January 26, 2016


DIY Framed Wire Grid Organizer and Mood Board

In an attempt to be a bit more organized in this new year we've been strategizing attractive solutions to our ever growing must-have-that-pretty-thing problem. Meaning we just need all the pretty things, all the time. And, there has to be a way of displaying them that doesn't involve cork board (not that we aren't surrounded by that too)! We had some left over welded fencing sitting around the studio and decided to grab a large frame to polish it up. You can use chicken wire for this tutorial or even copper mesh on a smaller scale frame. We love this idea as a jewelry storage solution or even hanging it in the kitchen for your large spoons and small kitchen wares. 




To Make:

Lay out the fencing on the back of the frame. Line up one corner so that you only have to cut 2 sides of fencing. You will get a good hand work out from this tutorial and quality wire cutters are worth it here. 

Cut the wire along the inside edge of the frame with your clippers. Our measurements for the materials above fit exactly within the frame. But if you end up using a different size frame or wire simply cut a little extra wire and have it sit on the wide part of the frame (you can staple it to the frame here too). Cut off all the wires on the width of the frame.

Then cut all the wires down the length of the frame. 

You will be left with a piece that fits inside the top edge of the frame. You can wiggle and push the wires into place. 

Grab your staple gun and angle it to catch both sides of the frame with the wire in the middle. Hit ever other square all the way around the frame. Turn it over and start adding pretty things with clothes pins. 

You can hang this to the wall with nails or stand it up on your desk.