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DIY Dry Shampoo

With only so many hours in a day there's not always time to shampoo your hair. Our secret? Dry Shampoo. Degrease, add volume and a few extra minutes to your day with this DIY Dry Shampoo. It's easier than you think with a few key ingredients from your pantry you'll have a custom dry shampoo mix without spending a fortune at the beauty store.


- heaping tablespoon of arrowroot powder

- tablespoon unsweetened cocoa power

- wire whisk

cosmetic jar with sifter or jar with lid

- blush brush

- small bowl

Starting with the arrowroot, gradually combine small amounts of cocoa power in a small bowl. If you have dark hair your combined ratio will probably be around 50/50. If you're platinum blonde, you might want to skip the cocoa power all together. 

Mix with a whisk, while adding small amounts of arrowroot and cocoa power to match your hair color. Using a pice of paper as a funnel, pour dry shampoo into a cosmetic jar, and seal with the top sifter.

Using a blush brush, apply a generous amount to the roots of your hair. We recommend starting with the crown of your head and around your hairline for added volume and grease control. Tomorrow morning, hit the snooze button...because every minute counts. 


Make It Yours

Bali Hai #makertakes

Every month we create variations or #makertakes of projects using the materials from our monthly subscription boxes. We love a good challenge, and we love to see what the rest of our community creates. This month we asked for your favorites and we heard you loud and clear. Below are full tutorials for the two winners. 


Using the brass tubes from the Nui Pocket Mirror as hardware and a couple other materials from our Bali Hai Collection we fashioned a bold pendant necklace. This necklace packs a major statement while keeping it easy breezy with simple knotting cord.



To Make

Step 1. Lay the Cabochon on top of the wax paper. Open the E6000 glue and set aside, pinch the rhinestone chain between your thumb and pointer finger.  

Step 2. With your other hand lay down a thin bead of glue against the side of the rhinestone chain.

Step 3. Center the chain on the edge of the cabochon and press the rhinestones along the edge. Allow the stones to separate around the curve and make sure it stays centered. Set aside to dry.

Step 4. Once dry, carefully peel it off the wax paper and flip it so the flat back faces up. Hold the triangle bead and dab a small line of glue along the top.  

Step 5. Flip the bead over and center it over the back of the rhinestone chain. You should still be able to see a tiny sliver of the chain above the bead. To support the bead while it dries, push a brass tube underneath and allow at least thirty minutes to dry.  

Step 6. Spread a thin bead of glue down the side of a brass tube and place it down a little off center on the back of the cabochon. Careful the tube doesn't hang over the edge at all yet at the same time leave a little room above the triangle. 

Step 7. Repeat for the second tube and allow time to dry completely.

Step 8. Thread the cord through an opening on top of the pendant down to the triangle.  Then feed the cord back up through the other tube.  

Step 9. Tie off the ends of the cord and make sure the pendant has at least 24 hours drying time before wearing with your new favorite sun dress.  




This long row of reflective rhinestones is sure to catch some eyes. Create this #makertake with materials from the Bali Hai Collection.


2 brass tubes
rhinestone chain with 7 stones
- E6000
flat pad adjustable ring 
- wax paper
- orange knotting cord

To Make

Step 1. Place the rhinestone chain on top of the wax paper with the stones facing up.  

Step 2. Apply a thin bead of glue along the side of one tube and sandwich it against the side of the rhinestone chain. Repeat the same with the other tube bead. Set it aside to dry for 30 minutes before moving to the next step.

Step 3. Peel the wax paper back away from the glued piece and turn it over so they stones are facing the table.

Step 4. Dab a small bead of glue on the pad of the ring base and lay flat against the back of the chain so the ring is perpendicular and slightly off center.

Step 5. When dry (about an hour) thread the cord through the tubes and repeat about 4-5 times.  Simply tuck the ends into the tubes to conceal the ends.

But wait... there's more! Due to popular demand, see the third #makertake in motion and in the shop. There's nothing better than seeing what you create! Post your latest creations to Instagram and tag #makertakes. 



Make It Yours

Palm Springs Compact

Want to use your purple cabochon for one of our #makertakes?  No worries, we made new plans for your mirror compact.  

You can use any found image from a magazine but if you're feeling this tropical palm pattern, we made it just for you.  

What you Need


To Make

Step 1. Print out the pattern and decide what section you want to use for your compact.

Step 2. Open the mirror and lay the lid flat against the paper, covering the portion you want to use.

Step 3. Lightly trace the outline of the lid in pencil.

Step 4. Cut out with scissors on the inside of the line.

Step 5. Open the compact and lay it flat so the mirror faces down.  

Step 6. With the sponge brush smooth a thin layer of glue across the surface of the compact lid and carefully line up the paper cutout.

Step 7.  Let dry for 30 minutes, then seal the pattern by laying a thin layer of glue over the paper.  

Take turns admiring your new accessory and your cute smile!



Making It With

Good4you Herbals

Meet Jes of Good4You Herbals, a Cape Cod based beauty line that is entirely plant based. Not only does Jes steer clear from chemicals in her products, she also forages and grows her own flowers and berries as much as possible. We caught up with her and got the skinny on her process, favorite local spots and of course plants.

I Make...natural plant based makeup and skin care from local flora.

First maker memory...making flower crowns when I was five.

Makers that inspire you...nature, wild flowers especially and Tony Lujan.

If you weren’t making plant makeup, you’d be making... clothes from natural organic fibers.

Favorite tool of the trade...juicer.

Material you want to work with...plant based paint.

Top Places to Source...secret beaches, lost meadows, sand dunes, local farms. 

Something you wish you could own packaging using 100% locally sourced materials.

Favorite place in Cape Cod to snack...wild berry bushes.

Favorite place in Cape Cod to get your drink house with locally made cordials and libations.

Favorite shop in Cape Cod to blow your paycheck at...Shift Eco Boutique in Hyannis.

Favorite song at the moment...Journey by Black Uhuru and The Cat by Orangepeelmystic

Q: We read that you try to harvest and grow your own plants as much as possible. Tell us a little more about the process that goes into making plant based products.
A: My life revolves around plants based on the seasons. I make as much as I can from what I respectfully gather from the wild or grow in my garden. This limited batch supply is the true beauty and inspiration behind my skin care and makeup line. Beach roses are my favorite. I gather the petals when the blossoms are in peak bloom on summer afternoons. I turn them into a steam distillation for my beach rose toner, powders for my rose lip tints and clay masks, infuse the petals fresh in olive oil for my body and facial salves and dry them for inspired DIY projects.

Q: This month we gave our subscribers beet root, hibiscus, cinnamon and arrowroot powder to make their own blush. What are some of your favorite plants to use in make up for color and homeopathic purposes?
a: I love experimenting to reveal the secrets plants offer us. I recently made lilac powder from lilacs blossoms I gathered last Spring for a body powder. Any rose dried and powdered makes the most amazing addition to any makeup, body powder or beauty mask to make at home. Turmeric is an amazing yellow, seaweeds for green. Some colors give way to this whole new consciousness of what natural beauty really is - painting the face with flowers, plants, clays.

Q: Other than your own makeup what beauty secrets do you swear by?
A: I lather my skin in salve throughout the day. I especially love my beach rose balm right now. Drinking herbal teas to keep harmony. Good water. Love. Carrying crystals in my pockets. Being outside. Watching cute birds. Inner beauty is everything.  

Q: When traveling we love to see the different indigenous flora and fauna of the area. What destination would you go to just for the plants? 
A: New Mexico and Hawaii!

Thanks so much Jes! We hope this inspired our makers to further DIY this month's Kora Kona Blush. If crushing your own rose petals is not feasible please check out Jes's website and become inspired by her Instagram.


Make It Yours

Cruise Control Bracelet

Our Sugarcane necklace provides you with a bunch of rad materials that can be used in so many ways.  If a new chunky bracelet is on your spring accessory wish-list  give this #makertake a try.  

What You Need


To Make:

Step 1.  Find the appropriate length of rope by folding it in half and wrapping around your wrist.  Wrap tape around the cord first and then cut the excess. 

Step 2.  Connect the ends with a dab of hot glue and allow it to dry for a few minutes.  

Step 3.  Pinch the loop of rope in half and tape around the glued ends.  

Step 4.  About .5" above the tape tie one end of your orange knotting cord to a single strand of rope and double knot tightly. 

Step 5.  Wrap the cord tightly around both strands of rope repeatedly, make sure the tape is completely concealed.  


Step 6. After wrapping about 1.5" of orange, tightly knot the end of your lavender cord onto the end of the orange cord.

Step 7. Take the cord through the loop of the rope and string on the brass tube bead.  The tube should lay flat over the top of the section of orange.  

Step 8. Thread through the opposite end of rope and wrap around to the top.  Feed the thread under the brass bar and repeat wrapping like this 4 times.

Step 9. Pull the thread around the top and feed back through the brass tube.


Step 10. Repeat wrapping 4 times by feeding under the brass tube.  Wrap around to the top and feed back through the brass tube.  

Step 11. Now wrap the lavender cord 4 times, and then tuck under to feed back through the brass tube. Repeat the same on the opposite side and bring the cord around to the back.   

Step 12. Wrap the cord around a single piece of rope and knot the cord on the back side.  Trim the excess.  


Step 13. Twist open the large jump rings and attach one to each end of the bracelet. With a medium jump ring attach a lobster clasp on one end. 

Step 14. Loop the other medium jump ring to the opposite end and appreciate your handiwork.  

Complete by taking your friends out for margaritas and guacamole, you and your new arm candy deserve it.  



Bali Hai Playlist

March madness? More like March max-relaxing! Inspired by this month's Bali Hai Collection we made the perfect playlist to blast during your staycation. So kick off those winter boots, grab a fruity cocktail and head on over to Rdio.

1. South Pacific Is Tropical
2. One Second of Love Nite Jewel
3. Seafarer Tennis
4. Regrets A Paradise Japanese Motors
5. Dance, Dance, Dance Vichan Maneechot
6. Mother of Pearl Silver Swans
7. Keep It Cool Kelela
8. Hi'ilawe Gabby Pahinui
9. Spill of Sugar Cookies
10. Mellow Yellow Donavan
11. On the Way Kilo Kish
12. Coconut Powder Hot Sugar
13. In a Cloud Moon Duo
14. Rock and Roll Night Club Mac Demacro
15. Yellow Ginger Lei Leonard Kwan



Found: Mother of Pearl

If she sells sea shells down by the sea shore, then we're sold. This month's Oyster Bay Ring uses a delicately iridescent mother of pearl bead that's got us wanting more. Check out these nine other shell inspired beauties below.

1. Sandals Marc by Marc Jacobs 2. Cat Eye Sunglasses PRISM  3. Post Earrings Sarah Magid 4. Nail Polish Crabtree & Evelyn 5. Skirt Karla Spetic 6. Side Table Pier 1 7. Bangle California Dreaming 8. Clutch Kotur 9. Dish Lily Juliet 

First Image by Marcus Nilsson


First Glimpse

Behind The Design: Bali Hai Collection

We're melting away 90" snow banks (sorry Boston) and drying up flash floods (we're looking at you Arkansas) with vivid colors, warm tiki vibes and some seasonal TLC in this month's Bali Hai Collection. Packed with natural powders, rhinestones, mother of pearl and industrial rope, all four projects will have you forgetting that you're not beachside sipping Mai Tais. So let's raise a cocktail (or two) to the Bali Hai collection!

As always, a collection can't come to fruition without a bang-a-rang mood board.

1. Evie has done it again with this month's illustrated lookbook. Point and case, our Sugarcane Necklace. 2. Viktor and Rolf's Spring Couture collection has Bali Hai written all over it. Beach ready natural elements and bright colors? Yasss please! 3. Real talk...we're suckers for tiki bars. Everything from the cocktails to all the bizarre tchotchkes makes us want a full on revival. These vintage matchbox designs are only fueling the fire. 4. You know when you want a little color on your cheeks, but don't want to be caked in makeup? We feel ya. That's why we're making natural blush and a pocket mirror for on the go touch ups. Here's some of our research and development because who doesn't love going crazy in the beauty department?

Here at FTM headquarters we love when we find an industrial material that can be repurposed into something wearable. So you can imagine our excitement when we came across this super luxe climbing rope. So excited we had to put our name on it.

5. Move over pearls, shells are coming though! This month we're all about mother of pearl which comes from the iridescent inside of shells. Artist Molly Matalon sums up our love with this photograph. 6. This month's Oyster Bay Ring features said mother of pearl and rhinestone chain. 7. Cinnamon, hibiscus, beet root and arrowroot powder come together in our Kora Kona Blush. Here's a behind the scene's shot of our mixing process. 8. A pocket mirror should be just as pretty as you are. We were inspired by this Lulu Frost for Bobbi Brown mirror from a couple of years ago for our Nui Pocket Mirror. 9. Talk about layering done right! Purple, orange and green has never looked so good than in this editorial shot. 10. What's blush without the brush? Evie's adorable brush illustration for this month's lookbook.

Things got a little crazy on set during this month's photoshoot....

Did we mention Lindsey, our model was a trooper? Our Bali Hai Collection feels like an easy breezy 85, but outside it was a high of 39 degrees.

Lindsey getting prepped for her close up.

Miss out on the Bali Hai Collection? No worries, check our shop later this month for individual projects and as always The Source for additional DIY inspiration and #makertakes!


Make It Yours

DIY St. Patricks Day Statement Necklace

Avoid getting pinched this St. Patrick's Day while still looking fabulous with our shamrock pattern statement necklace. With two subtle shades of green it perfectly transitions from a St. Patrick's Day bar crawl to the office the next day (sorry Advil not included.) Using a few easy-to-find materials and key techniques you'll have your own DIY necklace in no time.



  • 20 headpins
  • 7 (10x12mm) faceted glass teardrop beads
  • round-nose pliers
  • wire cutters
  • 13 (16x12mm) faceted glass rectangle beads
  • chain-nose pliers
  • 20 small jump rings
  • 2 large jump rings
  • 21" curb chain cut into 5 sections: two sections of 2", two sections of 4.75", and one section of 7.5"
  • lobster clasp



Step 1: Start threading a headpin through each of the seven teardrop beads. Using round-nose pliers, create a loop at the top of each bead. Snip off any excess wire with wire cutters. Set them aside.

Step 2: Make a loop with round nose pliers at the bottom of 20 headpins or some thin gauge wire. Thread this through each of the rectangle beads so the loop is flush on one side. Using your chain-nose pliers, bend the wire to form a right angle as close to the bead as possible. Roll the wire around the tip of the round-nose pliers to form a complete circle centered over the wire stem. Repeat for all rectangle beads. Set aside.

Step 3: Open a jump ring with your chain-nose pliers and in this order add on a teardrop bead, and two rectangle beads. Close the jump ring.

Step 4: Open another jump ring and connect it to the empty loop on center rectangle bead. Add on another rectangle bead and a teardrop bead. Close the jump ring. Keep connecting the beads like this until you have the above chain formation.

Step 5: Open two jump rings and use them to connect one piece of 2" chain onto each end of the bead pattern. Using another open jump ring connect the 7.5" chain (at the center) to the top loop of the center rectangle bead.

Step 6: Using jump rings, connect the top loops of all the rectangle beads to the curb chain. We spaced ours 3 links apart, but you may need to adjust this depending on the chain you are using. Just keep in mind that the beads should drape around a curve when you are wearing the necklace so don't just connect them straight up to the chain (make sure they are leaning a bit in toward the center point).

Step 7: Now we are going to connect all the chains together. Use 3 jump rings on each side -- one to the end of each chain and one to connect them all together.

Step 8: Add 1 large jump ring and a lobster clasp to one end of the necklace . And add 1 final large jump ring to the opposite side, which will act as a catch for the lobster clasp

Boom! Now you've got yourself something green in a pinch! Catch this tutorial and others from For the Makers over on Martha Stewart.

Looking for more statement jewelry? Grab a copy of our book Make a Statement: 25 Handcrafted Jewelry & Accessory Projects!


Real Talk

Make A Statement Book: Sneak Peek

Hi Makers!

We have some super exciting news over here. We wrote a book!  A beautiful book about how to make your very own statement jewelry.  After almost two years of anticipation (mainly on our part), our first book, Make A Statement: 25 Handcrafted Jewelry & Accessory Projects, is now available to purchase

So what's it all about? We're sharing our trade secrets for using basic techniques and easy-to-source materials to make stylish jewelry and accessories, from a gold bib necklace and geometric hoop earrings to a classic charm bracelet and elegant shoe clips. The book features gorgeous watercolor how-to illustrations, an introduction to the basic tools needed, plus helpful information on sourcing high quality, affordable materials.  Make a Statement will inspire you to craft pieces to dress up any outfit and make things that you'll love now and for many seasons to come.

We are so excited today to share a few sneak peeks along with some behind the scenes shots...

To see a few more behind the scenes photos of the past 2 years as we researched, developed, designed and wrote the book, check out #makeastatementbook. We are so excited to hear what you think of the book and we can't wait to see you with a real copy in your hands! Thanks for all your support -- it means so very much!

Get your copy here: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Chronicle Books / Target

Also, If you're in NYC we'd love to meet you at our book launch on March 19th at West Elm Market in Brooklyn. We will be signing books, making jewelry, and partying the night away! Get the details here and make sure to sign up for our newsletter as we'll be sending more information in the next couple weeks!