July 17, 2015


Jenipher Lyn

Meet Jenipher, the bubbly girl boss behind Nightly Doodles. We met her at the National Stationery Show this past May and admired her adorable illustrations of NYC and teeny tiny cactus. We asked her to illustrate some "cute" fruit for us because we just can't get enough fruit at the moment (you either?). She created some seriously adorable illustrations and we turned them into cards and wallpapers for you do download. Read her interview for snippets of Jenipher's life and get the links for all the goods below! 

First maker memory... I used to make 'doll house food' with little wooden bowls, hole punched paper, and puffy paint. They were amazing... i wish i still had them! And i started making jewelry when i was 9, which i continued to make (and have a business called Cherry Runway) until last year.

Makers that inspire you... Lisa Congdon is amazing, and someone i look up to so much! And my friend Mary Wangerin inspires me with every post! She's an amazing painter! (and so much more!)

If you weren’t making this, you’d be making?... I don't really have a good answer for this one... i truly 100% think that i've FINALLY found the thing i was MADE to do. Which is encourage people with happy, empowering doodles. If anything, i'd like my book to take off even more than my stationery so i can help girls EVERYWHERE feel less alone. :) 

Favorite tool of the trade... Water brushes are A-MAZING! I don't know how i didn't hear about them sooner! And I'm obsessed with stickers, (always have been!) and neon pink anything! Paint & sharpies & colored pencils, oh my! 

Material(s) you want to work with... I hope to make my 'lovely girls' into pillows, or would love to try and make a stuffed animal. But more in my field, i'd like to get more familiar with colored pencils and paint. 

Top Places to Source... I go to muji when i need sketchbooks, and sometimes various art stores when i need some more pens. :) Occasionally i go to the art store here in Sunnyside when i need a pick me up, and maybe a new paint color.

Something you wish you could make... SO MANY THINGS! I dream of making ceramics, and embroidery. Of making my own clothes. My own graphic novels! TOO many things!

Favorite place in New York to snack.... Holy moly! So many places! I LOVE Chinatown. Asian pastries and milk tea are my ultimate treat. But Little Red Hen Bakery is one of my FAVORITE places for cupcakes and pie. Ooo and there's this vegan mushroom kale empanada at the union square market, mmmm. :) 

Favorite place in New York to get your drink on... Sweet Leaf has my favorite chai tea latte. Cafe Grumpy's has one of my favorite mochas. And Teri's has the most amazing smoothie! I wish i could drink one everyday. :)

Favorite shop in New York to blow your paycheck at... I wish i had a place. I don't really 'blow paychecks'. I'm pretty frugal so i don't even spend much on on things other than art supplies and treats. lol I buy a lot of sketchbooks from muji, does that count? 

Favorite song at the moment... I've been listening to the Matilda soundtrack a lot. "When i Grow Up" is one of my favorites from the Broadway show!


We all love getting snail mail, but these cards make it even better. Get the printable here.

Get your devices ready....this print deserves to be on all the things! Update your desktop and phone with this playful orange print.

Download for: desktop and phone


Thanks Jenipher! Make sure to check out her website and follow along with her daily encouragement on instagram


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over 3 years ago

Those printable cards are fab! What weight paper did you print them out on?



over 3 years ago

Hi @kimberly - we printed them on regular printer card stock. Nothing fancy, and they looked great!