October 01, 2015


DIY Abstract Painterly Tray

Toss your plain-white, everybody-has-that tray out the window. There is a new tray in town! The more color the better with this bright, bold and cheerful update to a classic style. We used acrylic paint and some other simple materials to create this tray in a matter of minutes (plus a little drying time...which means we ate some cookies and watched it dry). Pick up a plain acrylic tray and grab a couple old brushes to sweep on big stripes of color. We would love to see how yours come out so don't forget to share it with us via instagram and twitter with #forthemakers. Now, let's get started!



acrylic paint in many colors, plus white and black for mixing different tones
- paint brushes
- painter's tape or thick washi tape
- acrylic tray
spray-on sealant
rubber bumpers
- glass of water
- paper towels


Step 1: Tape all around the outside edge leaving just the bottom of the tray uncovered. You don't need to completely tape the inside it will be safe just as it is from paint and the sealant.

Step 2: Mix up your paint. Apply the paint in quick swoops. Try varying the direction and thickness with each stroke. Go crazy and add a little splatter for a fun effect. The more the better.

Step 3: Allow some of the layers to dry before adding more so you don't end up mixing all the paint together. Keep painting until you've covered the entire tray. Let the paint dry completely before moving on to the next step.

Step 4: With the tape still on, spray the bottom of the tray with sealant and let dry. Once the sealant has dried remove the tape and add rubber bumpers on the bottom of the tray to prevent it from getting scratched as you use it on tables and surfaces. 

We love this tray used as an entryway catchall. Store your keys and small wares. It will make quite a colorful statement and exude personality right at the entrance of your home.