December 21, 2015


DIY Rhinestone Embellished Gift Wrapping

To close out the year you know we had to throw some rhinestones on something. And since all eyes are on gifts this season...well, why not put them there?! This gift wrap idea is also a bit of a gift itself. If you have a friend that loves to craft this would be the perfect way to present her present. She can remove the rhinestones and use them later! We paired some simple wrapping papers with lush velvet and then went to town with the toppers. If you are a little scared of this over indulgence we've also added a simpler way to achieve a similar effect with rhinestone embellished gift tags. 

Gather up all those rhinestones you've been hoarding this year and let's get started! 

What you need:

  • - different size rhinestones in settings (glue on or sew on, doesn't matter), flat back stones of all colors
  • - double sided tape
  • - hot glue gun
  • - scissors
  • - wrapping papers
  • - velvet ribbon


To make:

First we wrapped each gift. If the gifts are small scale you can add one band of velvet ribbon around the belly of the present. Tape or hot glue the start to the middle back. You want the gift to sit flat so measure the ribbon around and cut the ribbon right where it meets the start.

We tried hot glue and double sided tape to affix the ribbon to the paper and both worked well. You can also use glue dots if you have them! 

Now flip the gift back over to the top and let's start adding the pretty things! Lay out all your stones and figure out which ones you like grouped together.

Use hot glue to attach the stones to the ribbon. In order to minimize the glue gun spider web that usually ensues, place the stone down where you want it and lift up the center. Squirt out a little glue, and push the stone down as you pull the glue gun away. You can always pick off any left over glue later but remember that the velvet might pull off if there is a lot of glue mess so try to keep it contained under the stones. 

The prettiest gift ever! 

For larger packages you can do a cross band and pile on a bunch in the center!

For a simpler approach grab some paper gift tags and glue on a small cluster of rhinestones. You can label the gift on the back. 

Attach the tag with tape or with the basic twine it comes on. A super cute idea that could work for birthday gifts as well!


Happy holidays!