January 15, 2016


DIY Jewelry with the Rendezvous Materials Collection

With our new materials collections we're leaving the designing up to you! The Rendezvous materials collection is a pretty mix of materials large and small. There are tonal peaches, rustic browns and pops of amethyst for the romantic at heart. It's got sparkle, shine, brass accents, natural leather, pretty gemstones and more! To get you started thinking about the possibilities in this box we created some low-key, everyday jewelry that will put you well on your way to DIY success. Make sure to show us what you create this month by using #forthemakers and #makertakes. 

The painted charm bracelet

Gather: To create this romantic bracelet grab the brass charms, brass cable chain and vintage clasp provided in the collection. All you will need in addition are a nail polish color of your choice (we used Essie in serial shopper), a couple jump rings and some jewelry tools.

Make: 1- Lay out all the charms on a piece of scrap paper, make sure all the charms are facing with the textured side up. Paint all the round tops with a coat of nail polish and let dry for a couple hours. 2- Wrap the chain around your wrist to determine how long you need the chain to be and snip at the desired length (make sure to add in the length of the clasp). Connect the clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring. On the opposite side of chain add a couple jump rings for the clasp to hook onto for fastening it to your wrist. 3- Once the charms are dry add them to the chain links using one jump ring for each charm. 


Simple Agate Layering Necklace

Gather: Brass cable chain, vintage clasp, and oval agate beads from the Rendezvous collection. In addition you will need a set of jewelry tools, headpins, and jump rings.

Make: 1- Using a headpin create a loop at one end with your round nose pliers. Thread on one of the agate beads and create a loop on the other side. Repeat for all three stones. 2- Cut brass chain using your clippers into the following lengths: 6.5", 3", 6", 10". Starting with the 10" piece, attach a clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring. On the other end of the chain attach one side of the oval bead with a jump ring. On the other side of the first oval bead attach the 6" piece of chain, then another oval bead, the 3" piece of chain, another oval bead, the 6.5" piece of chain, and finally add a couple jump rings at the end for the clasp to hook onto.


Natural Leather Wrapped Bangle

Gather: Brass bangle and natural leather cord from the collection. In addition you will need a pair of scissors and e6000 glue.

Make: 1- Hold one end of the cord to the inside of the bangle, loop the rest of the cord around the end to hold it in place. Continue wrapping the cord around the bangle until you like the width. We wrapped it 23 times around. 2- On the last wrap tuck the end into the previous wrap and pull tight. 3- Add a dab of glue to the ends of the leather  and edges of the cord on the inside. Let dry for at least 8 hours. Snip off any excess cord, close to the bangle.


Wire Wrapped Amethyst Necklace

Gather: Natural Amethyst* from the collection. You'll also need some thin gauge wire, 28" of cable chain, 3 jump rings and a lobster clasp. Plus a set of jewelry tools.

Make: 1- Start by wrapping your amethyst a couple times around with wire. Make sure to wrap towards the top so the amethyst hangs right side up when worn. Bring both ends of wire to the back of the amethyst and create a loop of wire with your round nose pliers. Secure the loop by wrapping the wire around the bottom of the loop a couple times and then snip off the excess wire with clippers. 2- Thread one end of the chain through the loop and bring the pendant to the center of the wire. 3- Attach the lobster clasp to one end of the chain with a jump ring. Attach another jump ring to the other end of the chain that will act as the catch for the lobster clasp.

*note: all amethysts in this collection will look different as they are naturally forming crystals. 


Have fun with these materials and don't forget to share what you are making to inspire others! #forthemakers #makertakes 

Happy making!


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