July 30, 2015


DIY Mixed Stone Wire Rings

A little bit Stevie Nicks, a little bit Pheobe Philo; these earthy, bold and elegant wire rings have it all. Using crystals, loose beads and some silver wire, you can make these pretties within minutes. Pick up our jewelry findings kit which includes the perfect wire to make these rings!

Materials & Tools

- a mix of loose stones and beads, preferably tube shape
- 18 or 20 gauge wire
- round nose plier
- semi flush cutter
- marker, highlighter or an object that can be used to form a round ring shape
- super glue or e6000



Step 1: Snip off a 8" section of silver wire using your semi flush cutter. Start by wrapping the center of the wire around the marker. You can pull it tighter if needed or widen it with your fingers to make it fit perfectly to your individual ring size. Always try to keep it in the round shape as you go. 

Step 2: Place the crystal centered over the point that the two wires meet. Hold the crystal in place as you pull up one side of the wire.

Step 3: Wrap it around the belly of the crystal twice and bring the wire to the underside of the stone. Repeat with the other top wire. This will create a little bed for the stone to sit on and prevent your finger from being scratched by the crystal.

Step 4: With both ends of the wire on the underside of the crystal, wrap them once around the top of the ring shank and snip off any excess wire. Tighten them up with your chain nose pliers. If need be you can add a dab of superglue or e-6000 glue to the bottom the stone for extra stability. 



We did a variation of this style in our Untitled Collection. This take on the Rothko Ring tutorial is easy as could be. We used semi-precious beads in a couple shapes and sizes to create these rings. Follow along with the Rothko Ring tutorial and add a dab of super glue or e6000 glue where the wire goes through the hole in each bead. Make the glue be your final step if you are using super glue. If you are using e6000, apply the glue to the wire before inserting it into the hole and when you have the wire just right make sure to hold it in place for a few minutes so the glue has time to set. Put the e6000 rings aside for at least 6 hours before wearing.