Mesh vs Leather Chair: Which One is Best for You?

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Mesh vs Leather Chair

Have you ever wondered what amount of time do you spend on your office chair? As per the recent survey, a person working in managerial or accounting business spends at least 7 hours on the office chair. The number increases to 10 and more for the people working on technical services like IT and software.

Even the least amount of time that an employee spends is more than 5 hours a day in the government office rooms. There are prolonged studies since ages showing the negative impacts of sitting in an ideal position with minimum movements.

The most common impacts that an average person would face include back pain, neck, and bodily pains, and headache, all due to an unsupportive or unfavorable office chair. There are several types of chairs available in the market for typical office usage. But, mesh and leather chairs are considered the best when it comes to comfort for long periods.

If you are up for chair shopping for your official usage, these are the most common options you will be offered by enthusiasts. So, you must be clear about the requirements and the expectations from the chair.

This guide will help you choose the best option in mesh vs leather chair that not only suits your requirements but also meet your expectations. We ensure you that you will return with a clear choice by the end of this guide.

So, let’s dive in!

Mesh vs Leather Chair: Compaired

Reasons why people prefer Mesh Chairs (Advantages)  

Mesh office chair appeared as a boon in the office furniture thus leaping over the standard chairs with typical features. It was the real change that most working persons were looking for. Mesh chairs were the best possible alternatives for the fabric and leather ones that were already used in the offices.

Although mesh chairs weren’t perfect in every sense, there are certain pros to them which made them preferable for the working people. Here are some of them

1. Great Ventilation:

Mesh chairs as the name suggests were made of mesh upholstery which facilitated good ventilation to the user. As a result, they brought in relaxation and comfort for the people who spend a lot of time on the office chairs.

They allowed better air circulation between the body and the chair’s seat and back and had enough free space for free airflow for the skin to breathe. Ventilation was the main reason why those models got the eyes and interest of the people struggling with the heat accumulation of fabrics and leather.

2. Lightweight:

Second, to the ventilation, the ease of transportation was the main point of interest for the office usage. Compared to all other office chairs, those were the lightest ones with minimalistic designs. Thus, a mesh office chair can easily merge with any kind of desk and can be carried anywhere without any inconvenience.

For an office with many employees, chairs can be damaged easily due to several reasons. Thus, the freedom of movement turned into a benefit of this chair over leather and fabric models.

3. Well Engineering Construction with less Maintenance:

Most of those mesh chairs were well engineered to ensure great ergonomics not only to sit but also to be in favor of the office needs. It was easier to clean the stains and spills on them even with a simple wipe. As most of the chairs were made from metals, mesh chairs also supported the cleaning solvents, even the alcohol ones, thus making them extremely easy to maintain.

4. Cost:

Mesh chairs are cheaper than any other upholstery of the time when they emerged. Besides, it has a more professional look than the fabric ones, thus making it the best choice for any room in any kind of office. So, even the premium models came out, users were happy to pay the price due to the benefits over other options.

5. Easily Available

Last but not least, people were fond of those chairs as they were easily available in any furniture shops out there. Besides, one can find several options in mesh chairs, varying in design, accessories support, and customizable options, etc. So, the choice of such easy-to-find office furniture made it a compelling choice for the companies.

A Few Drawbacks of Mesh Chair (Cons)

Although Mesh office chair comes along with a ton of benefits that people look forward to, there are some minor flaws in it as well. Some of such drawbacks include

1. Less durable:

The meshes used in those chair helps to support the body contours but the start sagging quickly. So, you may need to change the mesh if used regularly. It is not that the chair is not durable at all, but when compared to fabrics and leather upholstery, this is surely a drawback of mesh office chairs.

2. Lack of long-term comfort: (User Preference)

Breath-ability increases the comfort of sitting on an office chair to a great extent, but the mesh seat doesn’t allow the user to sink. So, chances are some people may feel a kind of inconvenience when used for longer periods. The mesh allows a good flow of air but being sturdy and less flexible makes it uncomfortable for most users.

3. Limited Models and customization:

The mesh style design influences the whole chair to a great extent. As those meshes are mostly available in black and grey colors, one won’t have as many options as fabrics and leather in Mesh office chairs. The same follows for the customization with a typical design that requires high-end engineering to ensure better ergonomics.

Reasons Why People Go for a Leather Chair (Advantages)

Leather chairs are known for the professional look and elegance that complements most office cabins at ease. Well, being made of thick padding, these chairs are pretty durable and provides great support to vital places like backbones and spinal curves.

Most people prefer leather chairs due to the customizable options for armrests, backrests, headrests, and many more. They are highly durable as well with the long-lasting leather upholstery and durable metal support to the padding. Here are some advantages due to which most people go for the leather office chairs.

Premium and Elegant Design:

Leather chair reflects the prestige of an organization which is why most office chairs these days opt for those models. It adds an impression of classiness to the visitors which is not possible with any other upholstery. Most organizations consider these leather office chairs as the worthiest investment to add up to their look of the firm to make it look compelling to the clients or customers.


One would certainly go for the leather chair if the priorities are to look along with comfort. The padded sear along with tons of customization makes the leather office chair way more comfortable than any other model. These are also designed in such a way that they can stay cool for a long time when they are used in AC rooms.

Leather chairs can absorb perspiration which is why they can grab the body heat to maintain good thermal balance and provide a cozy feeling. Thus, there is no wonder that leather chairs are made keeping users’ comfort in mind.

Extreme Durability:

On buying a real leather office chair, you can indeed forget about repairs and replacements. Leather lasts longer than any other upholstery by maintaining the same feel for a long time. Long-lasting performance in leather office chairs is what people pay for.

Well, one should make sure that it is pure leather with good customization so that it can merge perfectly with the body dimensions.

Less Maintenance:

Leather office chairs can protect themselves from all adverse conditions which are not possible with other upholstery. There are many favorable and appealing features of the leather office chair that makes it favorable. You can wipe up the spills and stains from the beverages with one wipe as the leather won’t allow the liquid to go inside.

On top of this, you can remove debris and dust particles using just a vacuum cleaner. Ease of cleaning and maintenance makes it highly preferable.

A few downsides of Leather Chair:

Like any other chair, leather office chairs are also not perfect in all aspects. Along with many advantages, they come with some downsides as well. Some of them include


A Leather office chair made with pure leather padding is way expensive than any other option. The luxurious feel of the chair comes with a cost which man other upholstery won’t come with. Although the expensive price is reasonable due to the quality, you should check whether the leather is the naturally available material and the features complement it well.

Scratches are easy:

Although leather office chair seems premium, they are not for the rough usage. The leather surface is pretty durable but they can show scratch marks easily. So, it is essential to be careful with sharp objects when using the chair.

Chances of Crack and Bleaches:

A Leather office chair is meant to last longer than any other upholstery, but exposing them to sunlight results in the crack and bleach out. Keeping on sun can also change the natural color of the leather materials to a great extent.


A leather office chair is pretty easy to find in any kind of furniture store, but finding the real leather is a challenging task. If you are new to the leather chair, chances are you can be misled with any other materials similar in look and feel.

Which option is right for you?

Both the mesh and leather come along with a set of pros and cons which may or may not be suitable for every user out there. But, here are some factors considering which the selection task can be simplified to a great extent.


Mesh chairs have a sturdy back design with breathable upholstery which makes them perfect for people having back pains. But, for the people who prefer comfort for a short time than a long-lasting advantage, leather chairs can be a good option. Mesh chairs are specially designed to maintain proper airflow due to support consistent long-time tasks.


Leather office chairs come with tons of customizable features like adjustable height. You can change the height easily with the lever present below the seat. Even the reclining back and headrest provide great support to the users. Mesh chairs are available with limited features and limited designs as well.

Design and Style:

If the design is your topmost priority, leather office chairs are a step above any other upholstery. They reflect the premium quality and classiness from all aspects and thus can be a great addition for offices that interacts with clients face to face. Mesh chairs are more about a task companion that enhances comfort and productivity with good support.


Leather office chairs are way expensive than mesh chairs being quite luxurious with a cozy feel. Mesh chairs are pretty affordable and are designed to support long-lasting tasks. If you are looking for a luxurious chair, leather can be a smart choice whereas mesh chairs can be the best choice with breathable upholstery.

Final Verdict:

On summing up all those features, pros and cons of both mesh and leather chair, you can surely get the chair of your requirements. But you need to consider the factors like customization, height, and weight adjustability, padding quality, and pure materials before choosing a chair. Whether it is a mesh or a leather chair, more customizable features make a chair favorable for all kids of body dimensions even in adverse conditions.

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