December 17, 2015


How To Create DIY Folded Book Sculptures

We're continuing on with our easy and inexpensive holiday decorating ideas... next up comes these DIY folded book sculptures. Admittedly, these take a touch of free time but they make a big impact as far as decorating goes. Hang them from a doorway arch or stack them up on your bookshelf. Go for the big time with old textbooks you'll never use again or make some teeny ones out of small vintage children's books. We added some color with a can of gold spray paint. You could also use inks to create a nice wash of color. Stay away from paint that needs water as it will cause the pages to ripple when drying.



  • - books in all different sizes
  • - bone folder
  • - spray paint or ink
  • - x-acto knife
  • - sobo glue (or adhesive of choice)


First you need to remove the cover from your selected book. Use your x-acto knife to gently cut away the paper or hardbound cover so that you are left with a stack of bound pages. If your book is especially thick you can cut it into smaller sections around the page signatures. Each sculpture we constructed ended up being about 300 pages thick. Next begin folding...

To make the Single Diamond Shape Above:

Start by folding the bottom corner of a page toward the center of the book so that bottom of the page runs parallel to the spine. Next, take the top corner and fold toward the center of the book in the same fashion so that a triangle is formed. You can use your bone folder to crease the folds and make your sculpture appear more dense. Continue until all pages have been folded.


To Make the Double Diamond Above:

Start with the same folded triangle shape from the Single Diamond instructed above. Once finished, take the tip of the triangle and fold it toward the center so that one side runs parallel to the spine. Next, take the opposite page and fold it so that the same side runs parallel to the spine. The following two pages will be folded the same way except with the opposite side running parallel to the spine. Keep folding in this fashion while switching the direction after every two pages until there are none left.

If you have a spare one at the end either folded it in either direction, or gently tear it from the spine. The sculpture may become difficult to fold the further you go because of the added bulk. If needed, use your bone folder to crease the folds and give you more control. 


To Make the Cone Shape Above:

Take the top corner and fold it toward the center of the book so that the top of the page runs parallel to the spine similar to the Single Diamond shape above. Now take the angled side and fold it toward the spine of the book. A little bit of the page should be hanging below the bottom. Take that extra section and fold it up to create a triangle with a base that runs parallel to the bottom of the book. Continue until all the pages have been folded. This shape can also be doubled up and stacked to create an oversized diamond sculpture.  

For final touches we glued the base of the first and last pages of the sculpture to help disguise any holes that might reveal the spine. However, the thicker your sculpture is the less you will see the spine. Style yours on a table top or bookcase, or hang it with pretty ribbon or some garland and fishing line.