January 05, 2016


DIY Round Gold Leaf Mirrors

New year, new decor? At least we hope so! Take on some light challenges at the start of this new year and get your creative juices flowing. We're starting out by updating our space with these super simple and completely lovely gold leaf mirrors. It's easier and faster than it looks. Grab the supplies below and get started!


  • - round mirrors in different sizes (we used these)
  • - low tac tape
  • - glue (you can use metal leaf adhesive, spray on adhesive, or regular old craft glue with a little patience)
  • - wide paint brush or foam brush
  • - imitation gold leaf sheets


To Make:

Start by tearing off a piece of tape long enough to go across the width of the mirror. Decide how large of a gold leaf section you would like and place the tape down to mark off that section. Press down along the edge of the tape with your nail to ensure a crisp line of gold leaf.


We are going to demonstrate working with craft glue but you can easily use spray adhesive or metal leaf adhesive for this project. Spray adhesive will give you a rougher texture than the other two. 

Take your brush and apply on a very light layer of craft glue. Make sure to cover the whole surface evenly. Wait about a minute or two until the glue becomes tacky. You can test this by putting your finger along the edge, it it slightly sticks to the glue you are ready to add the gold leaf!


Press the gold leaf over the glue surface. Make sure the gold leaf side is down and the paper side is up. Press very gently over the whole surface. If you pull the sheet you run the risk of getting a "cracked" appearance. Let the foil sit for another 5 minutes just to make sure the glue is dry.


Start to pull back the paper gently. Gold leaf will probably be everywhere :) Make sure the glue is completely dry and go over the edges lightly with your finger or another paint brush to brush off the excess gold leaf. Pull the tape off gently.

Hang these mirrors on the wall with command strips which are very apartment and renter friendly!



You can also get a little more adventurous in the gold leaf design by mapping out angles with the tape or try stripes of gold foil for a fun update.