April 23, 2014



Meet Meg Gleason of Moglea. We've been admiring her work since spotting it at the National Stationery Show a couple years ago. Based out of Audubon, Iowa, Meg draws inspiration from the endless fields surrounding her family's farmhouse and vintage ephemera. The colors, techniques and the amazing eye for detail combine a bygone craft with a contemporary and charming aesthetic. She's turned her passion into a full blown business and we can't get enough of it. 

Hi, my name is Meg Gleason
I live in Audubon, Iowa
I make Letterpress Stationery
The first thing I remember making…Since I was little I've always enjoyed making elaborate cards for my parents and friends. This creative habit ended up continuing into my job.
My favorite material/s to work with is cotton paper, dye, glue
My favorite tool of the trade…Our Heidelberg Windmill Letterpress. It's beautiful and extremely efficient.
I’m inspired by vintage children's books and fashion
If I weren’t making cards, I’d be making ceramic pottery. I spent a lot of time in the pottery studio in college and I miss throwing pottery.
My favorite DIY gift to give is Letterpress stationery. I think everyone cherishes a beautiful piece of paper with their name printed on it.
My drink of choice: Hot Sake
My snack of choice: Smoothies
In the studio, I jam out to Foster the People or Bruce Springsteen.

Q: Tell us how you got started with your line, Moglea.

A: Since college I had always wanted to get into letterpress printing, so we bought a press in 2009. It took me a couple years to develop a vision for Moglea, and I finally put together a small stationery line in 2012. I took a lot of time to experiment with processes like dip dyeing and edge painting, as well as refining my printing skills.

Q: Any advice for newbie makers?

A: Be patient. Take time to refine your skills and your creative voice. I look back and I feel grateful for the years I spent filling sketchbooks with ideas. Don't be afraid to make mistakes or have lots of bad ideas.

Q: This month at FTM we’re using Kool-aid as a dye, can you tell us how you got started using kool-aid and why you chose it as a dye medium?

A: When I was younger, my mother raised Angora rabbits for fiber and used to dye the yarn with Kool-Aid. We loved the bright colors it made as well as the fruity smell. I decided to try it with our cards to contrast the other muted organic dip dye cards that we already had in the existing collection.

Q: Any tips we should know about when dyeing with kool-aid?

A: Kool-Aid is our favorite dye to work with. It doesn't seem to discolor or get mottled like other dyes we work with. We sometimes add food coloring to the Kool-Aid to change the colors to our liking. When working with paper, it helps to dab the dipped sheet on a paper towel to get a more even coat of color.

Q: Anything we should be on the look out for in Moglea’s future?

A: My husband, Chad, and I would like to start a furniture line eventually. I do all of the creative direction for Moglea currently, but we're hoping for Moglea to be more of a creative collaboration in the future.

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