March 23, 2015


Good4you Herbals

Meet Jes of Good4You Herbals, a Cape Cod based beauty line that is entirely plant based. Not only does Jes steer clear from chemicals in her products, she also forages and grows her own flowers and berries as much as possible. We caught up with her and got the skinny on her process, favorite local spots and of course plants.

I Make...natural plant based makeup and skin care from local flora.

First maker memory...making flower crowns when I was five.

Makers that inspire you...nature, wild flowers especially and Tony Lujan.

If you weren’t making plant makeup, you’d be making... clothes from natural organic fibers.

Favorite tool of the trade...juicer.

Material you want to work with...plant based paint.

Top Places to Source...secret beaches, lost meadows, sand dunes, local farms. 

Something you wish you could make...my own packaging using 100% locally sourced materials.

Favorite place in Cape Cod to snack...wild berry bushes.

Favorite place in Cape Cod to get your drink on...my house with locally made cordials and libations.

Favorite shop in Cape Cod to blow your paycheck at...Shift Eco Boutique in Hyannis.

Favorite song at the moment...Journey by Black Uhuru and The Cat by Orangepeelmystic

Q: We read that you try to harvest and grow your own plants as much as possible. Tell us a little more about the process that goes into making plant based products.
A: My life revolves around plants based on the seasons. I make as much as I can from what I respectfully gather from the wild or grow in my garden. This limited batch supply is the true beauty and inspiration behind my skin care and makeup line. Beach roses are my favorite. I gather the petals when the blossoms are in peak bloom on summer afternoons. I turn them into a steam distillation for my beach rose toner, powders for my rose lip tints and clay masks, infuse the petals fresh in olive oil for my body and facial salves and dry them for inspired DIY projects.

Q: This month we gave our subscribers beet root, hibiscus, cinnamon and arrowroot powder to make their own blush. What are some of your favorite plants to use in make up for color and homeopathic purposes?
a: I love experimenting to reveal the secrets plants offer us. I recently made lilac powder from lilacs blossoms I gathered last Spring for a body powder. Any rose dried and powdered makes the most amazing addition to any makeup, body powder or beauty mask to make at home. Turmeric is an amazing yellow, seaweeds for green. Some colors give way to this whole new consciousness of what natural beauty really is - painting the face with flowers, plants, clays.

Q: Other than your own makeup what beauty secrets do you swear by?
A: I lather my skin in salve throughout the day. I especially love my beach rose balm right now. Drinking herbal teas to keep harmony. Good water. Love. Carrying crystals in my pockets. Being outside. Watching cute birds. Inner beauty is everything.  

Q: When traveling we love to see the different indigenous flora and fauna of the area. What destination would you go to just for the plants? 
A: New Mexico and Hawaii!

Thanks so much Jes! We hope this inspired our makers to further DIY this month's Kora Kona Blush. If crushing your own rose petals is not feasible please check out Jes's website and become inspired by her Instagram.