December 07, 2015


DIY Spray Coated Ornaments

This time of year I always want to add DIY touches to anything and everything. Decorating for the holidays makes my heart happy - and even though this year is TIGHT on time (I'm sure you can relate) I didn't want that to prevent some really gorgeous and fun decorating around the home. We've come up with some super simple ideas that we will be sharing over the next two weeks. The first idea comes as two posts. See how we used these ornaments in a non-conventional way, here!

These spray coated ornaments were inspired by the gold and neon pumpkins we created earlier this year. These pumpkins got some serious love on pinterest and instagram..and they are just so gosh darn easy to make! Grab some spray paint and pick up some glass ball ornaments and get your hands busy.


  • - glass ball ornaments
  • - flat color spray paint (we used montana cans)
  • - gold and/or silver metallic spray paint
  • - pencil or 1/4" thick dowel
  • - tall cup or tupperware bowl filled with beans or something heavy to weight it down


To Make:

Gently pull the silver cap off the ornaments and set aside. Take your spray paint and glass ornaments outside or work in a well ventilated area. Place a pencil or dowel in the ornament to hold it up while you spray. First spray the ornament all over in a flat color. Then grab the metallic spray paint and hit the ornament in one or two spots. You don't need to wait for the color to dry before you spray on the metallic. Sometimes the paint does cool things when they mix. Wait a couple minutes for the ornament to dry. You can place it in the cup or bowl with the pencil still holding it, while it dries fully. Once dry place the caps back on and hang with wire hooks or cut pieces of twine.

We loved the look of mixed metals and sprayed some with gold and silver.