June 04, 2015


Watercolor Party Hats

This past weekend we had a very special birthday to celebrate, Sweet Davie turned one! We whipped up some party hats that would please all ages, and look great on the babe. We lucked out on finding a large sheet of handmade paper to watercolor, in a pinch you can use copy paper but cover stock works best.


for the hats

for the pom-poms

  • - yarn
  • - fork
  • - glue gun or craft glue
  • - scissors


how to make

Step 1. Paint your paper with pretty washes of color. Let the colors bleed into one another and keep some spots of the paper untouched. If you are painting a large piece of paper a wide brush is key. Allow the paper to dry completely.

Step 2. Print the template and cut along the solid lines, fold the tab against the dotted lines. Use the negative as a window to choose the prettiest locations to cut the hats from.

Step 3. Cut out the traced shapes and complete by folding the tabs. For a locking tab feature, cut 1/4" at the beginning and end of the fold. Lay the printed template over the pretty one to incise the slit with a ruler and x-acto.

Step 4. Lay the flat hat against the edge of a table and carefully run it over the corner to curl the paper. Try to curl it in the shape of a hat by keeping the point on the corner and just rub the length of the rounded edge.

Step 5. Insert the tab into the slit and gently pull the tabbed side up to lock in place.

Step 6. Punch two holes across from each other about 1/4" from the base of the hat. Tie on a piece of elastic through each hole. The length depends on the intended wearers head size.

for the pom-poms

Step 1. Wrap a fork with yarn a number of times, the more yarn you wrap the more pouf, so lay it on thick.

Step 2. Cut the yarn from the ball and hold the loose end against the wrap. Cut a small section, about 5", of yarn from the ball and thread it through the center of the fork. Tie a tight double knot around the bundle of yarn and slide it off the fork.

Step 3. Carefully cut the looped edges with sharp scissors.

Step 4. Trim and shape as needed. Repeat steps to make lots of pom-poms. This is a great activity to do while catching up on the Bachelorette - err  we mean, the news ;)

Step 5. Glue the pom-poms along the base of the hats, or on top if that's your thing.

Step 6. Throw a party! If you don't know a one year old, celebrate friendship!