October 27, 2015


DIY Halloween Costumes Made Easy With MyHabit

We partnered up with MyHabit to bring you some super easy Halloween costumes that require little less than your actual wardrobe! While Halloween is fun it can also be pretty expensive. So, why not stretch your dollar and put it towards something you actually want to wear past Halloween night?! We grabbed some MyHabit staffers and transformed them into a fortune teller, a bird, and a newsboy. Let's get started!

First up with have a costume idea for all the mamas out there. Grab your kiddo and go as a super cute Fortune Teller and Crystal Ball duo... oh yes, we went there. The DIY crystal ball hat takes 30 minutes to make and it is the cutest thing ever on top of your little ones head. All DIY tutorials are at the end of this post!

For the crystal ball baby costume we snagged this sparkly dress from MyHabit and these super cute silver shoes. The fortune teller needs a flowy dress, some rich scarves, plus a pair of killer heels. And don't forget about the jewelry! We piled on a jumble of stones and sparkle plus our very own Wasson Bangle Kit.


For the Bird costume we found an amazing dress with feathers already attached to the hemline. You could also attach some feathers to the hem of a dress you already own with a couple safety pins and double sided garment tape. Then we added some stripped tights and pointed-toe heels. 

This fun headdress is easily made with wire and paper. Find the DIY at the end of this post!


Now, who watched the Newsies as a kid? Still a top notch movie, and the inspiration behind our last easy peasy costume. Grab some tailored trousers, a collared shirt, chelsea boots, a newsboy cap and rolled up newspapers to create a fun Newsboy costume. For a touch of theatrics we added some black and brown face paint smeared around his face because toting and delivering newspapers (plus dancing and singing about it) is really hard work. 

This costume can easily be taken to the next level with a vest of suspenders and even a well loved messenger bag.

Have fun with it! The beauty of these costumes is you could take away the theatrical parts and wear all of the key pieces to the office or out to dinner with your pals. Dig through your wardrobe and see what possibilities your clothes hold, and if you need to splurge a little MyHabit has some great deals and lots to choose from! 


Now for the DIYs...

To make the Crystal Ball



Apply some glue to the foam brush and start dabbing it onto the foam ball in random places. Don't cover the whole surface because you want some of the white foam showing. Roll your foam around into a pile of glitter and confetti stars. Cover all of the glue with the glitter and stars mix. Set aside to dry for 15 minutes.

Grab the screw and find the inside center of the hat form. Push the screw through the mesh, right at the center. Add a little bit of glue to the pointed end of the screw. Take the foam ball and start threading the screw through the center of the ball to attach it to the hat form. Make sure the foam ball is all the way down the screw and the foam ball and the hat form are now touching. While it is drying, cut a piece of tulle in a rough 36" circle. 

Drape the center of the tulle over the foam ball. Cut a 12" piece of thread and gather the tulle around the base of the foam and above the hat form to then tie a loose knot around it to hold the shape. Continue wrapping the tulle around the hat form and now bring it underneath. Using your needle and thread stitch it in a few places to hold the tule to the hat form.

Measure the hat on your child's head and determine how long you need the elastic to be. It should be taut but not too tight that it will bother their neck. Stitch the elastic to one side of the hat form rim and drape it in a U shape to the other side, stitch the opposite end of elastic in place on the hat form. Then knot your thread to the form and snip the excess thread.



To make the Bird Headdress


  • - template
  • - paper or hefty fabric
  • - 15" wire, 16 gauge
  • - soft elastic trim (to fit)
  • - hot glue gun (or glue of choice)
  • - scissors
  • - pencil
  • - wire cutters


Print the template and cut the 4 shapes out. You will use these as a pattern for your paper. We used cover stock for our final piece but feel free to experiment with decorative papers and fabrics.

Trace and cut shapes 1 and 2 twice (for front and back) and 3 and 4 once. You should have a total of six pieces.

Cut 8" of wire and glue it between the shape 1 pieces like a sandwich. This makes your first feather. Take the remaining 7" wire and glue it between the shape 2 pieces. This makes your second feather. Try to keep the wire centered for both so that it is not visible on either side. Our adhesive preference is hot glue because it is quick drying, but use whichever glue you want. Just wait for the pieces to dry entirely before moving on.

Take shape 3 and make sure the slits are cut as indicated on the template. This will be the "beak" of the head piece with the point sticking down, like an upside down teardrop. Tuck the bottom flaps about a 1/4" under the top flaps so that the piece becomes three-dimensional. Glue these in place.

Take piece 4 and fold both ends 1/2" in toward each other as indicated on the template. Take your dry "beak" and glue these flaps, top to bottom in the back, on the concave side. This should make a flat edge that will allow you to attach the beak to your feathers.

Stack your the large feather on top of the small feather and use a mirror or a model to bend each to your desired shape. Once satisfied, glue the bases together. Next, glue the center of the elastic to the front of your feathers at the base. Then glue the beak on top as the final layer.

Finally, tie the elastic to fit and trim if needed.


This post is in collaboration with MyHabit. See more inspiration over on their blog!