April 22, 2015


DIY Fringed Letter Banner

We want all the things; all the treats, all the glitter, and all the party supplies we can get our paws on. We're taking our favorite sayings to the next level and declaring it in fringe. Make a custom one for your next party or simply celebrate your favorite quote, wherever you hang it you will have a pop of instant fun.  

What You Need:

  • - tissue paper
  • - glue stick
  • - recycled cereal box or chipboard
  • - scissors (+ fringe scissors if you have them)
  • silhouette (optional)
  • - x-acto (optional)
  • - hole punch
  • - twine

Here's the thing, this DIY is super easy if you're a proud owner of an electronic cutter like a Cricut, KNK or Silhouette,  If not, no worries, you will just need to use a Letter template

Step 1. The first step is choosing your message and calculating how many letters you need. Lay them out in your cutter's software or trace them onto cardboard. Cut out the letters with your tool of choice.

Step 2. When you have your entire message cut, plan your fringe, decide what colors or patterns you want to use. To fringe the tissue fold the sheets in half multiple times until you have a 1" thick strip. Cut along one of the edges length wise. With your scissors cut the fringe 3/4 of the way along the cut end. After the entire length is fringed, carefully cut down the folded center.  

Step 3. Starting at the bottom of the letter, apply a layer of glue and lay a strip of fringe. Allow the fringe to hang off of both edges and tear the excess off. Apply a line of glue that overlaps the top of the tissue and the cardboard. Lay the next piece of fringe just a hair above the previous piece and repeat up to the top.  

Step 4. Allow the fringed letters to dry completely and then trim the excess fringe by flipping them over and using the edge of the letter to guide your scissors. If you want to remove the fringe from the negative space in letters like A's and O's you will need to use an x-acto knife while the letter is flipped over. 

Step 5. Punch two holes about 1/4" from the top of each letter, use the maximum amount of horizontal distance between the holes depending on the letter.  

Step 6. Lay out your message and determine the length of twine you need. Make sure you leave extra space for tying loops on either end.  

Step 7. String the twine in and out of the holes of each letter and center your message on the twine. Tie a loop on either end and

We added some mint chainette fringe and a Mini Pop Pinata to the letters. Then we topped it off with a fringed lantern! Party started.