October 23, 2015


DIY Gold and Neon No-Carve Pumpkins

We basically took all the things we love and threw them on a pumpkin. Spray paint, gold, neon, splattered, ombre... you get the gist. Just do it.

Go for the gold with this easy no carve DIY, perfect for brightening up your stoop or doorstep. Here in Brooklyn these babies would be stolen off our turf so fast. But isn't that the sign of a good looking pumpkin? I hope so.

Grab some gold spray paint and a couple other cans of neon for pops of color. We even threw in a splash of peach and sea foam green.



Layout your newspapers to protect your surface. Make sure to do this outside or in a well ventilated area. Wear a mask if you are a super DIYer because the fumes can get hefty with this much spray painting! 

Lay all the pumpkins on the paper and spray them all with an even coat of gold spray paint. 

Next, hit each one with your chosen pop of color. Try spraying at an angle so the paint isn't just a big glob but in a pretty dispersed pattern, concentrated in one area. If you go overboard with the color you can always spray gold overtop to even it out.

Allow to dry. 

The small pumpkins and gourds would be a lovely and lively table centerpiece. Place them in a large bowl or lay them scattered in the center of the table for a conversation starter.