Different Types of Office Chairs and their Ergonomics Explained

Reviewed by Betsy Sanchez
Betsy Sanchez

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different types of office chairs

In the past, Office Chairs were often an overlooked aspect of many workplaces. But not anymore. Why? Because one’s productivity depends on it.

And in the long term, even their health.

Therefore, in the pursuit of an ideal office chair, the furniture industry has evolved and produced dozens of varieties. You are sure to find one that checks every box of your support and comfort needs.

Let’s look at the most common and popular options that are readily available, and highly used.

There are 10 Different Types of Office Chairs

1. Long Hour or 24 Hour Chairs

Ideal for longer shifts, these chairs are suitable for people who spend a lot of their time on their computers or desks.

A 24-hour chair is adequately cushioned and provides good lower back support to keep you comfortably seated for longer periods.

It is also adjustable to reach variable heights and positions.

These chairs are quite apt for people working from home. Or for professionals in the media industry who are video editors, animators, or even passionate gamers.

2. Ergonomic Office Chairs

Like the 24-hour chair, Ergonomic Office Chairs are also meant to keep you comfortable for longer periods of time. However, these chairs, unlike its counterpart, are lighter in weight and swivel effortlessly.

The best part about them is that this design is available in a lot of different material options. Mesh, leather, or fabric – you choose your preference.

The quality that stands out in this design is its strong and durable design without compromising lumbar support.

3. Executive Chairs

When you think of executive chairs, a big, plush, and soft to the core structure pops into the mind. The kind every cabin seater imagines taking over. But that’s a talk for another day.

Executive Chairs are made up of lavish and heavy materials like top-quality wood and leather. And then adorned with lots of padding and cushioning for ultimate comfort.

Justly, they are also heavier in weight but well worth it.

4. Big and Tall Chairs

Just as the name suggests, these chairs are meant for people of larger height and weight. The furniture industry is inclusive like that!

What makes these chairs suitable for big and tall people is its large yet durable frame without compromising on comfort.

The extra padding, wide seat, tall backrest, and long armrests are the qualities of an ideal big and tall office chair.

5. Petite and Small Chairs

Did I mention that the furniture industry is inclusive? Yeah. Here is another example. A chair for the petite people.

These chairs have a small frame and a low body, making it convenient for physically petite people to rest their feet on the ground. They are also narrow and light in weight. They stand out by eliminating all elements that could cause discomfort to its seater.

6. Kneel Chairs

Kneeling Chairs are quite an interesting invention.

They provide a knee support attachment on which the seater is meant to kneel on. This, in turn, takes away the stress and tension away from the back and divides it onto the bottom and legs while also engaging your core.

These chairs are great for those with a medical back condition. However, these aren’t meant to be used for longer chunks of time because it can strain your legs. But for temporary back relief, a must-have item.

7. Conference Chairs

A chair that comes with its location…

Yes, conference chairs are meant only for the conference room. Okay, maybe not just that. Basically, for places and settings where one needs to sit for a limited time, maximum 3 – 4 hours per say.

Therefore, these chairs are cheaper and inferior in its qualities. They do not come with adjustment options, nor do they provide good back or bottom support, that is, for an extended time period. For the conference time mark, these are perfect for providing comfort and focus to the attendee. In fact, they even promote a slight lean for better engagement.

8. Leather Office Chairs

Here comes the OG chair.

Leather chairs are a mark of style, sophistication, and comfort. They are basic office chairs, just made of leather (good or bad, depending on its price).

They do their job well and might be worth the steep price tag if the quality of the leather is high quality and long-lasting.

9. Mesh Chairs

It can’t get any more comfortable than The Mesh office chair.

Mesh chairs are great due to its lightweight and extremely breathable nature. Making it the perfect choice for people who live in hot and humid climates or those who generally sweat a lot.

Mesh chairs have a natural bounce to them, making it quite fun to navigate through the day. With good lumbar support and easy swivel, they definitely are an ideal variant.

If chairs had awards for being calm and cool – The Mesh would definitely be the winner.

10. Drafting Chairs

The drafting chair is a must-have for people whose professions demand intellectual and physical activeness, meant for the artists, architects, and engineers amongst us.

These chairs are tall in build, making it easier to sit and stand without constantly stressing your muscles. Especially when working on a drafting table.

They also come with a foot ring to rest the legs when at height. But it’s not just limited to be used at height thanks to its adjustable nature, which can lower it down for work at a regular desk too.

A piece of art, I must say.

Final Thoughts

A good office chair is a necessity, not a luxury. Therefore, choose the one that is most suitable for your nature of work and schedule. Do not forget; health is the ultimate wealth.

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