How to Choose the Perfect Ergonomic Chair? (Buying Guide)

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Ergonomic Chair Buying Guide

It may surprise you, but a recent survey conducted by WHO and NCHS concludes that an average working person spends 40 hours on an office chair every week. The number increases even more when summed up with the time spent at home or outside. With these numbers, one can make a clear idea about what range of impact it makes on an average person’s health.

Besides, the working position in an office, may it be managerial, technical or a business plays a major role in adding stress to the natural spine structure. 

A majority of the people undergoing such stress can feel the adverse effect in their daily routine. But, most of them think of them as a normal temporary effect and thus take it lightly. 

Well, in reality, these are the early symptoms of many severe damages like misalignment of the spine, eyesight, potbelly, and back pains. If you are one such person spending most of your time in the chair, you are in the right spot. 

This guide will help you find the best chair that not only supports your tasks but also helps in reducing the adverse effects of normal chairs.

So, let’s dive in.

What is an Ergonomic Chair?

As the name suggests, an Ergonomic Chair is one specially designed based on human biotechnology and engineering to support different sitting scenarios. They have several features aimed to improve the posture as well as offer proper support to the body. 

However, despite having such incredible features, the sitting posture plays a major role to take full advantage of those chairs.

But, if you are willing to practice the proper sitting manner and are keen on getting a good ergonomic chair, here is what you should look out for.

  • An ergonomic chair is one with many adjustable features to shape the chair based on the body of the user. For an instance, you can find adjustable armrest, backrest, headrest, and footrest, etc
  • It comes with great back supports which can also be adjustable based on the user’s preference
  • Proper padding that suits the user needs from all aspects
  • User-based chairs to support the users with back pain, neck pain, and bodily pains, etc.
  • A proper compliment to the work desk where the user needs to either read/write or work on the computer screen
  • A chair that gives good freedom of motion to the users including the swivel motion or wheels 

No matter whether you are buying an ergonomic chair for computer work or your home use, you must consider all factors that depict the body dimensions for a better fit. The reason for this being the preference of one person differs from the other in the same perspective.

Types of chairs to choose from

Many studies show that the type of chair you use for work is proportional to the overall productivity in your task no matter whether you are at home or working in the office. To find such an ergonomic office chair that favours daily work routine, you should consider the factors provided below

If you are preferring an ergonomic chair, there is no need to look for cutting-edge technology or a luxury brand to provide the best support. All you will need is a chair that supports the vital parts that rests when you are focused on your work. Here are the chairs that you can choose from 

Modern chair with customizable options

A feature-rich chair with a fresh look and a well-engineered design with tons of adjustable features is, by all means, the best choice. Whether you are gaming or working at the desk on the computer or for records, these chairs can be made to suit your requirements using all the available options. 

If you are compelled with the feature-rich options of those chairs, all you have to pay for is the customizable option. So, you should make sure the chair is advanced in every single aspect when compared to a conventional gaming or office chair and you are good to go.

Here are some considerable factors that make such chairs different from others

  • Dedicated controls for every adjustable option
  • Incredible options to choose from, when it comes to customization
  • Dedicated headrest, neck rest, and backrest
  • Features to adjust the height and width with respect to the working desk whenever you need

Standard chairs with breathable cover and backrest

This category of chair is widely available for all kinds of users with some tweaks to support the majority of people working at the desk. 

Although they have similar features as that of advanced gaming chairs, they are user-based chairs with the standard option in adjustability and controllability. These chairs are a bit cheaper than gaming chairs but have enough space for customization. If you prefer those chairs, here are the things to consider

  • Proper padded material
  • A breathable cover to provide comfort even in long periods of usage
  • A good backrests 
  • Adjustable height and width 
  • Swivel or wheels, if they are required

Classic leather chairs

Some professions like managerial and client-based companies require the whole room to be in a complementing ambience in a formal way. Thus, most people prefer leather chairs to merge with the interiors and provide comfort as well. Although these are not as comfortable as the gaming chairs, you must look for certain things while buying these chairs.

  • The bright and classic color combination
  • Premium materials stuffing
  • Proper ergonomics for long working sessions
  • Overall comfort and scope for adding some accessories

Conventional chairs with separate backrests

These are the most affordable options with enough room for accessories. All you have to look for is whether the height and width of the chair suit your body dimensions, and you are good to go. Well, to make a proper ergonomic chair out of it, you should look for the factors like

  • Whether a suitable backrest is available
  • The depth and height of the seat is suitable to work on the desk
  • Ease of movement
  • Enough space for freedom of motion 

Crucial factors to consider while finding an ergonomic chair

Now that you are in the quest to find an ergonomic chair that can support your work or at home, here are the essential factors you must consider to reach your destination.

Lumbar support

A good office chair comes with dedicated lower back support that helps maintain the natural spinal curve. There is nothing like perfect and universally accepted lumbar support as the body dimensions of people vary a lot. So, the best way to find a chair with suitable lumbar support is to try them in a real-time scenario. But, if you are unable to get a hands-on approach to the chair, choosing an adjustable model could be a smart pick.


One of the adverse conditions that can bother a working person who needs to stick to the chair for longer periods is the temperature. A plastic or leather chair can get too hot gradually due to friction and less breathability. So, it is essential to look for a chair having a proper breathable fabric. 

Mechanism of chair

The movements of the seat and back play a major role in an ergonomic office chair. You can look for typical levers with feasible control to change the movements as per your comfort. 

Normally, one can find ergonomic chairs with either multifunction mechanisms or Synchro-Tilt Mechanism. One should prefer a Multifunction mechanism if the basic requirement is the wide range of adjustability. In such chairs, you can adjust every single movement as you wish without any inconvenience. 

On the other hand, Synchro-Tilt Mechanism, as the name suggests, the movement of one adjustment is dependent on the other. For an instance, by leaning backward, the armrest also moves in sync. This is a comfortable option with a limited adjustment function.

Backrest Adjustments

Backrest plays a key role in an ergonomic chair, and one should look for the following adjustments for a suitable option

  • Height adjustment: – A backrest that could slide up and down to support your Lordotic curve is considered a smart option for a chair on which you will spend a long period of your day. It is a common substitution for the standard chairs which require separate accessories for back support.
  • Angle Adjustment: – Proper reclining in your chair can support the upper back and relieves weight from your lower back. Here is where a chair with locking back angle adjustment can be a preferable option. But, you need to look for a proper locking mechanism in such chairs.
  • Tilt Tension Adjustment: – Now, chairs come with a dedicated knob to adjust the amount of stress you need to give to recline backward. Do consider such adjustment options for a better experience while a long period of work.


It is a part of the ergonomic chair that provides support for your head to reduce the weight of your neck. In case of neck pains, chairs with adjustable headrests are highly recommended.


Armrests for a chair should be at a minimum height and should be adjustable in an ergonomic chair. Besides, you should make sure that the height of your armrest doesn’t bother your elbow movement. You can also find more personalized armrests with modern gaming chairs

Tips to choose the best chair to compliment your tasks on the computer

  • Prefer a chair with a full back which reduces the chances of injury and enhances productivity with good support
  • Go for a chair providing multiple adjustable options as per your needs
  • For even weight distribution all over the body, it is better to go for the office chair having waterfall seats
  • Make sure your joints are comfortable at around a 90-degree angle 
  • See whether your hip is perpendicular to your thighs. If not, the chair is probably taller or shorter for your body
  • Medium texture upholstery is comfortable in every office chair, but the use of disinfectants make it safe for the skin as well
  • Make sure your chair is easily adjustable without the use of tools
  • The chair should provide support for you to move in any directions
  • Proper support to your back no matter which angle you are in 

What is the best posture for an office chair?

No matter which type of chair you choose or how feature-rich it is, your body posture is everything that matters. But, you can make the chair support your posture in such a way that every resting part is backed up by a cushiony rest. 

 If you are looking for an ergonomic chair to work on the computer, a chair with proximity to a gaming one is highly preferable. Such a chair comes with every support a user requires with tons of customizable options. 

So, all you have to make sure is that your body from head to waist is around 90 degrees with some reclining. The thighs to knees part are in a linear angle and the part from thigh to the leg is perpendicular to the floor. For continuous work at the same position, you should also make sure your feet are touching the floor naturally.

Similarly, if you are looking for an ergonomic chair for office work like signing or studying, the back support should be closer to the desk. The chair should be in such a way that you don’t need to lean forward to reach the desk. 

Either way, sitting in the same position at any moment can lead to negative impacts. So, even experts suggest taking a break from work and thus from the chair for every 30 minutes and take a walk to ensure proper blood flow. 

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