November 27, 2015


Shop Update: Holiday Has Landed

Our biggest holiday assortment that ever was just launched in the shop! We've created DIY kits for all skill levels and forms of gift giving. Find the perfect kit to gift to your bestie or your mom, even your boyfriend! Or make the projects yourself and wrap up a finished piece for under the tree. 

For this holiday photoshoot we pulled out all the stops. Including this gorgeous hand cut paper frame! Detailed DIY coming soon! 


We've been singing along with all of our favorite holiday ballads and sipping on hot cocoa non-stop in preparation for this week. Not a bad gig if you ask us. We put together a mega hit holiday playlist over on Spotify which is sure to put you in the spirit (just pretend where singing it together, mmk)!

This season stack on the bracelets, wear the sparkly statement necklaces and learn a new skill in the process. We hope you love all the new projects. 

Happy Holidays!


November 17, 2015


DIY Printable Tags for Your Thanksgiving Table

These sweet tags will easily elevate your Thanksgiving table, and since you have no time they can be made in a pinch! Our free printable features 4 fonts for your choosing. Simply cut them out and attach them to twine or ribbon wrapped around a napkin. You could also wrap them around a fork, your wine glasses, or even turn them into flags on toothpicks topping your hor d'oeuvres. We printed the tags on kraft paper but go color specific and match them with colored paper to your table scape. A lot of possibilities for a tiny tag!


  • - printable tags
  • - paper and printer
  • - scissors
  • - tape, twine or ribbon


To make cut the tags in strips along the dotted lines. Fold in half and trim the ends. You can make the ends into arrows, angles, or a squared edge. 

Attach a bit of greenery. If you are using herbs go for rosemary or thyme. If you have some floral greens add a stem or two of small leaves into the napkin fold. 


November 13, 2015


Holiday Event: Come Craft With Us At The Strand

We've teamed up with Strand Books to bring you some fun holiday workshops at their iconic NYC store! 

Marrying our love of crafting and literature, we created two DIY projects that ooze charm this holiday season. We will be sharing them at two separate workshops hosted by The Strand, come learn expert tips and tricks while making each project yourself.

The first workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 8th from 7-9 pm. Sign up here. We will cover how to make a set of delicate paper mache ornaments from the pages of a book. These are a great gift for animal-lovers and book-worms alike. Or perhaps you will find these cuties look best dangling from your own tree!  


The second workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 15th from 7-9 pm. Sign up here. We will be making one-of--kind boxes from authentic vintage books. These unique pieces are the perfect way to store jewelry, knick-knacks, and stationary. Or even better, use yours as packaging to wrap a special gift. Who says a gift-box can't be part of the gift?

The cost of the workshops includes all materials and tools needed, plus a $15 gift certificate to The Strand! Hot tea, wine, and sweet treats will also be provided by Macaron Parlour. Cross someone off that gift-list and join us for a night of DIY. 


Hope to see you there!


November 11, 2015


Happy Origami Day!

Attempting Origami can be pretty intimidating, but what better day to start than World Origami Day. There are so many incredible works from Anja Markiewicz's impossibly small to Sipho Mabona's incredibly large, making it difficult to imagine attempting your own. The great thing this is, like most DIY, the more you do the easier it becomes. Plus, there are tons of fantastic online resources to get you started. Let's just say youtube was our BFF for these festive diamonds. Learn from the resources we used and prepare to deck everything you own in origami. 

The Fluted Diamond

The Two-Part Diamond (this one uses adhesive, purest beware!)

The Triangular Bipyramid (aka the dainty diamond)


November 07, 2015


Playlist: Fall Feels

November means it is time to reflect, give thanks, and stuff yourself with the pie of your choice. To satisfy bouts of nostalgia and scratch that homesick-itch we mixed some of our favorite classics and contemporary go-tos in the Fall Feels Playlist.

Also, per request, we've moved on over to Spotify. Follow us to catch up on all our playlists and stay tuned for more...


  • 1. Josh Ritter Joy To You Baby
  • 2. Monsters of Folk The Right Place
  • 3. Super Tramp Give A Little Bit
  • 4. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Our House
  • 5. Kings of Convenience Homesick
  • 6. Cat Stevens If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
  • 7. You Won't Who Knew
  • 8. Arcade Fire Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  • 9. Buddy Holly Not Fade Away
  • 10. Bryan Adams You Belong To Me
  • 11. Van Morrison Sweet Thing
  • 12. 100 Other Lovers DeVotchka
  • 13. Delta Spirit Bushwick Blues
  • 14. The Mountain Goats Ontario
  • 15. Don McLean American Pie
  • 16. The Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  • 17. Johnny Cash I Walk the Line
  • 18. Kind & Generous Natalie Merchant
  • 19. Crosby, Stills & Nash Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  • 20. James Taylor How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  • 21. Dawes A Little Bit Of Everything



October 30, 2015


DIY Stitched Cactus Art

You've probably noticed cacti prints are everywhere right now from fashion and jewelry, to home decor and accessories. There is something about combining these other wise standoffish greens with handmade details that makes them irresistible. For our take on this trend we made a series of hand embroidered illustrations that are mighty cute... if we don't say so ourselves. Grab the printable template and stitch up these cuties in no time!  


  • - cactus stitching artwork template: download here
  • - scissors
  • - embroidery thread in green, peach and blue
  • - sewing needle
  • - piece of cardboard and scrap pf paper
  • - picture frames, 6x4"


Print the template. Trim each design to 4x6" using the crop marks around the edge of the templates. 

Place one print on top of a piece of cardboard. For each dotted line punch a hole at each end. Each of these holes is for the thread to run through. You can just go ahead and start stitching if you like before pre punching the holes but we found that the front looks cleaner if you pre punch. This way there isn't any torn paper towards the front of the art work. Use a piece of paper on top of the needle or a thimble to prevent hurting your finger as you push down.

Once all of the holes are punched grab the first color of thread you would like to use. If you are using embroidery thread cut a piece a yard long. Then separate one strand from the bunch. 

Thread your needle and tie at knot at the end of the thread. Starting from the back poke your needle up through one of the holes. Keep stitching until all of the holes have been sewn on and bring your thread and needle to the back and tie a knot, trim the excess thread. Repeat for the next color.

Make all three or just your favorite. We like these framed and grouped on your wall. You can also turn them into really sweet cards by glueing it to the top of a folded piece of paper (A6 card size).



October 27, 2015


DIY Splatter Paint Pumpkins

We're coming at you with another easy peasy no-carve pumpkin DIY. If gold and neon aren't your thing, get making with this splatter paint idea - no actual splattering required!

We have been dying to try out this new can of "Marble Effect" spray paint we picked up a couple weeks ago. Although I wouldn't call the effect we achieved "marbled," it did create an easy splatter without all the mess. 



Spray paint outside or in a well ventilated area. Lay out your newspapers to protect your surface. Place the pumpkins on top of the newspaper. Spray each one with an even coat of white spray paint. You may need a couple coats to cover completely.

Once the white paint has dried for a few minutes spray liberally with the marble effect spray paint. This paint seemed to come out fast and heavy to take two steps back and go for it. Cover the entire pumpkin and let it sit to dry before picking up and moving.

...and that's it! So. Easy.

We thought the splatter paint could look cool on a gold or silver pumpkin too. So, if you change it up be sure to show us how on instagram and twitter by using the hashtag #forthemakers 


October 27, 2015


DIY Halloween Costumes Made Easy With MyHabit

We partnered up with MyHabit to bring you some super easy Halloween costumes that require little less than your actual wardrobe! While Halloween is fun it can also be pretty expensive. So, why not stretch your dollar and put it towards something you actually want to wear past Halloween night?! We grabbed some MyHabit staffers and transformed them into a fortune teller, a bird, and a newsboy. Let's get started!

First up with have a costume idea for all the mamas out there. Grab your kiddo and go as a super cute Fortune Teller and Crystal Ball duo... oh yes, we went there. The DIY crystal ball hat takes 30 minutes to make and it is the cutest thing ever on top of your little ones head. All DIY tutorials are at the end of this post!

For the crystal ball baby costume we snagged this sparkly dress from MyHabit and these super cute silver shoes. The fortune teller needs a flowy dress, some rich scarves, plus a pair of killer heels. And don't forget about the jewelry! We piled on a jumble of stones and sparkle plus our very own Wasson Bangle Kit.


For the Bird costume we found an amazing dress with feathers already attached to the hemline. You could also attach some feathers to the hem of a dress you already own with a couple safety pins and double sided garment tape. Then we added some stripped tights and pointed-toe heels. 

This fun headdress is easily made with wire and paper. Find the DIY at the end of this post!


Now, who watched the Newsies as a kid? Still a top notch movie, and the inspiration behind our last easy peasy costume. Grab some tailored trousers, a collared shirt, chelsea boots, a newsboy cap and rolled up newspapers to create a fun Newsboy costume. For a touch of theatrics we added some black and brown face paint smeared around his face because toting and delivering newspapers (plus dancing and singing about it) is really hard work. 

This costume can easily be taken to the next level with a vest of suspenders and even a well loved messenger bag.

Have fun with it! The beauty of these costumes is you could take away the theatrical parts and wear all of the key pieces to the office or out to dinner with your pals. Dig through your wardrobe and see what possibilities your clothes hold, and if you need to splurge a little MyHabit has some great deals and lots to choose from! 


Now for the DIYs...

To make the Crystal Ball



Apply some glue to the foam brush and start dabbing it onto the foam ball in random places. Don't cover the whole surface because you want some of the white foam showing. Roll your foam around into a pile of glitter and confetti stars. Cover all of the glue with the glitter and stars mix. Set aside to dry for 15 minutes.

Grab the screw and find the inside center of the hat form. Push the screw through the mesh, right at the center. Add a little bit of glue to the pointed end of the screw. Take the foam ball and start threading the screw through the center of the ball to attach it to the hat form. Make sure the foam ball is all the way down the screw and the foam ball and the hat form are now touching. While it is drying, cut a piece of tulle in a rough 36" circle. 

Drape the center of the tulle over the foam ball. Cut a 12" piece of thread and gather the tulle around the base of the foam and above the hat form to then tie a loose knot around it to hold the shape. Continue wrapping the tulle around the hat form and now bring it underneath. Using your needle and thread stitch it in a few places to hold the tule to the hat form.

Measure the hat on your child's head and determine how long you need the elastic to be. It should be taut but not too tight that it will bother their neck. Stitch the elastic to one side of the hat form rim and drape it in a U shape to the other side, stitch the opposite end of elastic in place on the hat form. Then knot your thread to the form and snip the excess thread.



To make the Bird Headdress


  • - template
  • - paper or hefty fabric
  • - 15" wire, 16 gauge
  • - soft elastic trim (to fit)
  • - hot glue gun (or glue of choice)
  • - scissors
  • - pencil
  • - wire cutters


Print the template and cut the 4 shapes out. You will use these as a pattern for your paper. We used cover stock for our final piece but feel free to experiment with decorative papers and fabrics.

Trace and cut shapes 1 and 2 twice (for front and back) and 3 and 4 once. You should have a total of six pieces.

Cut 8" of wire and glue it between the shape 1 pieces like a sandwich. This makes your first feather. Take the remaining 7" wire and glue it between the shape 2 pieces. This makes your second feather. Try to keep the wire centered for both so that it is not visible on either side. Our adhesive preference is hot glue because it is quick drying, but use whichever glue you want. Just wait for the pieces to dry entirely before moving on.

Take shape 3 and make sure the slits are cut as indicated on the template. This will be the "beak" of the head piece with the point sticking down, like an upside down teardrop. Tuck the bottom flaps about a 1/4" under the top flaps so that the piece becomes three-dimensional. Glue these in place.

Take piece 4 and fold both ends 1/2" in toward each other as indicated on the template. Take your dry "beak" and glue these flaps, top to bottom in the back, on the concave side. This should make a flat edge that will allow you to attach the beak to your feathers.

Stack your the large feather on top of the small feather and use a mirror or a model to bend each to your desired shape. Once satisfied, glue the bases together. Next, glue the center of the elastic to the front of your feathers at the base. Then glue the beak on top as the final layer.

Finally, tie the elastic to fit and trim if needed.


This post is in collaboration with MyHabit. See more inspiration over on their blog!


October 23, 2015


DIY Gold and Neon No-Carve Pumpkins

We basically took all the things we love and threw them on a pumpkin. Spray paint, gold, neon, splattered, ombre... you get the gist. Just do it.

Go for the gold with this easy no carve DIY, perfect for brightening up your stoop or doorstep. Here in Brooklyn these babies would be stolen off our turf so fast. But isn't that the sign of a good looking pumpkin? I hope so.

Grab some gold spray paint and a couple other cans of neon for pops of color. We even threw in a splash of peach and sea foam green.



Layout your newspapers to protect your surface. Make sure to do this outside or in a well ventilated area. Wear a mask if you are a super DIYer because the fumes can get hefty with this much spray painting! 

Lay all the pumpkins on the paper and spray them all with an even coat of gold spray paint. 

Next, hit each one with your chosen pop of color. Try spraying at an angle so the paint isn't just a big glob but in a pretty dispersed pattern, concentrated in one area. If you go overboard with the color you can always spray gold overtop to even it out.

Allow to dry. 

The small pumpkins and gourds would be a lovely and lively table centerpiece. Place them in a large bowl or lay them scattered in the center of the table for a conversation starter.


October 22, 2015


DIY Moon and Stars Baby Halloween Costume

This costume is for all you last minute people out there (me included)! This idea is really easy, really. It requires one run to the craft store and about 15 minutes of your time. Done. I like to tell Davie she is my moon and stars so why not make her an actual moon and stars for halloween? And, isn't everyone's child the moon and the stars? Let's just go with it.

I'm sure you already have a pair of grey pajamas hanging out in a drawer. Or a cute white onesie that would be perfect for this costume. We picked this striped one up from Egg and it's the softest thing ever. We had some silver shoes that were perfect but anything could work here.

Here is what you will need to make the costume:


To make the headband start by wrapping the end of the star garland twice around the end of the headband to secure it. Then wrap all the way around the headband until you reach the other side. Wrap it twice on this side just at the end and then go back in the other direction to meet your starting point. Secure the end under the starting point and trim. Make sure there isn't a sharp point, bend it down or trim further.

To make the moon grab a newspaper and take the styrofoam ball and spray outside or in a well ventilated area! Start by spraying lightly over the whole domed surface. Then spray a couple more concentrated sprays in 2-3 places. The spray paint actually starts to eat away at the foam creating crevices and craters that look like the moon. Allow the paint to dry before moving on to the next step.

Once the paint has dried completely add a bit of glue using your fingers or a foam brush. We added it in an irregular stripe across the front. Then sprinkle the glitter over the glue. Wait for it to dry and then tap off any excess glitter.

Using three short pins, apply glue down the length of each pin. Grab the end of your trim/tape and attach it to the inside top of the foam ball using the pins. Push them in at an angle so no sharp edges are poking out. Cut the tape at about 1 1/2 feet long. Repeat with another piece of tape about 5" from the first. You can use these two pieces to tie a bow in the back around your baby's neck. A little baby halter, if you will.

Now that all your pieces are complete, get that baby dressed and ready. It's time to collect ALL THE CANDY!

I have a new found respect for all the photographers who take pictures of babies and kids for a living. Good luck getting this kid to stay still... But, I can't blame her and look at that face!

This DIY halloween costume could also work for an adult. Just buy a larger styrofoam ball. Because whenever you can get away with wearing PJ's out of the house, you should do it!

Happy Halloween!


October 21, 2015


Le Freak C'est Chic // Disco Ball Details

We've been eyeing all the disco ball details seen on the runways this season. Get ready for some serious sparkle. Add some small square mirrors to your helmet, your jacket, your shoes and even your fruits and veggies! Catch a glimpse of our latest inspiration which is oh so chic...and a little le freak.

Temperly London

1. Summer 2016 by Temperly London via Vogue

Disco Ball Helmet

2. DIY Disco Ball Helmet by Instructables

3. Summer 2016 by MM6 Maison Margiela via Vogue

Roger Vivier RTW Fall 2015

4. Fall 2015 Ready to Wear by Roger Vivier via WWD

Disco Ball Planter

5. Disco Ball Planter by Chaparral Studio

6. Mirror Tiled Steps via Pop Sugar

Mirror Ball Perspex Orb Clutch

7. Mirror Ball Perspex Orb Clutch by Lulu Guiness

Felder Felder

8. Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear by Felder Felder via Vogue

Mirror Ball Light

9. Mirror Ball installation for Circus London by Tom Dixon

Ball Oven

10. Disco Ball Oven at Disco Volante in Vienna, Austria via This is Colossal


11. Pina Colada print by Sarah Hillenberger

David Koma

12. Resort 2016 by David Koma via Vogue


13. Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear by Marni via Vogue

Smart Electric Car

14. Smart Electric Car transformed in a disco ball inhabit

15. Rhinestone Embellished Eyelashes via Maybelline



October 21, 2015


12 Ways To Decorate Your Pumpkins This Halloween

From carving to painting to studding the list of how you can decorate your pumpkins grows every year. We've rounded up some of our all time favorite ways to make your pumpkins shine. Grab some in all shapes and sizes because you are going to want to make ALL of these! Still topping our list of pumpkin favorites is our pressed flower pumpkin (above). It's easy peasy to make. Grab some pressed flowers, mod podge and a brush... find the full tutorial HERE.

1. DIY Malachite Pumpkins via Design*Sponge

Studded Pumkpin

2. DIY Studded Pumpkin by Spray Paint and Chardonnay

3. Gold Leaf Splatter Pumpkins by Suite One Studio

Textural Pumpkin

4. DIY Textural Pumpkins by The Happy Mundane

Centerpiece Vase Pumpkin

5. DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece Vase via Chatelaine

6. DIY Brush Stroke Pumpkin by The Merry Thought

Paint and Pastel Pumpkin

7. DIY Paint and Pastel Pumpkins by Lindsey Crafter

Pastel Marble Pumpkin

8. DIY Pastel Marble Pumpkins by Proper Blog

9. DIY Doily Pumpkin by Allyson Baker

10. DIY Cross-stitch Pumpkins by Country Living

11. DIY Thumbtack Pumpkin by Country Living

Fashion Icon Portrait Pumpkin

12. Portrait Pumpkins like these fashion icons via Domaine

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