickly get a durable, ergonomic, and comfortable office chair. You don’t have to invest more than $500. If you have a budget and can stretch it to $1000 or near, you can look into that price segment.

For now, let’s have a look at the five best office chairs that you can get for under $500.

TOP 3 Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $500

1. HON Ignition Series Mid-Back Work Chair

If you are looking for a minimal, sleek, and mid-back office chair, the HON Ignition office chair is for you.

It’s a minimal office chair made up of lightweight mesh material. It is built so precisely that you won’t notice any flow in the chair design. This chair can fit any body type and is durable enough to last for years.

In this chair, you get 4-D adjustable armrests; therefore, multiple adjustment setting options are available at different body postures. These adjustable armrests ensure minimum strain on your elbows and keep your upper body ergonomically correct.

There is no headrest available in the chair; therefore, you might feel tired after a long sitting session if you are a tall individual.

The chair’s backrest is S-shaped, and as per the ergonomic norms, the S-shaped backrest provides maximum comfort to the spine. On top of this, there are fixed lumbar support at the backrest.

Overall this chair is a perfect blend of style and ergonomics. Besides that, this chair can hold a maximum weight of up to 300 lbs. Therefore, durability is not a question anymore. The manufacturer is also offering a lifetime warranty with this chair. Perhaps if anything goes wrong with the chair, the company will take care of it.


  • Adjustable armrest
  • High weight capacity


  • Fixed Lumbar Support
  • No headrest

2. SIDIZ T50 Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair

If you are suffering from occasional hip pain, the SIDIZ T50 office chair is the best available option for you under $500. This chair comes with a super comfortable bottom seat.

Besides the super-comfortable padding, you also have 2-D movement in the bottom seat. Perhaps if you face alignment issues with chairs, you must try this.

The bottom seat also has a self-adjustment system. You might not find it effective in short sitting spans, but if you are spending 8-10 hours on this chair, you will feel the difference. Your body will be comparatively less tired.

Now, the second point of attraction is its backrest. First of all, it’s an S-Shaped ergonomic backrest; therefore, all the common posture issues are already taken care of, but comfort isn’t the only character of this chair’s backrest.

In this chair, you get the sync-tilt mechanism, and this mechanism ensures that your body is always in the perfect ergonomic posture and neither the body joints are undergoing extreme strain.

To provide additional comfort to the customer, the chair manufacturers have used mesh as the building material.

Most chair buyers have this misconception that mesh is not a durable material for a chair, but let us tell you, mesh chairs are among the comfortable and durable.

This chair is also housing an adjustable lumbar and armrest. Talking about the bottom, you get a metal base attached to dual nylon caster wheels.

We don’t think you will get a better package in an office chair under $500 than this.


  • Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Adjustable bottom Seat


  • No headrest
  • No weight capacity information provided

3. Gates Genuine Leather Aluminum Base High Back Executive Chair

if you’re a fan of executive chairs, you are going to love this office chair.

Gates Genuine Leather chair has a huge backrest with lots of padding. Even if you are above 6 feet, you will find this chair extremely comfortable.

Though you won’t get an adjustable armrest or lumbar support, that’s not something you should expect from an executive office chair. On top of that, the extra padding makes the chair extremely chair, even with fixed components.

In this chair, you get a tilt-back mechanism, ensuring that your bottom seat is in sync with the backrest’s tilt angle. Overall, at any angle, you won’t find yourself in an uncomfortable posture.

Every component of this chair is padded with genuine leather and looks very premium. In order to add more luxury to the chair, the manufacturers have provided a polished aluminum base attached to durable dual caster wheels.


  • High-density padding
  • Fixed Headrest
  • Leather finish


  • Bulky

4. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

Duramount Ergonomic office chair is a sleek, minimal, well-equipped office chair.

In this chair, you get everything you will need in an idea chair at just $500. It is made up of premium mesh fabric that enables easy airflow.

You get an adjustable headrest; below it, you get a mid-high backrest that ensures maximum comfort to the spine. The S-Shaped backrest is designed specifically for customers suffering from back pain.

Behind the backrest, you get adjustable lumbar support. You can move the lumbar support in two directions, Upward – Download, and Forward – Backward.

This chair has three different tilt angle lock settings and a tilt range till 130 degrees.

The adjustable armrests will offer some additional comfort to your upper body and ensure that your body is not struggling to hold a posture.

At the bottom seat, you get a W-shaped design that ensures maximum comfort to the hips and minimizes the strain on the joints. below the seat, you get a metal base attached to blade caster wheels.

In terms of weight capacity, this chair can hold up to 330 lbs, and it comes with a 5-year limited warranty. Apart from this, the company offers 90 days easy return policy with a 100% money-back guarantee.


  • Durable Base
  • 5 Years warranty
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • Adjustable arm and headrest


  • Less Product Dimension Information

5. Bowery Fully Adjustable Management Office Chair

If you need a modern-day office chair with a stunning design, Bowery’s fully adjustable office chair is the one for you.

This chair looks futuristic and stunning. Every component of this chair is adjustable. It is available in 8 different exciting colors.

Talking about the chair’s backrest, it is one of the best backrests you can get on a chair for under $500. It comes with a self-adjusting mechanism and a fixed lumbar support.

Besides that, the adjustable armrest will offer you additional comfort and ensures a smooth sitting experience throughout the day. You can adjust the armrest in 6 different positions.

The backrest also comes with four different reclining lock mechanisms. At the bottom, you get a metal base attached to dual caster wheels.

The chair seat has poly-cotton foam that makes it extra comfortable compared to other office chairs. Besides this, the seat is also adjustable.

With this chair, you get a 2-year limited warranty. Overall it is a durable, stylish, and ergonomic office chair that you can get for $500.


  • Adjustable Bottom Seat.
  • Adjustable armrest
  • Self Adjusting backrest.


  • No headrest


We have listed 5 office chairs under $500, each of these chairs is entirely value for money, and we have picked them after going through hundreds of options.

Therefore, each of the above-listed chairs is reliable and extremely comfortable. We have tried different covered categories; however, if you want us to remove or add any chairs, do let us know in the comments.

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