December 21, 2015


DIY Rhinestone Embellished Gift Wrapping

To close out the year you know we had to throw some rhinestones on something. And since all eyes are on gifts this season...well, why not put them there?! This gift wrap idea is also a bit of a gift itself. If you have a friend that loves to craft this would be the perfect way to present her present. She can remove the rhinestones and use them later! We paired some simple wrapping papers with lush velvet and then went to town with the toppers. If you are a little scared of this over indulgence we've also added a simpler way to achieve a similar effect with rhinestone embellished gift tags. 

Gather up all those rhinestones you've been hoarding this year and let's get started! 

What you need:

  • - different size rhinestones in settings (glue on or sew on, doesn't matter), flat back stones of all colors
  • - double sided tape
  • - hot glue gun
  • - scissors
  • - wrapping papers
  • - velvet ribbon


To make:

First we wrapped each gift. If the gifts are small scale you can add one band of velvet ribbon around the belly of the present. Tape or hot glue the start to the middle back. You want the gift to sit flat so measure the ribbon around and cut the ribbon right where it meets the start.

We tried hot glue and double sided tape to affix the ribbon to the paper and both worked well. You can also use glue dots if you have them! 

Now flip the gift back over to the top and let's start adding the pretty things! Lay out all your stones and figure out which ones you like grouped together.

Use hot glue to attach the stones to the ribbon. In order to minimize the glue gun spider web that usually ensues, place the stone down where you want it and lift up the center. Squirt out a little glue, and push the stone down as you pull the glue gun away. You can always pick off any left over glue later but remember that the velvet might pull off if there is a lot of glue mess so try to keep it contained under the stones. 

The prettiest gift ever! 

For larger packages you can do a cross band and pile on a bunch in the center!

For a simpler approach grab some paper gift tags and glue on a small cluster of rhinestones. You can label the gift on the back. 

Attach the tag with tape or with the basic twine it comes on. A super cute idea that could work for birthday gifts as well!


Happy holidays!


December 17, 2015


How To Create DIY Folded Book Sculptures

We're continuing on with our easy and inexpensive holiday decorating ideas... next up comes these DIY folded book sculptures. Admittedly, these take a touch of free time but they make a big impact as far as decorating goes. Hang them from a doorway arch or stack them up on your bookshelf. Go for the big time with old textbooks you'll never use again or make some teeny ones out of small vintage children's books. We added some color with a can of gold spray paint. You could also use inks to create a nice wash of color. Stay away from paint that needs water as it will cause the pages to ripple when drying.



  • - books in all different sizes
  • - bone folder
  • - spray paint or ink
  • - x-acto knife
  • - sobo glue (or adhesive of choice)


First you need to remove the cover from your selected book. Use your x-acto knife to gently cut away the paper or hardbound cover so that you are left with a stack of bound pages. If your book is especially thick you can cut it into smaller sections around the page signatures. Each sculpture we constructed ended up being about 300 pages thick. Next begin folding...

To make the Single Diamond Shape Above:

Start by folding the bottom corner of a page toward the center of the book so that bottom of the page runs parallel to the spine. Next, take the top corner and fold toward the center of the book in the same fashion so that a triangle is formed. You can use your bone folder to crease the folds and make your sculpture appear more dense. Continue until all pages have been folded.


To Make the Double Diamond Above:

Start with the same folded triangle shape from the Single Diamond instructed above. Once finished, take the tip of the triangle and fold it toward the center so that one side runs parallel to the spine. Next, take the opposite page and fold it so that the same side runs parallel to the spine. The following two pages will be folded the same way except with the opposite side running parallel to the spine. Keep folding in this fashion while switching the direction after every two pages until there are none left.

If you have a spare one at the end either folded it in either direction, or gently tear it from the spine. The sculpture may become difficult to fold the further you go because of the added bulk. If needed, use your bone folder to crease the folds and give you more control. 


To Make the Cone Shape Above:

Take the top corner and fold it toward the center of the book so that the top of the page runs parallel to the spine similar to the Single Diamond shape above. Now take the angled side and fold it toward the spine of the book. A little bit of the page should be hanging below the bottom. Take that extra section and fold it up to create a triangle with a base that runs parallel to the bottom of the book. Continue until all the pages have been folded. This shape can also be doubled up and stacked to create an oversized diamond sculpture.  

For final touches we glued the base of the first and last pages of the sculpture to help disguise any holes that might reveal the spine. However, the thicker your sculpture is the less you will see the spine. Style yours on a table top or bookcase, or hang it with pretty ribbon or some garland and fishing line. 


December 11, 2015


DIY Metallic Marbled Glass Ornaments

These beautiful handmade marbled ornaments make a wonderful gift or addition to your own holiday decor. It's a simple project and takes very little time. Pair it with a pretty ribbon on top and attach them to your wrapped gifts. The process for creating these is fool-proof and bonus, no messy clean up from marbling in a water-bath!


  • - glass ball ornaments with removable tops
  • - silver spray paint
  • - gold spray paint
  • - low tac tape (optional)



To Make:

Take all the materials outside. Take the silver tops off of all the ornaments and set them aside. Shake your spray paint cans. In the top hole of the ornament spray in a good size squirt of silver paint and then gold paint. If you don't have a patch of grass to stand on outside you might want to use a small piece of tape to cover the top hole for this next part. Shake the ornaments around to mix the paint inside. Some of it will come out so make sure you aren't shaking it by your face or clothes! You can shake it just a couple times to lightly mix or really go for it and distribute the paint over the whole inside of the glass ball. 

Set the wet ornaments down to dry for an hour or more. Once dry replace the tops and hang up with ribbon or twine.



We created this simple ornament holder out of a round wooden dowel and hung it up with velvet ribbon. You can place this hanging from your mantle or dropped from the ceiling to hang your most prized ornaments on display.



December 07, 2015


DIY Spray Coated Ornaments

This time of year I always want to add DIY touches to anything and everything. Decorating for the holidays makes my heart happy - and even though this year is TIGHT on time (I'm sure you can relate) I didn't want that to prevent some really gorgeous and fun decorating around the home. We've come up with some super simple ideas that we will be sharing over the next two weeks. The first idea comes as two posts. See how we used these ornaments in a non-conventional way, here!

These spray coated ornaments were inspired by the gold and neon pumpkins we created earlier this year. These pumpkins got some serious love on pinterest and instagram..and they are just so gosh darn easy to make! Grab some spray paint and pick up some glass ball ornaments and get your hands busy.


  • - glass ball ornaments
  • - flat color spray paint (we used montana cans)
  • - gold and/or silver metallic spray paint
  • - pencil or 1/4" thick dowel
  • - tall cup or tupperware bowl filled with beans or something heavy to weight it down


To Make:

Gently pull the silver cap off the ornaments and set aside. Take your spray paint and glass ornaments outside or work in a well ventilated area. Place a pencil or dowel in the ornament to hold it up while you spray. First spray the ornament all over in a flat color. Then grab the metallic spray paint and hit the ornament in one or two spots. You don't need to wait for the color to dry before you spray on the metallic. Sometimes the paint does cool things when they mix. Wait a couple minutes for the ornament to dry. You can place it in the cup or bowl with the pencil still holding it, while it dries fully. Once dry place the caps back on and hang with wire hooks or cut pieces of twine.

We loved the look of mixed metals and sprayed some with gold and silver. 


December 07, 2015


DIY Hanging Picture Wall with Greenery and Ornaments

Decorating doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Not enough space for that 8 foot tree? No problem! Grab some twine, a few photos and some greenery from your backyard to create this sweet and super easy display for your room. Hang up pictures, notes, cards, and other paper memories to create a focal point on an empty wall. We added some of these easy spray coated ornaments to the mix. Vintage ornaments would look amazing here too.


  • - twine
  • - scissors
  • - small pieces of greenery
  • - mini clothes pins
  • - pictures, cards, and/or paper memorabilia 
  • - glass ornaments
  • - tape, thumb tacks, or thin picture nails


To Make:

Secure a few strands of twine to the wall with tape, thumb tacks, or picture nails which work best. Cut small pieces of greenery and place them randomly along the twine with mini clothes pins. Place your memories along the twine and in between the greenery with mini clothes pins. Now you can add other objects of interest like ornaments, ribbons or candy canes. We hung the ornaments up with cut twine in the same color as the twine we used on the wall. As you go, make sure to keep checking the strength of your twine and secure it with more tacks if needed. 


December 02, 2015


DIY Paper Cut Holiday Cards

With the holidays fast approaching and life getting ever more hectic, it's easy to forget the small things. Here is a good excuse to sit down, have some creative time for yourself, and craft a handmade card that you can pass along to your loved ones. This card takes a little bit of time and a touch of skill but it is a relaxing activity that you can do while watching your favorite Christmas movie...may we suggest Christmas Vacation?! The pattern was inspired by this gorgeous shoot featuring a hand-cut paper frame. So, grab a few key items and a hot cup of cocoa. Let's get making!


  • - printable template
  • - 8.5" x 11" card stock - or flat folded card
  • - contrasting decorative paper
  • - x-acto knife
  • - sobo glue (or preferred adhesive)
  • - cutting mat
  • - watercolors (optional)


To make, print the template on regular copy paper then place on top of your card stock and contrasting decorative paper. Use the crop marks on the template to trim both to size. Put the contrasting paper to the side, and use your x-acto knife and a cutting mat to begin making your leaves from the card stock. The black outline on the template for each leaf is merely a guide, so you do not have to be exact. Just try to stay within the outline, and most importantly do not intersect your cuts. Therefore, you are making two curved slices, and not a full leaf. When in doubt, cut less because you can go in further after if you need to. 

Once your cuts have been made remove your template and begin gently folding each side of the leaves up. If the paper is too tight, use your x-acto to make the cut a little deeper. You can also use your x-acto to lift up the edge of the leaf to start your fold. Be careful because the leaves will break off if tugged too hard.  If you like, use watercolors to add some soft color to your leaves. 

After all the leaves have been folded up, fold the entire card stock sheet in half to make the card. Fold the contrasting paper from earlier in half as well and place inside the card stock card. Use your adhesive (we used Sobo glue) to attach the two pieces. If your decorative paper is too thick to fit, the card stock card can be cut in half and just glue the front face to your contrasting paper. 



November 30, 2015


2015 Holiday Gift Guide: For All Your Gal Pals

Not sure what to buy this holiday season? We curated some of our favorite kits and materials into a gift guide to suit pretty much any lucky lady on your list. Whether you are shopping for a rebel or a romantic we've got it sorted! 

Find products by searching the name in the above search bar or click on the links under each category!

Happy holidays and happy shopping! 
For the Makers


1. Elastic Headband Duo 2. Sophia Headband 3. English Rose Body Scrub 4. Naomi Sleep Mask 5. Spray Bottle Set 6. Collin's Ave Hair Ties

1. Glass Glitter 2. Night Sky Magnets 3. Zodiac Rhinestone Ornaments 4. Dark Star Pendant 5. Tipsy Ring 6. Horizon Studs 7. Sonoran Stone Bracelet

1. Carrie Gemstone Earrings 2. Foxtail Twist Scarf 3. Hawthorn Bracelet 4. Linden Ring 5. Nightfall Notebook Cover 6. Brass Heart Lockets

1. Pyramid Embellishments 2. Front Row Earrings 3. Shine A Little Cuff 4. Miro Necklace 5. Venus Drop Earrings 6. Jessa Chain Bracelet 7. Match Point Cuff

1. Mermaid Rhinestone Mix 2. Lucia Rhinestone Ring 3. Paradise Key Fob 4. Pop Rocks Bracelet 5. West Cape Hoops 6. Locals Only Bangle

1. Melanie Wrapped Cuff 2. Go-Go Key Pouch 3. Scattered Dreams Bracelet 4. Initial Embroidery Kit 5. Audra Rope Necklace 6. Clover Studs 

1. Aiden Sunglass Pouch 2. Maritime Key Fob 3. Port Of Call Camera Strap 4. Billie Jean Bracelet 5. Sunny Path Necklace 6. Kenoah Necklace


* What you need to know about the promo code GIVEANDGET: 
Only the code will show up in your cart, not the gift card. Please allow up to one week for the gift card to reach your inbox, must provide a valid email address. This promotion is not valid on previous purchases. You can use the code as much as you'd like until it expires tomorrow, November 30th at 11:59pm PST.
Gift card will be deactivated if original purchase is returned. Purchases are final sale once gift card has been used. Gift card can only be applied towards future purchases. Now, go have fun!



November 27, 2015


Shop Update: Holiday Has Landed

Our biggest holiday assortment that ever was just launched in the shop! We've created DIY kits for all skill levels and forms of gift giving. Find the perfect kit to gift to your bestie or your mom, even your boyfriend! Or make the projects yourself and wrap up a finished piece for under the tree. 

For this holiday photoshoot we pulled out all the stops. Including this gorgeous hand cut paper frame! Detailed DIY coming soon! 


We've been singing along with all of our favorite holiday ballads and sipping on hot cocoa non-stop in preparation for this week. Not a bad gig if you ask us. We put together a mega hit holiday playlist over on Spotify which is sure to put you in the spirit (just pretend where singing it together, mmk)!

This season stack on the bracelets, wear the sparkly statement necklaces and learn a new skill in the process. We hope you love all the new projects. 

Happy Holidays!


November 17, 2015


DIY Printable Tags for Your Thanksgiving Table

These sweet tags will easily elevate your Thanksgiving table, and since you have no time they can be made in a pinch! Our free printable features 4 fonts for your choosing. Simply cut them out and attach them to twine or ribbon wrapped around a napkin. You could also wrap them around a fork, your wine glasses, or even turn them into flags on toothpicks topping your hor d'oeuvres. We printed the tags on kraft paper but go color specific and match them with colored paper to your table scape. A lot of possibilities for a tiny tag!


  • - printable tags
  • - paper and printer
  • - scissors
  • - tape, twine or ribbon


To make cut the tags in strips along the dotted lines. Fold in half and trim the ends. You can make the ends into arrows, angles, or a squared edge. 

Attach a bit of greenery. If you are using herbs go for rosemary or thyme. If you have some floral greens add a stem or two of small leaves into the napkin fold. 


November 13, 2015


Holiday Event: Come Craft With Us At The Strand

We've teamed up with Strand Books to bring you some fun holiday workshops at their iconic NYC store! 

Marrying our love of crafting and literature, we created two DIY projects that ooze charm this holiday season. We will be sharing them at two separate workshops hosted by The Strand, come learn expert tips and tricks while making each project yourself.

The first workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 8th from 7-9 pm. Sign up here. We will cover how to make a set of delicate paper mache ornaments from the pages of a book. These are a great gift for animal-lovers and book-worms alike. Or perhaps you will find these cuties look best dangling from your own tree!  


The second workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 15th from 7-9 pm. Sign up here. We will be making one-of--kind boxes from authentic vintage books. These unique pieces are the perfect way to store jewelry, knick-knacks, and stationary. Or even better, use yours as packaging to wrap a special gift. Who says a gift-box can't be part of the gift?

The cost of the workshops includes all materials and tools needed, plus a $15 gift certificate to The Strand! Hot tea, wine, and sweet treats will also be provided by Macaron Parlour. Cross someone off that gift-list and join us for a night of DIY. 


Hope to see you there!


November 11, 2015


Happy Origami Day!

Attempting Origami can be pretty intimidating, but what better day to start than World Origami Day. There are so many incredible works from Anja Markiewicz's impossibly small to Sipho Mabona's incredibly large, making it difficult to imagine attempting your own. The great thing this is, like most DIY, the more you do the easier it becomes. Plus, there are tons of fantastic online resources to get you started. Let's just say youtube was our BFF for these festive diamonds. Learn from the resources we used and prepare to deck everything you own in origami. 

The Fluted Diamond

The Two-Part Diamond (this one uses adhesive, purest beware!)

The Triangular Bipyramid (aka the dainty diamond)


November 07, 2015


Playlist: Fall Feels

November means it is time to reflect, give thanks, and stuff yourself with the pie of your choice. To satisfy bouts of nostalgia and scratch that homesick-itch we mixed some of our favorite classics and contemporary go-tos in the Fall Feels Playlist.

Also, per request, we've moved on over to Spotify. Follow us to catch up on all our playlists and stay tuned for more...


  • 1. Josh Ritter Joy To You Baby
  • 2. Monsters of Folk The Right Place
  • 3. Super Tramp Give A Little Bit
  • 4. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Our House
  • 5. Kings of Convenience Homesick
  • 6. Cat Stevens If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out
  • 7. You Won't Who Knew
  • 8. Arcade Fire Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels)
  • 9. Buddy Holly Not Fade Away
  • 10. Bryan Adams You Belong To Me
  • 11. Van Morrison Sweet Thing
  • 12. 100 Other Lovers DeVotchka
  • 13. Delta Spirit Bushwick Blues
  • 14. The Mountain Goats Ontario
  • 15. Don McLean American Pie
  • 16. The Band The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
  • 17. Johnny Cash I Walk the Line
  • 18. Kind & Generous Natalie Merchant
  • 19. Crosby, Stills & Nash Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
  • 20. James Taylor How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
  • 21. Dawes A Little Bit Of Everything


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