May 29, 2015


How to Make Fabric Wrapped Tin Cans

The key to organization is containing your clutter. Skip the Container Store and make these fabric wrapped tin cans for pennies. We used standard sized food cans but you can use this method with larger containers like coffee cans, waste bins, or buckets. We came up with four ways to use these in your home but the possibilities are endless. 


  • - cute printed fabric (found ours in the Hyde Park Collection)
  • - empty tin cans, washed and dried
  • - ruler
  • - pencil
  • - glue (a hot glue gun is the quickest but regular craft glue can also work) 

How to make

Step 1. Plug in the iron and set it to the corresponding heat settings for your fabric. 

Step 2. Measure the can you want to cover. For the height of the can use a ruler, for the circumference wrap the fabric around and then lay flat to measure. A standard can is about 4.25" high and 10" around. Roughly cut out the dimensions making sure to add a couple inches to the height and one inch to the length. 

Step 3. With the pattern side down, fold the top of the material down about 1/4" and iron down flat. Repeat on one edge of the material. 

Step 4. Using the finished edges as a starting point, mark the fabric with the dimension of the height with light pencil marks on the inside. 

Step 5. Fold against the pencil mark and iron the bottom seam. Cut any excess fabric as needed. 

Step 6. Compare the ironed fabric to the can making sure the dimensions are correct. you should have 3 finished edges and one raw.

Step 7. Apply a thin line of glue to the length of the can and press the inside of the raw edge over the glue. 

Step 8. Wrap the fabric around the can and apply a thin line of glue to the inside of of the finished edge. 

Step 9. Carefully line up the fabric to the can and press the glued edge down. 

what to put inside

Makeup Brushes - Fill 3/4 with sand, or rock salt so they stand up straight

Candle - See this post for the how to - just quadruple the ingredients

Flower Vase - just add water and some pretty buds

Cuttlery Container - when you're kitchen doesn't have enough drawers