August 06, 2015


DIY Gold Leaf & Pink Plaster Coasters


Is anyone else still thinking about the Leif Collection? It might be one of our all time favorites and this pink plaster is still in constant use around our office. We dreamt up these gorgeous coasters while sipping iced coffee - which in this heat leaves a pretty big condensation ring on our desk. You'd never believe how fast these are to make and no one would ever guess you made them by hand! Give them away as an excellent housewarming gift or set them on your side tables for protection and a pop of happy!


  • - bag of pink plaster
  • - plastic cups
  • - stir sticks/craft sticks
  • - water
  • - measuring spoons
  • - square tile mold
  • - washi tape
  • - mod podge
  • - foam paintbrush
  • - (2) sheets of gold leaf
  • - sand paper
  • - (8) 1/4" self-adhesive clear rubber bumpers


Step 1: Each bag of plaster will make 2 coasters using the tile molds in the materials list. The tile molds also come in a two pack so you can go ahead and mix all of the plaster and water together. But, if you are working with one mold only mix half the plaster and allow the first coaster to set before mixing the remaining plaster. 

To get all the details on how to mix this plaster you can march right over here. This project would also be amazing using regular concrete or white plaster. Make sure to stir well until all the powder is dissolved by the water and the consistency is that of cake batter.

Step 2: Pour the plaster into the molds and keep tapping the mold as you go to make sure you don't add too much plaster which can gather together in the center. You want the plaster level just a tiny bit from reaching the edge. This amount will create the most level coaster and you won't need to sand them down too much at the end.

Step 3: Tap the mold gently on the table a couple times to release any bubbles that formed while mixing. 

Step 4: Set the molds and plaster aside to dry for at least 30 minutes.

Step 5: Once dry turn the mold over, close to the table and push on the top of the mold with your fingers until the plaster is released.

Step 6: Turn the coasters over and sand the bottom down slightly so everything is even and smooth. You can sand the edges down too if needed.

Step 6: Take a piece of tape and stretch it diagonally across the coaster. Push the tape down with one edge touching two corners which will create a true centerline on one side of the coaster. Make sure the tape is pressed down firmly on the coaster so no glue gets underneath in the next step.

Step 7: Add a small amount of mod podge with the foam brush evenly covering the centered portion of the coaster. It dries pretty quick so try and get this on fast.

Step 8: Push one gold foil sheet into the glue and press firmly where you've added glue so the foil adheres completely and evenly. Gently pull the foil paper back and then lightly brush off any excess foil with your foam brush.

Step 9: Allow the glue to dry for at least 10 minutes and then gently peel off the tape. To prevent the coasters from scratching your table surface stick 4 clear rubber bumpers at the bottom of each corner. You're done!