January 05, 2016


Gold Leaf

The image above is basically my team after a gold-leaf tutorial. Except the gold leaf is all over our hands and clothes in ways that don't make it seem this enticing and attractive. But we try, right? Any way you slice it gold leaf just keeps on keeping on, and who doesn't love a shiny-luxe surface? So, we scoured the internet for some new twists on this everlasting trend. Check out our latest gold leaf tutorial HERE and get busy crafting your own shiny projects from the inspiration below.


DIY Gold Gilded Gift Box

1. DIY Gold Gilded Gift Boxes by You Are My Fave

DIY Gold Leaf Clay Ring Bowl

2. DIY Gold Leaf Clay Ring Bowl by Hello Glow

DIY Copper + Gold Leaf Branches

3. DIY Copper + Gold Leaf Branches by The Crafted Life

DIY Gold Leaf Nail Art

4. DIY Gold Leaf Nail Art via Popsugar

Glimmer-Dipped Journal

5. Glimmer-Dipped Journal from Anthropologie

Gold Leaf Yarn Infiniti Scarf

6. DIY Chunky Crochet Infiniti Scarf with Lion Brand Gold Leaf Yarn via Delia Creates

Gold Leaf Terracotta Pots

7. Gilded Terracotta Pots via Design Sponge

Gilded Leaves

8. Gilded Leaves by Ling Meng via IIIInspired

DIY Gold Leaf & Pink Plaster Coasters

9. DIY Gold Leaf & Pink Plaster Coasters

Watercolor Graffiti Chocolate Cake

10. Watercolor Graffiti Chocolate Cake by Sprinkle Bakes

Gold Leaf Fabric Napkins

11. Gold Leaf Fabric Napkins via Craft Thyme

Gold Leaf Wall Weaving

12. Gold Leaf Wall Weavings by All Roads

Gold Leaf Hair Embellishment

13. Gold Leaf Hair Embellishment Marni via Pinterest

DIY Gold Leaf Art

14. DIY Gold Leaf Art by Live Love DIY

top image via pinterest