Veritas Collection

Veritas Collection
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This month we're going back, waaay back. Rich in history and tradition, we're pulling inspiration from the foundation of academia. The Veritas collection is chock-full of old school techniques, such as marbling. Our focus this month is the practice of not just perfecting a craft, but excelling in it, and archiving our process. With a deep history in loyalty and truth, we're emphasizing academic excellence, and selectivity.

In This Collection


Honor Society Notebook

Set the class curve by taking notes like a boss. Follow our carefully perfected marbling technique to make this notebook unlike any other. Small enough to take on-the-go and big enough for all your thoughts, it’s time to turn those ideas into reality.


Aurelian Locket

A new twist on an old classic. We’re exhibiting craftsmanship and class, mixing marbled paper and vintage brass, for a one-of-a-kind locket. Wear this keepsake with pride and carry your loved ones close to your heart.


Carrel Marbled Pencils

Take a break from the computer and sharpen your skills with these marbled beauties. Writing by hand is not only better for retaining new information, it will keep you from venturing off into a marathon of puppy videos. Whether you’re just sketching or on the late night study grind, don’t forget some of history’s brightest ideas started as just scribbles on a piece of paper.


Dalton Pennant

An American athletic throwback - only better. Choose between two templates and design your own felt pennant. Monogram your initials or pay homage to your favorite sports team. Varsity! Let’s Go!