October 06, 2015


Makerview: Sycamore Street Press

Meet Eva, she's the badass girl boss behind Sycamore Street Press. Eva and her husband Kirk run the gorgeous and smart stationery company from Utah. They have two adorable kids and live life with the intention of creating simple, beautiful and sustainable products. Their fan base is enormous and it's no surprise that they have a stockists list several scrolls of the mouse long! You can feel the special bursting off of the paper goods they create and when you hear their story you understand why you love these small items so very much. We asked Eva some of our most burning questions and she didn't disappoint.

I Make... things that contribute to a simple, beautiful life. For the first few years of Sycamore Street Press, we were focused solely on making hand printed letterpress stationery and art prints. And we still love making those things. But we've also branched out into other media, and are moving towards becoming an all around lifestyle brand. 

First maker memory... Drawing in kindergarten. I loved it and already knew that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

Makers that inspire you... So many! Folk Fibers, Helen Frankenthaler, the anonymous artists of the Byzantine age, Cathy CallahanWilla CatherFrançoise Hardy, Voices of Industry, Astier de Villate, Merrilee Liddiard, Sofia Coppola...  

Favorite tool of the trade... Copic multiliner brush pens and Muji roller ball pens for drawing. 

Something you wish you could make... We're doing more branding design, which is a lot of fun, I'm starting to do film with my partners at NØRR, which is a dream, and I'd love to get into textiles and also make a book! 

Top Places to Source... I love finding inspiration and items for our upcoming curated shop when I'm traveling. 

Favorite place in Heber City, Utah to snack.... The Owl Bar at Sundance has great little bites.

Favorite shop in Heber City, Utah to blow your paycheck at... Well, my own! I'm so tempted to buy everything I'm ordering for our upcoming online shop expansion! We've got Baggu bags, Blockshop textile scarves, Public - Supply notebooks, Aporta hats, and lots more... I'm very particular about what I bring into my home and life, but these are all things I would love. 

Favorite song at the moment.... Smoke in the Elevator by Bobo

Your indigo stationary series is out of this world. Tell us a little bit about the process and inspiration behind it.
Thanks so much! I've always been influenced by traditional artisanal craft, and the inspiration for that series specifically came from Japanese indigo textile dyeing -- shibori. I designed the first pieces in that collection back in February of 2014. It's interesting, because at the time, no one in paper goods or stationery had done indigo/shibori inspired work. It was trending a bit in fashion and home decor, but I had no idea how huge it would become later that year. I was very fortunate in that I created something at just the right moment for the cultural zeitgeist. Just ahead enough of the trend that I was the first in my industry and could therefore sort of "claim" it as my own, but not too far ahead that it didn't appeal to the audience. There are negatives to it, as well, in that when a trend becomes so huge, it inevitably will fall and receive a lot of backlash. I still love my indigo designs and stand by them, and the color indigo and shibori will always be beautiful... but my current interest is moving on to other things, you know? I'm trying to find that line of making work that is timeless, not trend-based, but still current. Easier said than done. 

We love all the proverbs you use within your work. Which piece of advice do you follow the most?
Thank you, from the quotes I've used in my work, probably "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" by Theodore Roosevelt. That principle applies every single day and helps me feel calm and grounded. 

What's next for Sycamore Street Press? Any sweet projects in the works?
Well, the curated goods in the shop starting mid-October, of course. (So scared and excited for that!) More paper goods, which I always have a blast designing. We're in the middle of creating branding for a new boutique hotel on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. And Kirk and I are going to take our two kids and travel / live / work for a few months abroad next year. This has been a plan of ours ever since we started Sycamore Street Press 8 years ago, and we're thrilled that we'll finally be able to make it happen! 

Thanks, Eva!

Be sure to visit their shop, blog, pinterest, and instagram for more fun, inspiration and super sweet goods!


Thank you to Jessica Peterson and Chaunte Vaughn for the photos and Meta Coleman for the still life styling.