July 14, 2015


DIY: Hanging Rope Plant Shelf

Let's face it, not everyone is blessed with a mantle or built in shelving, but that shouldn't stop us from creating sweet little areas of interest in the home. This super quick hanging shelf is the perfect way to add a little life to any room. Center a grouping of succulents and potted plants, plus a small tchotchke you picked up on your latest travels for an alluring shelfie.


  • -plywood board (raw, stained or color blocked)
  • -wood or metal ring
  • -cotton clothesline cord
  • -colorful knotting cord
  • -8 large metal crimps
  • -scissors
  • -pliers

How to Make

Step 1. To start you need to cut 4 long pieces of rope. The length will depend on how low you want to hang the shelf and the size board you plan to use. We used a 20" square board and hung it pretty low so our rope was approximately 3 yards.

Step 2. Find the center of each strand of rope and loop them through the wood ring. You should have 8 strands now.

Step 3. Secure the rope by wrapping the knotting cord just below the wood ring. Wrap until you have a colored band and tie off.

Step 4. Here is this slightly tricky part, mastering the Josephine (or pretzel) knot. Start by dividing the strands in two groups of four. Set aside one of the groups and divide the other into two groups of two

Step 5. Make a loop with two strands of rope by pinching a section and flipping it down so it looks like the loop pictured above.

Step 6. Take the other two pieces and lay them over the loop.

Step 7. Weave the ends under the tail of the loop, over the neck, then back under, over itself, and then under one last time. I know, it sounds crazy. The best way is to study the loosely tied knot, if you still need guidance there are lots of great videos and gifs, we love the one by Minieco

Step 8. Once you have the knot mastered, make sure the knot is flat and untwist any strands as needed. Carefully begin to tighten the pretzel.

Step 9. Tie an identical knot with the other section of four ropes. Make sure the two knots are level and at least 12" from the top.

Step 10. Next, take two strands from each knot and combine these four strands into a Josephine knot, about 6" down from the first.

Step 11. Repeat with the remaining strands to make a fourth knot.

Now is a good time to hang it up and make any adjustments so you have two level knots on top and two level knots below facing the opposite direction (to create a square).

Step 12. It's important to visualize how the board will be secured by the ropes. To start, pair the outermost ropes of one knot. Secure these together by threading two crimps on. Make sure you thread in opposing directions as pictured below.

Pair one inner strand with the one directly across from the other knot and continue creating a square grid to support the board.

Step 13. Slide the crimps away from the center and even out the slack in preparation of leveling the shelf. Insert the shelf and make sure the crimps are correctly placed.

Step 14. Secure the crimps by squeezing them shut with pliers. Repeat on both sides of all 8 crimps.

Once the shelf is secure and level its ready to take on a cute cluster of indoor plants, try creating a small still life with pretty little keepsakes.