February 18, 2015


DIY Oslo Bud Vases

We are clearly obsessed with this pretty pink plaster.  These bud vases are the perfect touch of clean modern and, bonus, require a very small budget to fill.  Keeping fresh flowers is easy when you only have to buy one stem at a time. 

What you Need:

  • -Plaster
  • -Plastic cylinder mold with lid 
  • -Glass Vials (or re-purpose old perfume sample vials)
  • -Wooden Disk
  • -E6000
  • -Glass Test Tubes
  • -Craft Stick
  • -Masking Tape
  • -Sand Paper


To make the tall bud vase:

Follow the same instructions for our Hans Candlesticks only instead of using the pop-top container in the center, replace with a tall glass test tube.  We prefer it a little off center for a modern twist.

To make the flute vase:

Step 1. Take 4 glass vials and lay them down in a row on a table.  Tape across the tops of the vials with extra tape on either end.  Flip the row over and re-position the vials by turning them so there is a small gap in between each vial.  Set aside.

Step 2. Mix a small batch of plaster directly into the lid of your cylinder.  To fill the small lid we used about 2 TBS of plaster with 1 TSP of water and stirred vigorously.  Make sure there are no air bubbles or dry pockets on the bottom by tapping it on the table a few times, the air bubbles will rise to the top.

Step 3. Keep a close eye on the plaster as it sets.  About a minute after mixing, submerge your taped vials with the open end up.  Try to keep the vials just half way down so you keep a solid layer of plaster on the bottom.  You are going to have to hold the vials in place as the plaster sets, about 3 minutes, just make sure they stay perfectly perpendicular to the bottom.  

Step 4. Once the plaster holds the vials in place, allow it to set completely for another 5 minutes.  When cool to the touch, tear the plastic lid off of the plaster base carefully, use scissors as needed.  

Step 5. Clean off any rough surfaces with sanding paper.  

Step 6. Apply a thin quarter size layer of E6000 on the center of the wooden disk and center the plaster over it.

Step 7. Allow the glue to dry and forage for some small stems to fill your vase.  We trimmed tiny cuttings off of our house plants (because the ground is covered in ice) but in the spring we can fill it with buttercups!