January 19, 2015


Bejeweled Headband

Woah baby! This bejeweled headband is a stunner and insanely easy to make. Using the materials for the Velvetine Headband and a few rhinestones, we created the perfect accessory for the office or da club!

- viridian velvet ribbon
- steel headband base
- e6000 
- glue gun
- assorted rhinestones


Open your glue and place a small amount on the inside end of the headband. Starting at one side of the velvet push it onto the glue and hold for a few seconds. Continue adding glue to the outside of the steel headband, all the way around until you've reached the other side. Finish the other side as you did the first by adding a small dab of glue to the inside and folding over the velvet. Trim any excess ribbon off. While that dries a bit, plug in the glue gun and arrange your rhinestones in an appealing order. Before attaching decide where you would like the placement to be on the headband. Add a small dab of hot glue onto the back of the first rhinestone and adhere it to the ribbon. Press down until it has dried. Continue till you've added all the rhinestones. And that's it! 

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about 4 years ago

Love this! Are these rhinestones for sale as a set?