October 30, 2015


DIY Stitched Cactus Art

You've probably noticed cacti prints are everywhere right now from fashion and jewelry, to home decor and accessories. There is something about combining these other wise standoffish greens with handmade details that makes them irresistible. For our take on this trend we made a series of hand embroidered illustrations that are mighty cute... if we don't say so ourselves. Grab the printable template and stitch up these cuties in no time!  


  • - cactus stitching artwork template: download here
  • - scissors
  • - embroidery thread in green, peach and blue
  • - sewing needle
  • - piece of cardboard and scrap pf paper
  • - picture frames, 6x4"


Print the template. Trim each design to 4x6" using the crop marks around the edge of the templates. 

Place one print on top of a piece of cardboard. For each dotted line punch a hole at each end. Each of these holes is for the thread to run through. You can just go ahead and start stitching if you like before pre punching the holes but we found that the front looks cleaner if you pre punch. This way there isn't any torn paper towards the front of the art work. Use a piece of paper on top of the needle or a thimble to prevent hurting your finger as you push down.

Once all of the holes are punched grab the first color of thread you would like to use. If you are using embroidery thread cut a piece a yard long. Then separate one strand from the bunch. 

Thread your needle and tie at knot at the end of the thread. Starting from the back poke your needle up through one of the holes. Keep stitching until all of the holes have been sewn on and bring your thread and needle to the back and tie a knot, trim the excess thread. Repeat for the next color.

Make all three or just your favorite. We like these framed and grouped on your wall. You can also turn them into really sweet cards by glueing it to the top of a folded piece of paper (A6 card size).