April 08, 2015


For The Makers Studio Tour

Looking for some spring cleaning inspiration?  Well you're in luck, we're opening our doors (virtually that is) to our new studio! As some of you may know, we moved back in January and after months of organizing, painting and feng shui-ing, the space is finally in order. Come take a peek at where we design collections, hoard rhinestones and eat sweets. The view ain't bad either.  

Every month we gather our thoughts and inspirations on a mood board. Use your own collection of magazine tears and photos on a board or wall for a unique and vibrant display.

What would we do without The Container Store? We use clear plastic bins and acrylic storage for everything!

Most offices use filing cabinets for important papers...not us. We store prototypes, samples and #makertakes in labeled cabinets to keep things out of the way but easily accessible. 

We work with a lot of small beads and rhinestones, so we rely on lacquered and acrylic trays to keep the clutter contained. Yes, even sparkly things can be considered clutter at times. 

These cardboard boxes not only house our kits each month, they're also perfect for keeping all of our shop items organized. What do you do with your collection box every month? 

Don't forget to treat yo self once all the organizing is done! Our new office is right above my favorite bakery, Burrow. Which means... Trouble.

Thanks for visiting! For more behind the scenes photos, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @forthemakers.

xo, Janet + Team FTM