November 19, 2014


3 Ways to Wear Shoe Clips

We love a good shoe clip. Not only do they gussy up your average court pump, but there are endless ways to style them. Here are three of our favorite ways to modify our Clique Shoe Clips

On a Belt / Sometimes a little cinch can make all the difference. We used the satin ribbon from our High Gloss Collection to create a simple but flattering belt. Clip on the bow, tie in the back and you're ready to go! Pro tip: use clear nail polish on the ends of the ribbon to avoid fraying. 

On Shoes / Ok, so we know it's a little obvious to put shoe clips on shoes, but instead of making bows try the show stopping flowers from the Petal Pusher Necklace. Follow the same steps for the construction of the flowers, then sew the clip findings to the back of the perforated disks. Voilà!

On a Bobby Pin / Take a cue from Alexa Chung and put a bow on it. Pull back a small section of your hair with a sturdy bobby pin and clip the bow to the back of the pin. Easy peasy!


How do you wear the Clique Shoe Clip? Share your #makertakes with us on Twitter and Instagram @forthemakers