February 19, 2015


Pretty In Pink Shadow Boxes

A little bit minimalist, a little bit retro and a whole lot of pink! Using the pink ortho plaster from the Leif Collection and a few other easy to find items we made these adorable shadowboxes. Stand one by itself on a side table or hang all four together for a wall party.

- ortho plaster
- assorted molds (we used candy molds in the shape of different cosmetics, but silicone ice trays would work as well)
- shadowbox frames with mat board (we used the Ribba Frame from Ikea
- pink pastel paint tile (pastel card stock also works)
- e6000
- tape

- scissors
- disposable cup
- craft stick
- ruler


First up, you'll want to follow our quick and easy guide to mixing plaster. Since our molds are pretty shallow we only used about 2 tablespoons of plaster per piece, so 8 tablespoons total in our batch. Once that's all mixed up, fill up your desired molds to the brim and use a craft stick to level it off. 

While that's drying, take the mat board out of the frames and cut the paint tile to fit. Measure the inner opening of the mat board and cut a section of the paint tile that is 1/2" wider and longer than the opening. Our frames have a 4 3/4" x 4 3/4" opening, so we cut a 5 1/4" square from the paint tile. Tape the tile evenly to the back of the mat board. Repeat this process to all the frames. 

Once all the plaster molds are dry, sand the backs to ensure that they are as flat as possible. Don't forget to add a drop of water to the sand paper so that dust doesn't get everywhere. Add a dot of e6000 to the back of each plaster mold and gently press down in the center of the paint tile. Repeat this step to all the molds. Allow them to dry for at least an hour before placing the mat board back into the frame. 

And you're done! These shadowboxes are sure to brighten up a bathroom, vanity or frankly any room. Share your #makertakes with us on Instagram and Twitter @forthemakers.