January 18, 2013


Go Vintage Sourcing

Sometimes people ask us if we really mean vintage when we say something in the box is vintage. We really do! Today we're taking you behind the scenes to one of our favorite (sort of secret) spots, to find vintage components for projects.

CJS is owned by the hilarious and helpful father/daughter team of Carl Schimel and Elyse Schimel. It's only open for wholesale and it's literally 5,000sq ft of boxes stacked 5ft high but if you can get past that, this place is a serious gem. Some of our favorite jewelry designers come here to pick up components for collections that will end up in Barney's and even Vogue. Our typical experience at CJS goes about like this:

1. Work up the courage to go up there.

2. Have lunch. Buy a giant coffee and usually a giant cookie to go with it.

3. Start poking around in boxes. Elyse shows us 150 things she thinks we'd like.

4. Find one of something we love and spend an hour trying to find more only to give up.

5. Find 8 things that could work and plead our case with each other about why our favorite is the prettiest. We hunt for a few thousand of the winning piece while sitting on the floor eating our cookies that we're super glad we brought about now. 

6. Leave when they're closing up for the night. 

7. Find a pub and have a beer while we look at our loot.

Then Elyse usually calls us about two weeks later saying she found more of the original component we were looking for.