December 11, 2015


DIY Metallic Marbled Glass Ornaments

These beautiful handmade marbled ornaments make a wonderful gift or addition to your own holiday decor. It's a simple project and takes very little time. Pair it with a pretty ribbon on top and attach them to your wrapped gifts. The process for creating these is fool-proof and bonus, no messy clean up from marbling in a water-bath!


  • - glass ball ornaments with removable tops
  • - silver spray paint
  • - gold spray paint
  • - low tac tape (optional)



To Make:

Take all the materials outside. Take the silver tops off of all the ornaments and set them aside. Shake your spray paint cans. In the top hole of the ornament spray in a good size squirt of silver paint and then gold paint. If you don't have a patch of grass to stand on outside you might want to use a small piece of tape to cover the top hole for this next part. Shake the ornaments around to mix the paint inside. Some of it will come out so make sure you aren't shaking it by your face or clothes! You can shake it just a couple times to lightly mix or really go for it and distribute the paint over the whole inside of the glass ball. 

Set the wet ornaments down to dry for an hour or more. Once dry replace the tops and hang up with ribbon or twine.



We created this simple ornament holder out of a round wooden dowel and hung it up with velvet ribbon. You can place this hanging from your mantle or dropped from the ceiling to hang your most prized ornaments on display.