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Pretty Pastels

If you ask us pastels are the new black. We love them layered together, paired with jewel tones or with a dash of neon. There's really no wrong way to go about it. Compliment your Soft Focus DIYs with some of these powdery pretties. 

1. cropped shirt emilia wickstead; 2. hoop earrings rory ashton; 3. satchel jcrew; 4. statement necklace jcrew; 5. lingerie stella maccartney; 6. powder trio stila; 7. spiral notebooks marumen; 8. nail polish essie; 9. embellished heels sophia webster


The 411

Kool-Aid Hair

Our Soft Focus collection utilizes the many wonders of Kool-Aid, but you can take it one step further by imitating these dreamy locks. Everyone from Kate Bosworth to Helen Mirran is on board the pastel train, and with Kool Aid you can rack up the compliments, but skip the commitment and harsh chemicals. And we’ve made it easy for you by creating this simple color chart so that you get the perfect pastel tint.

For an all over pastel hair color like Helen Mirran follow these 3 simple steps:

You’ll need to gather:

- An old towel, preferably one you don’t mind staining

- A glass bowl

- An old spoon

- Kool Aid packets

- Rubber gloves

- Plastic wrap

- White vinegar

- Conditioner

1.) For the best results start with squeaky clean hair. Shampoo your hair and use baking soda to get any extra buildup off. Rinse well with warm water. Make sure to wear an old shirt you don’t mind staining and some rubber gloves. Also the lighter your hair the brighter the color will come out.

2.) There’s a lot of formulas out there but we suggest mixing one to two packets of unsweetend Kool-Aid, 1/4 cup hair conditioner and 1 tablespoon white vinegar. Check out our chart above for more specific colors.

3.) Cover either your entire head or for streaks massage into small uneven portions at the tips of your hair. Cover dyed portions with plastic wrap and let it sit for 60 minutes before washing out with water. Towel dry and voile!

For a dip dyed look like Kate Bosworth try this method:

You’ll need to gather:

- An old towel, preferably one you don’t mind staining

- A glass bowl

- An old spoon

- Kool Aid packets

- Rubber gloves

- White vinegar

1.) Again, for the best results start with squeaky clean hair. Make sure to wear an old shirt you don’t mind staining and some rubber gloves.

2.) Make sure to set up your dying station in a place where you can comfortably sit for 30 minutes. Boil a small pot of water (1 - 2 cups) and transfer to the bowl. Mix one packet of your desired color or one of our color combos above with 1 tablespoon white vinegar. Make sure all the Kool Aid powder has dissolved.

3.) Dip the ends of your hair into the bowl for 30 minutes. We suggest watching an episode of Broad City to pass the time. At the end of the episode wash your hair out with warm water till the water runs clear. You go girl!


images top to bottom: seafoam green, bubblegum pink, lavender, helen, kate.



Soft Focus Playlist

Spring is here and boy does it feel good! Add an extra pep to your step with our Soft Focus collection playlist, perfect for this month's spring cleaning. Visit us on Rdio to join the dance party... air guitar solos welcome. 

1. In Your Eyes Peter Gabriel 

2. Like to Get to Know You Well Howard Jones

3. Do Wot You Do INXS

4. Little Red Corvette Prince 

5. Physical Olivia Newton John 

6. Left Of Center Suzanne Vega 

7. Tell It to My Heart Taylor Dayne

8. Straight Up Paula Abdul 

9. Maniac Michael Sembello

10. Boys (Summertime Love) Sabrina 

11. The Look Of Love (Part I) ABC

12. I Can't Wait Nu Shooz

13. Easy Lover Philip Bailey

14. Genius Of Love Tom Tom Club

15. Out Of Touch Hall & Oats



Soft Focus: Five Things We're Loving Right Now

Take a deep breath and enjoy the first dewy mornings of Spring. The change in season inspires a refreshed state of mind as we take a trip into the dreamy pastel clouds of Spring color. Bohemian beach home decor, natural materials, and sophisticated metallic accents build our delicate Spring mood. Keep on daydreaming with this month’s Soft Focus collection as April showers wash winter away.

Here are five things inspiring us right now:

Pastels / Pack up that puffy coat and go full on pastel! We're smitten for the powdery soft colors seen on the streets and at Tsumori Chisato

Hanging Plants / We're sprucing up the office and our homes with hanging plants. Known to purify the air these hanging wonders also add a pop of unexpected color to a room. Now that's a Mother Nature double whammy. 

Personalized Greetings / Put down the iPhone and pick up a pen this month. We're making our handwritten notes extra sweet with candy colored pastel washes. 

April Fools / After such a harsh winter we wanna lighten things up. We're adding a little kitsch to our days by Kool Aid dying everything in sight. Watch out Mittens, you're next!

Delicate Jewelry / We're swapping our statement jewelry for something light and airy. Create a subtle arm party by layering silk cord bracelets with a dainty bangle.  


The 411

Dyeing with Kool-Aid

This month for the Soft Focus Collection we wanted to put a spin on something we've barely thought about since we were in grade school, Kool-Aid. It's kinda a dream come true for the ladies in this office who love to dye anything in sight. Not only does it not use harsh chemicals to dye but it also smells like childhood. We've created this simple go-to dye chart for all things Soft Focus. Follow along for the three projects that use this magical powder; Whitney Bracelets, Heather Stationery, and Beau Hanging Planter. Make sure to get everything ready for all three projects at once. Kool-aid if not refrigerated doesn't last long, so don't stretch the dying projects out over several days! 

The facts and limitations of dyeing with Kool-Aid:

- It works best dyeing natural materials: silk, cotton, wool, paper, eggs, even hair - but don't expect it to last if dyeing polyester or synthetic fabrics.

- It will stain your hands (temporarily of course), so if you're prone to mess wear rubber gloves.

- Always use the unsweetened packets when dyeing and don't add sugar.

- Use metal and glass containers/spoons for prepping, it will stain your wooden kitchenware.

Now. Let's get started!

We are mixing up pastel colors this month but feel free to wing it and branch out with some custom colors of your own. Start out by dumping each packet on it's own into a glass cup. Make sure it's totally clean and dry. From here you'll start mixing the dry colors together in a separate cup. We did a lot of color testing and chose three gorgeous colors to mix up for this month's projects. See below for measurements on the three colors we used: Pink Pastel, Seafoam Green, and Lavender.

For each "part" measurement below we used a 1/2 teaspoon. So, 1 part = 1/2 teaspoon;  1/2 part = 1/4 teaspoon;  and so on... If you'd like to make larger or smaller batches use this scale to increase or decrease your measurements. 

Pastel Pink: 1 part cherry, 1 part lemonade, 1 cup of water

Seafoam Green: 1 part mixed berry, 3 parts lemonade, 1 cup of water

Lavender: 1 part mixed berry, 1/2 part cherry, 1 cup of water

Note on Lemonade: if you're using this color you'll need to leave the materials in longer than other colors. For a bright yellow use only lemonade mix with a small amount of water; we used over 3 parts lemonade to 1 cup of water and left the silk material in for about 5 minutes. It's best used with the Whitney Bracelet project but does not fair well with the Heather Stationery or the Beau Hanging Planter.


Look Book

Soft Focus

Evie's watercolor illustrations beautifully capture the spirit of our latest collection. Meet the four DIY pieces in the Soft Focus Collection, the perfect jewelry pairings mixed with the perfect home accessories for the warmer days ahead. The Andie Gem Necklace is a wear-with-everything addition to your Spring wardrobe. The Heather Stationery with it's washes of pastel color will keep you in touch with loved ones. The Whitney Bracelets are so light and pretty they won't leave your wrist for the next few months. The Beau Hnaging Planter is the perfect showcase for those cute little succulents you've been collecting. Let's get making! 


First Glimpse

Sneak Peek: Soft Focus

Soft Focus collection launches tomorrow! We're putting the final touches on tutorials and packing up boxes. Shipping out nationwide tomorrow, keep an eye on your mailbox! 

We had a fun day shooting the projects. This was our first experience setting off colored smoke bombs in the city. With only a few strange glances from passersby we considered this shoot a sucess!

We can't wait to share the four beautiful projects with you. Stay tuned and join us tomorrow as we unveil next month's DIY happiness.



Over The Top Head Gear

If you thought your head gear couldn't use an upgrade...You were wrong. We've seen over the top headbands popping up on the streets on New York, Paris, and London. Grab a headband base and get to work by glueing on ribbon, trim, pearls, pompoms, and even your oversized fruit of choice. The more the merrier. We haven't seen so many glorious headband options since we were 5 years old and made our mother's glue grosgrain bows to everything. It's basically a little party on the top of your head.  

clockwise: pompom headband, lego headband, love headband, cherry topper band, blue ruffle headband, lips headband.


Make It Yours

#makertakes: Hello Trouble

We've been gasping over your #makertakes this month! So many great variations and new designs using the materials in unexpected ways. We're loving the long layering necklaces and the personal touches added to the Local Only Bangle

We made stacks of stretch bracelets with the Lemon Drop Necklace materials. All you need is elastic cord! For a fun touch add a tassel to the back.

For a chic wrap bracelet incorporating the chain, string the beads with the bead cord and crimp beads, attach to the chain on one one end and add a jump ring and a clasp. Your wrists will thank you!

A few of our favorite ideas this month: clockwise from top left; blythebartel, katieolivari, aavixelenaphannt

Make sure to share what you're making and how you're styling it; #forthemakers #makertakes


Make It Yours

Decorative Patches

We've been transforming our boring old t-shirts and ripped jeans into new and fresh alternatives with the Easy Breeze Applique tutorial. Take a que from the ideas below and put a patch on it. With an easy no-sew solution this project will take only a few minutes to complete! Share what you're making and desinging; #forthemakers #makertakes

Clockwise from top left: 1. Vintage Esprit; 2. Skull Print Shorts; 3. unkown; 4. knitvie; 5. Anthropologie; 6. unkown


Make It Yours

Build Your Own Bangle

We've been so obsessed with our Locals Only bangle that we came up with a few alternate ideas for you to try. Combine our flat brass bangle with left over rhinestones using the E6000 epoxy from this month's collection. Try mixing rhinestones, fabric, and ribbon or browse our store for new supplies. Find us on Instgram and tag #makertakes to show us what you come up with! 

We chose vintage glass stars, friendship bracelets, and turquoise cabochon to embellish the bangles from our shop. What will you choose?!