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DIY Volumizing Salt Shampoo

With summer quickly approaching, we're longing for those beach babe, textured tresses that you only get from the ocean. Enhance your natural waves, and add volume with almost no effort using our DIY salt infused shampoo. The blend of Dead Sea, and Himalayan salts combined with coconut oil provides deep conditioning with a gorgeous lift. Especially good for wavy, oily, and fine hair types, use this shampoo as a weekly treatment. 


  • 2 tbs. clarifying shampoo
  • 3 tbs. sea salt
  • 1/2 tsp coconut oil
  • 2 drops essential oil, optional
  • lidded jar, preferably wide mouth
  • stirring stick
  • mixing bowl


to make

Step 1. pour sea salt into a medium mixing bowl.

Step 2. slowly mix a small amount of shampoo into the salt. Keep the consistency coarse.

Step 3. add a couple drops of essential oil & coconut oil, stir well.

Step 4. transfer the mixture into a lidded container.

Wash your hair as normal, 1-2 times a week- whenever you feel the need for a little lift.



Making It With

How To Make Luxurious Salt Scrubs with Marble & Milkweed

We recently visited Briar Winters the owner of Marble + Milkweed, a small batch apothecary company based in Tribeca. She kindly gave us a studio tour and whipped up three beautiful salt scrubs using the Dead Sea salt from our Hyde Park Collection. Customize your salt scrub with easy to come by ingredients or add a few drops of high quality essential oils for a truly luxurious experience. 


Choose the Morning, Evening or Luxe Rose blend from below. All three scrubs use the same instructions, but slightly different ingredients. One of the many beauties of these salts is that they are versatile. Decide if you'd like to make a face scrub or bath salts. For a face scrub you may want to grind the salt in a mortar and pestle for a more delicate texture on your skin. Leave the salt as is for bath salts. Add the salt and all the dried ingredients and stir together with a spoon. Add each essential oil one drop at a time and mix in. Essential oils are strong so only a couple drops of each will do. Next, the carrier oil. Briar recommends jojoba oil since it's the closest oil to what our own body produces and absorbs quickly. If there's an oil you prefer like avocado or almond go for that. The amount of oil you use depends on your skin type and preference. Add the oil in small amounts at a time and test it out on your inner wrist to see if you like the texture. Mix it up, scoop into a jar and you're done! If you decided to make bath salts scoop the mix into a muslin pouch instead and add to your next bath. The pouch lets the herbs and salt infuse the water without making it messy. 


Morning Blend Face Scrub

- rosemary essential oil
- spearmint essential oil
- dried spearmint
- jojoba oil or any other carrier oil
- Dead Sea and Himalayan salt mix

- mini pipette
- food safe bowl
- spoon
- glass jar from the English Rose Face Scrub or small muslin bag



Evening blend scrub

- lavender essential oil
- chamomile essential oil
- dried lavender
- dried chamomile
- jojoba oil or any other carrier oil
- Dead Sea and Himalayan salt mix

- mini pipette
- food safe bowl
- spoon
- glass jar from the English Rose Face Scrub or small muslin bag

Luxe rose scrub

- rose otto essential oil*
- dried rose petals
- dried cornflowers
- jojoba oil or any other carrier oil
- Dead Sea and Himalayan salt mix (Briar used just Himalayan salt to give it that extra rosy color)

- mini pipette
- food safe bowl
- spoon
- glass jar from the English Rose Face Scrub or small muslin bag

*Briar used two drops of rose otto essential oil in this blend, but full disclosure, that oil is super expensive. We're talking a $1,000 for a 2 oz bottle expensive! She recommends the rose blend from Eden Botanicals which is much more affordable and still uses absolute rose essential oil. 

Many many thanks to Briar for making these amazing salt scrubs for us. Have your own blend that you've made? Share it with us on Instagram using #makertakes and while you're at it follow Briar @marbleandmilkweed.


Making It With

Marble & Milkweed - Studio Tour

We're big fans of Briar Winters and her small batch apothecary company Marble + Milkweed. She's not only our go to natural beauty expert (see June 2014's lip balm making tips), but also has one of the most covetable studio spaces in all of Manhattan. We caught up with her and talked face scrubs, fresh herbs, crystals and where to get the best almond croissant. Check out her studio space below and stay tuned to The Source for three custom face scrub recipes she created for us!

What amenity would most New Yorker's kill for? Natural light. We lost it when we saw this afternoon light pouring in.

This Himalayan quartz is both beautiful and holistic. Briar sells them in her shop and recommends dropping one in a cup of tea. 

We nerded out when we saw these precious vintage boxes that Briar fills with solid perfume. She told us that she's even filled heirloom boxes for customers. 

We're always drawn to mood boards. Her's has the moon phases, postcards from friends and favorite Instagram images. 

Briar tries to source her herbs and oils from small local farms as much as possible. She has holy basil being grown for her in North Carolina for tea and works with other farmers in Vermont and upstate New York. When working on such a small scale Briar has the ability to "customize" a herb and be apart of the whole growing process from seedlings to dehydrating. 

Briar was a pastry chef before she started Marble + Milkweed, so when the topic of almond croissants came up things got serious. She swore by the one at Arcade Bakery in Tribeca. Needless to say we marched directly over there and each inhaled our own. 


We want to thank Briar so much for welcoming us into her studio space. We'll be posting her three custom face scrub recipes using materials from the Hyde Park Collection later this week, in the meantime follow Briar @marbleandmilkweed on Instagram for dreamy behind the scenes images.



Seen On: Alexa Chung

Leave it to Alexa Chung to master the summer outfit. This British It-Girl sported florals and a picnic inspired purse to last year's Veuve Clicquot Gold Cup Polo match. Can it get any more British than that? Get the look below.

1. Sunglasses Le Specs 2. Floral Dress Zimmerman 3. Lipstick Pencil Bobbi Brown 4. Tilly Necklace For the Makers 5. Ballet Flats Country Road 6. Wicker Purse Rosa Mosa 7. Sofia Champagne Can Coppola 

Photos courtesy of InStyle UK and


House and Home

Tissue Paper Peaches

Spring has officially taken hold in New York, and we couldn't be happier. We're ready for farm fresh fruit, featherweight dresses and walking the long way home. The office needed some summer vibes so we made these precious paper peaches. The process takes a bit of time, but you probably already have all the materials at home.  


  • - tissue paper, two sheets of peach & a scrap of dark green
  • - craft glue
  • - paint brush
  • - scissors
  • - craft dish
  • - balloons
  • - string
  • - found twig
  • - small scrap of green crepe paper


To Make:

Step 1. Blow up your balloons to the desired size of your fruit and tie off the ends. Find a method to hang the balloons over your work space, this could be a large open box, or a line of string anchored between two walls of a corner.  Knot a piece of string around the end of the balloons and hang them with a few inches between.

Step 2. Fold the peach tissue in half lengthwise a couple times and then tear 1" strips. Tear each strip on the folds until you have a decent size pile of torn 1" x  2" rectangles. 

Step 3. Pour some glue into a dish and add a few drops of water to thin out the glue. Mix it with your paint brush.

Step 4. Apply a thin layer of glue onto a strip of tissue. Lay the tissue across the bottom of a balloon. Repeat and make an X on the bottom of the balloon. 

Step 5. Start applying the tissue horizontally to create overlapping rings of tissue around the balloon. Occasionally paint a thin layer of glue over the tissue wrapped balloon. 

Step 6. Repeat step 5 all the way up the balloon until the entire surface is covered. Then move onto the other balloons. When the first layer is mostly dry you can repeat steps 4-6 to create a second coat of tissue. We suggest at least 3-5 layers.  

Step 7. Allow the balloons to dry for at least 12 hours. When completely dry, puncture the balloons with a sewing needle or scissor edge. The balloons will very slowly peel off the inside of your tissue. 

Step 8. Shape the sphere into a peach shape by inverting the opening with gentle pressure. 

For the Branch and Leaf:

Step 1. Fold a piece of crepe paper in half against the grain. Cut a leaf and stem shape with scissors making sure to keep the folded end in tact. Gently stretch the paper out and create organic curls at the tips of the leaves. Tightly twist the center creating a thin thread connecting the leaves. 

Step 2. Cut a thin strip of dark green tissue. Cut your twig into small 3" stem like sections. Apply a drop of glue on the end of a stem and wrap 3/4 of the way down with the green tissue. Wrap a leaf piece around the stem and then cover it with tissue by wrapping over it. 

Step 3. Insert the stem into the fruit, add a drop of glue on the inside if necessary. 

Now you have the cutest fake fruit to brighten up your kitchen table, add to a summer wreath, or add to a garland! Try a few other kinds using the same technique - like apples, plums and oranges!




Goody two-shoes need not apply to this new take on gingham. We went nuts for all the colors of gingham when sourcing fabric for this month's Kensington Waxed Wraps. The classic print gets a colorful and cheeky update with these nine items.

1. Bucket Hat Dolce & Gabbana 2. Travel Speaker Zazzle 3. Sweatshirt Jaded London 4. Sunglasses OXYDO 5. Flatware Poketo 6. Slip-ons Gienchi 7. Sequin Tank Top Ashish 8. Earrings Stella Valle 9. Artist Plate Seletti Wears Toiletpaper 

Top photo by Alix of The Cherry Blossom Girl



Hyde Park Playlist

Our Hyde Park Collection has everything you need for that perfect day in the park. (Minus the bottle of rosé...) We've gathered all our favorite British artists and some It-Girl jams to channel those sunny picnic vibes. Listen to the playlist now at Rdio!

1. Garden Elder Island
2. Summertime The Sundays
3. Oh! You Pretty Things David Bowie
4. Good Times The Easybeats
5. Piccadilly Squueze
6. It Girl Pharrel
7. Fade Into You Mazzy Star
8. Kensington Gardens Marc Jordan
9. London Joywave
10. Pumping on Your Stereo Supergrass
11. Sunny Afternoon The Kinks
12. Wanderlust Polly Scattergood
13. Sunshine Superman Donavan
14. Roses Pacific Air
15. Itchycoo Park Small Faces


First Glimpse

Behind the Design: Hyde Park Collection

Tea sandwiches? Check. Flowers in full bloom? Check. A bottle of rose? Errr...we're gonna need another one stat! This month's Hyde Park Collection is all about picnics, English gardens, It-Girls and the beauty of botanicals. And with gingham strutting down the runways of Oscar de la Renta, Michael Kors and Altuzarra it looks like we're not the only ones inspired by British charm. Get a closer look at the process behind this month's collection below!

While we adore Pinterest, we like to start every month off with a physical mood board. This month we looked to florals, gingham and all things minty in color.

Like we said gingham is everywhere, from It-Girl Alexa Chung to all the top runway shows. Oscar de la Renta nailed it with this sheer gingham set and a wall full of flowers as a backdrop. We translated this number into our Kensington Waxed Wraps, as illustrated and packed them with tea sandwiches. From a classic cucumber, cream cheese and dill to smashed avocado and radish, there's really no wrong way to make a mini sandwich.

Roses may be the universal flower for love, but they also make a killer skin toner. We sourced pink Himalayan salt, corse and fine Dead Sea salt and natural rose water for this month's English Rose Scrub to bring the best of the garden into your beauty regime. We've got some amazing face scrub #makertakes up our sleeves so keep your eyes on The Source. 

Cool with a hint of retro, mint is the new black. At Paris Fashion Week, in country estates or infused with water, this fresh shade goes with everything. The Kensington Waxed Wraps and the Hawthorn Bracelet both have pops of mint mixed with florals and rosy pinks.

We might be a little obsessed with tea sandwiches...

We packed our tea sandwiches (in waxed wraps of course) and shot the Hyde Park lookbook at the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park. The flowers were out, the birds were chirping and we even saw a couple get engaged! The day was practically out of a Jane Austen novel.

We did manage to petal bomb our model...Casey, you're the best!

If you missed out on this month's Hyde Park Collection, make sure to reserve next month's now! Don't forget to check The Source for further DIY tutorials and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest for our on the go inspiration and sourcing adventures!


Make It Yours

DIY Watercolor Card for Mother's Day

This Mother's Day card is really two gifts in one! Write a sweet message on vellum and place it on top of a watercolor print that your mom can frame and keep. This card is really the perfect last minute DIY that will have your mom thinking you were prepared well in advance:)

What you need:

  • watercolors
  • paint brushes
  • glass of water
  • cardstock cut down to 4" x 6"
  • vellum cut down to 4" x 6"
  • A4 envelopes
  • gold and/or white paint pens
  • script template


Start by watercoloring one side of the paper cards. We used sorbet colors and multiple size paint brushes to achieve different looks on each card. Set them aside to dry.

Pick out the phrase you want to write or create your own and tape the vellum on top of the template.

Trace over all of the letters with your paint pen and allow it to dry for a few minutes before pulling the vellum off of the paper.

Use the back of the cards to write a sweet note. 

Place the vellum on top of the watercolor and slide them both into an envelope. 


The 411

DIY Flower Arrangment for Less

Mother's Day is fast approaching and it has us thinking of ways to impress our moms without breaking the bank! Which lead us to DIY flower arranging... Did you know you can make flowers from the supermarket look professionally styled for under $50? We challenged ourselves to a little "make-it-happen" moment at our local bodega. With $50 in hand we walked out with a bunch of peonies, tulips, lilacs, aster solidago, and a branch of dogwood and birch. Challenge accepted. 

Here's what you'll need:

  • a wide mouth vase
  • scotch tape
  • strong scissors or clippers
  • bunches of flowers and a couple branches
  • a yard of ribbon


First create a grid of clear tape spanning the wide mouth of the vase. It's a secret trick florists use to support the top-heavy flowers and allow some separation between the stems. Pour a little water into the vase, you can add more later once the arrangement is complete.

Start by clipping a small section off the larger branch and placing pieces on opposite sides of the vase, only using the outer holes in your grid. This will help frame the arrangement. 

Start trimming down the stems as you add them to the vase. The idea is to have varying heights so the arrangement looks organic and not stiff. Play around with the placement as you go and don't be afraid to start over or shift things around. 

It's easiest to start with the biggest and most voluminous flowers, then you can go in and fill spaces or holes with the smaller ones, like the tulips. 

Once all the flowers are in the vase, tuck a long birch branch towards the back to give the arrangement some height. As a rule of thumb the tallest stem should be about one-and-a-half times the height of the vase (but feel free to break all rules). 

For a finishing touch, wrap a piece of ribbon around the vase twice and give it a beautiful bow. 

You're basically the best kid ever! This is a perfect gift for your mom on any day of the year. 



Ice Cream Social

This month's Twist & Shout Collection has everything you need to kickstart an ice cream social, from party decorations to our Single Scoop Bracelet. Need help pulling together the final touches? No worries, we've gathered all of our favorite ice cream inspired items into this simple guide.

A little bit mint chip, a little bit strawberry, a whole lot of adorable. We'd wear this Royal Cabalitto dress any day of the week. And when paired with this No-Churn Strawberry FroYo with crushed pistachios how could you go wrong? 

We're true believers that it's all in the details. Serve scoops of your favorite ice cream with these color dipped dessert spoons from Poketo (1) in these candy colored bowls (2). Top it off with a crushed chocolate bar by Compartes (3), we're partial to the sprinkles and butterscotch bar ourselves. For those who lean more towards the "social" than the "ice cream", serve them spiked sparkling punch in these confetti cups (4) by Meri Meri with striped straws (5) from Eddingtons. And finally it's not a party without confetti. Our friend's at The Flair Exchange (6) hand cut their confetti so that you don't have to. They come in a variety of color ways including sorbet!

Have an ice cream recommendation? Share it with us on Instagram and Twitter @forthemakers. 

Top photo by Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream. Check out their other pins for totally drool worthy photos of treats. 


House and Home

How to make an easy Hanging Wall Vase

Our Vintage Brass Clasps are utilitarian and great for an array of projects. Round up some spare wire, chain and a mason jar to make this simple hanging wall vase. Just in time for spring blooms, we'd love to see multiples of these lining a backyard party.



Cut your chain and wire to the required lengths. Find the middle of the wire and wrap from both ends around the neck of the mason jar once, making sure it's secure between the ridges. Add a clasp to each end of the wire and secure them by twisting the wire in a small loop around the clasp. Be sure that the clasps are evenly placed on each side of the jar. Wrap the wire around once again before twisting each end together tightly and snipping off any excess wire. Attach each side of the chain to a clasp with jump rings and you're done! Fill it up with water and flowers before hanging from a strong hook or branch. 

We also think these would look beautiful hanging with tea lights in them. Get yourself a set of Vintage Brass Claps in our shop and share your #makertakes with us on Instagram.