February 08, 2016


Thank you for 5 wonderful years! A goodbye letter.

Dear Makers,

Building this company has been an amazing project that has all but consumed me since it started in my apartment five years ago. I’ve seen incredible highs and a few humbling lows watching it grow and evolve. I've spent almost every waking hour thinking, making and doing everything possible to follow my dreams and build For the Makers into a brand that changed the perception of crafting. The goal was to elevate the art of making and to show our customers that if you put your mind to it, you can make something truly wonderful with your own two hands.

I hope FTM has brought you a sense of accomplishment in your projects, fun inside your home, and togetherness with your loved ones. I hope that you have learned some fun things along the way and that the Maker movement has been forever changed by the community that we grew and fostered together. Many of you have been with me all of the way from the beginning and for that I especially want to say thank you. I am deeply grateful for the support and encouragement I’ve received from everyone involved, especially our customers, friends, investors, and partners.

A growing family has led me to reconsider why and how For the Makers is implemented. I have learned a lot about business and community over the past few years. Amazing partnerships have been forged and friendships have been made. I have also seen the company grow into something that is harder for me to validate. After the move away from subscription, it has become clear to me that New York is no longer the best home to foster my visions and dreams. With that in mind, I’m excited to be moving back to my home state of North Carolina. There, I plan to finish writing my second book (due out fall 2017, more details soon), renovate a home with my family, and reconnect with everything that fostered me as a maker.

While For the Makers will not follow, I’m certain that even more exciting projects are soon to come. I never wanted to helm a company that just sells to consumers. I’d much rather be part of a family that contributes to a community. As more and more companies enter this space and try to capture what FTM created, I realize too that I’ve never been good at riding the wave of a trend. I like to make them! So for now I am going back to the drawing board and looking forward to what the next chapter in life will bring.

THANK YOU!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in this company. Thank you for spending your well-earned dollars on our projects and materials. Thank you for challenging me in ways I never knew possible. Thank you for championing and supporting For the Makers over the years. Your excitement for this brand pushed me in the good times and the bad. None of this would have been possible without you and I am forever grateful.

We will be packing up and heading south at the end of this month. For the Makers shop will be closing its doors Feb. 18th. The tutorials and blog will stay live for the foreseeable future.

We will begin our countdown with some huge sales to help slim down inventory before the move. So load up your carts tonight, because tomorrow morning you’ll get the biggest sale code, ever.

After the sale and the move south I am ready to take a much needed week-long nap! Then it is back to the lab. I am really excited to begin anew with a fresh pair of eyes. Stay connected to what is inspiring me on the daily, here. You can also sign up for my personal newsletter which focuses on, you guessed it, DIY!


Until we meet again,

Janet Crowther
founder + ceo
For the Makers


Some FAQs...

I’ve tried to answer some questions you may have below. For all other questions simply reply to this email or send a note to

Q: What is going to happen to the tutorials?

A: The tutorials will still be available for you to view online or print out and save. We might eventually migrate these to a simpler archive but we will let you know when these changes are in the works.

Q: Can I still access my profile?

A: At this time, yes. Once the site migrates to a simpler platform we will probably remove this feature.

Q: What will happen to my gift card?

A: Please use any amount left on your gift card during our closing sale. If you still have a remaining balance after the shop closes we will be processing refunds to the original purchaser as quickly as possible.

Q: How can I contact you after Feb. 28th?

A: Please email for any questions. I will try to respond as quickly as possible.


November 27, 2015


Shop Update: Holiday Has Landed

Our biggest holiday assortment that ever was just launched in the shop! We've created DIY kits for all skill levels and forms of gift giving. Find the perfect kit to gift to your bestie or your mom, even your boyfriend! Or make the projects yourself and wrap up a finished piece for under the tree. 

For this holiday photoshoot we pulled out all the stops. Including this gorgeous hand cut paper frame! Detailed DIY coming soon! 


We've been singing along with all of our favorite holiday ballads and sipping on hot cocoa non-stop in preparation for this week. Not a bad gig if you ask us. We put together a mega hit holiday playlist over on Spotify which is sure to put you in the spirit (just pretend where singing it together, mmk)!

This season stack on the bracelets, wear the sparkly statement necklaces and learn a new skill in the process. We hope you love all the new projects. 

Happy Holidays!


November 13, 2015


Holiday Event: Come Craft With Us At The Strand

We've teamed up with Strand Books to bring you some fun holiday workshops at their iconic NYC store! 

Marrying our love of crafting and literature, we created two DIY projects that ooze charm this holiday season. We will be sharing them at two separate workshops hosted by The Strand, come learn expert tips and tricks while making each project yourself.

The first workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 8th from 7-9 pm. Sign up here. We will cover how to make a set of delicate paper mache ornaments from the pages of a book. These are a great gift for animal-lovers and book-worms alike. Or perhaps you will find these cuties look best dangling from your own tree!  


The second workshop will take place on Tuesday, December 15th from 7-9 pm. Sign up here. We will be making one-of--kind boxes from authentic vintage books. These unique pieces are the perfect way to store jewelry, knick-knacks, and stationary. Or even better, use yours as packaging to wrap a special gift. Who says a gift-box can't be part of the gift?

The cost of the workshops includes all materials and tools needed, plus a $15 gift certificate to The Strand! Hot tea, wine, and sweet treats will also be provided by Macaron Parlour. Cross someone off that gift-list and join us for a night of DIY. 


Hope to see you there!


October 06, 2015


Makerview: Sycamore Street Press

Meet Eva, she's the badass girl boss behind Sycamore Street Press. Eva and her husband Kirk run the gorgeous and smart stationery company from Utah. They have two adorable kids and live life with the intention of creating simple, beautiful and sustainable products. Their fan base is enormous and it's no surprise that they have a stockists list several scrolls of the mouse long! You can feel the special bursting off of the paper goods they create and when you hear their story you understand why you love these small items so very much. We asked Eva some of our most burning questions and she didn't disappoint.

I Make... things that contribute to a simple, beautiful life. For the first few years of Sycamore Street Press, we were focused solely on making hand printed letterpress stationery and art prints. And we still love making those things. But we've also branched out into other media, and are moving towards becoming an all around lifestyle brand. 

First maker memory... Drawing in kindergarten. I loved it and already knew that I wanted to be an artist when I grew up.

Makers that inspire you... So many! Folk Fibers, Helen Frankenthaler, the anonymous artists of the Byzantine age, Cathy CallahanWilla CatherFrançoise Hardy, Voices of Industry, Astier de Villate, Merrilee Liddiard, Sofia Coppola...  

Favorite tool of the trade... Copic multiliner brush pens and Muji roller ball pens for drawing. 

Something you wish you could make... We're doing more branding design, which is a lot of fun, I'm starting to do film with my partners at NØRR, which is a dream, and I'd love to get into textiles and also make a book! 

Top Places to Source... I love finding inspiration and items for our upcoming curated shop when I'm traveling. 

Favorite place in Heber City, Utah to snack.... The Owl Bar at Sundance has great little bites.

Favorite shop in Heber City, Utah to blow your paycheck at... Well, my own! I'm so tempted to buy everything I'm ordering for our upcoming online shop expansion! We've got Baggu bags, Blockshop textile scarves, Public - Supply notebooks, Aporta hats, and lots more... I'm very particular about what I bring into my home and life, but these are all things I would love. 

Favorite song at the moment.... Smoke in the Elevator by Bobo

Your indigo stationary series is out of this world. Tell us a little bit about the process and inspiration behind it.
Thanks so much! I've always been influenced by traditional artisanal craft, and the inspiration for that series specifically came from Japanese indigo textile dyeing -- shibori. I designed the first pieces in that collection back in February of 2014. It's interesting, because at the time, no one in paper goods or stationery had done indigo/shibori inspired work. It was trending a bit in fashion and home decor, but I had no idea how huge it would become later that year. I was very fortunate in that I created something at just the right moment for the cultural zeitgeist. Just ahead enough of the trend that I was the first in my industry and could therefore sort of "claim" it as my own, but not too far ahead that it didn't appeal to the audience. There are negatives to it, as well, in that when a trend becomes so huge, it inevitably will fall and receive a lot of backlash. I still love my indigo designs and stand by them, and the color indigo and shibori will always be beautiful... but my current interest is moving on to other things, you know? I'm trying to find that line of making work that is timeless, not trend-based, but still current. Easier said than done. 

We love all the proverbs you use within your work. Which piece of advice do you follow the most?
Thank you, from the quotes I've used in my work, probably "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are" by Theodore Roosevelt. That principle applies every single day and helps me feel calm and grounded. 

What's next for Sycamore Street Press? Any sweet projects in the works?
Well, the curated goods in the shop starting mid-October, of course. (So scared and excited for that!) More paper goods, which I always have a blast designing. We're in the middle of creating branding for a new boutique hotel on the Dalmatian Coast in Croatia. And Kirk and I are going to take our two kids and travel / live / work for a few months abroad next year. This has been a plan of ours ever since we started Sycamore Street Press 8 years ago, and we're thrilled that we'll finally be able to make it happen! 

Thanks, Eva!

Be sure to visit their shop, blog, pinterest, and instagram for more fun, inspiration and super sweet goods!


Thank you to Jessica Peterson and Chaunte Vaughn for the photos and Meta Coleman for the still life styling.


October 05, 2015


An All New For the Makers

An update on where we are and where we are going:


For the Makers started because I wanted to make DIY fashionable, accessible, and easy. We put out a survey earlier this year and listened to what you had to say. You want more, and you want it to be better, faster, and with a price point that hits high and low. We took a look at the business and figured out that while our monthly subscription is the best in the industry, it is also one of the most expensive. In order to lower our price we would have to compromise our exceedingly high standards for quality and originality, which is not something we are willing to do. With that in mind, we’ve decided to say goodbye to our subscription service so we can focus more on what we do best.

Today we launch an all new For the Makers experience! We are going to have more content and DIYs, more project kits and materials that you can buy à la carte in our shop, and more tutorials that focus on making the moments in your life more special with DIY.

I want to thank you for making with us over the years and for growing with us. For always telling us what you want because we are a community of makers who grow together. We are still committed to bringing you the best and most unique experience in DIY materials, tutorials and inspiration. I love learning with you and seeing all of your DIYs come to life. I hope you’ll continue with us into this next chapter. I invite you to check out the new site, give me your thoughts, share the news and get your hands ready to make more of the things you love.

Thank you and Happy Making,
Janet Crowther
founder + ceo


If you have any questions or need help please let us know!


July 17, 2015


Jenipher Lyn

Meet Jenipher, the bubbly girl boss behind Nightly Doodles. We met her at the National Stationery Show this past May and admired her adorable illustrations of NYC and teeny tiny cactus. We asked her to illustrate some "cute" fruit for us because we just can't get enough fruit at the moment (you either?). She created some seriously adorable illustrations and we turned them into cards and wallpapers for you do download. Read her interview for snippets of Jenipher's life and get the links for all the goods below! 

First maker memory... I used to make 'doll house food' with little wooden bowls, hole punched paper, and puffy paint. They were amazing... i wish i still had them! And i started making jewelry when i was 9, which i continued to make (and have a business called Cherry Runway) until last year.

Makers that inspire you... Lisa Congdon is amazing, and someone i look up to so much! And my friend Mary Wangerin inspires me with every post! She's an amazing painter! (and so much more!)

If you weren’t making this, you’d be making?... I don't really have a good answer for this one... i truly 100% think that i've FINALLY found the thing i was MADE to do. Which is encourage people with happy, empowering doodles. If anything, i'd like my book to take off even more than my stationery so i can help girls EVERYWHERE feel less alone. :) 

Favorite tool of the trade... Water brushes are A-MAZING! I don't know how i didn't hear about them sooner! And I'm obsessed with stickers, (always have been!) and neon pink anything! Paint & sharpies & colored pencils, oh my! 

Material(s) you want to work with... I hope to make my 'lovely girls' into pillows, or would love to try and make a stuffed animal. But more in my field, i'd like to get more familiar with colored pencils and paint. 

Top Places to Source... I go to muji when i need sketchbooks, and sometimes various art stores when i need some more pens. :) Occasionally i go to the art store here in Sunnyside when i need a pick me up, and maybe a new paint color.

Something you wish you could make... SO MANY THINGS! I dream of making ceramics, and embroidery. Of making my own clothes. My own graphic novels! TOO many things!

Favorite place in New York to snack.... Holy moly! So many places! I LOVE Chinatown. Asian pastries and milk tea are my ultimate treat. But Little Red Hen Bakery is one of my FAVORITE places for cupcakes and pie. Ooo and there's this vegan mushroom kale empanada at the union square market, mmmm. :) 

Favorite place in New York to get your drink on... Sweet Leaf has my favorite chai tea latte. Cafe Grumpy's has one of my favorite mochas. And Teri's has the most amazing smoothie! I wish i could drink one everyday. :)

Favorite shop in New York to blow your paycheck at... I wish i had a place. I don't really 'blow paychecks'. I'm pretty frugal so i don't even spend much on on things other than art supplies and treats. lol I buy a lot of sketchbooks from muji, does that count? 

Favorite song at the moment... I've been listening to the Matilda soundtrack a lot. "When i Grow Up" is one of my favorites from the Broadway show!


We all love getting snail mail, but these cards make it even better. Get the printable here.

Get your devices ready....this print deserves to be on all the things! Update your desktop and phone with this playful orange print.

Download for: desktop and phone


Thanks Jenipher! Make sure to check out her website and follow along with her daily encouragement on instagram


June 16, 2015


Silk & Willow

Meet Shellie Pomeroy of Silk and Willow. Based out of the Hudson Valley, Shellie hand dyes silk ribbon and table linens using plant materials. Because she dyes in small batches, each piece is unique, varied and heirloom worthy. Shellie kindly shared her natural dying tips, her upstate haunts and what she's looking forward to this wedding season (a.k.a. ribbon season.)

I Make...Plant Dyed silk ribbon & table linens.

First maker memory...Some of my earliest memories are of watching my mother and aunt knit, crochet and sew. The ability to create something both useful and beautiful has always influenced me.  Growing up there was also a focus on traditional cooking and baking. Creating with my hands whether in the kitchen or studio continues to be a constant thread in my life.

Makers that inspire you...Makers of botanical apothecary. I am fascinated with the healing properties found in nature. Products created naturally, that can cure and comfort, inspire me. I am an aromatherapy junkie and have tinctures for every imaginable aliment. 

If you weren’t making silk ribbon in the kitchen, you’d be baking in the kitchen.

Favorite tool of the trade...Scissors. From the garden to my cutting table, I am always cutting and clipping so a collection of sharp scissors is essential. I keep them in my car, every room in my house, and there is always a pair or two in my back pocket.

Material(s) you want to work with...Linen. 

Top Places to Source...My dye materials are sourced from a variety of places. My two favorite domestic sources for dye materials are Mountain Rose Herbs and Botanical Colors

Something you wish you could make...Botanical extracts. I am lusting after a hand crafted copper still so I can make my own botanical extracts & essential oils. I'd love to take classes and learn from a master. 

Favorite place in New Paltz to snack....The Main Course Market Place. Not only do I visit often to get fresh made-to-order salads, but they also supply me with the avocado pits I use to dye my silk ribbons. 

Favorite place in New Paltz to get your drink on...Rock & Rye Tavern. It's cute, quiet & quaint. 
Favorite shop in New Paltz to blow your paycheck at...Water Street Market. I make regular visits to the Antique Shops and then usually end-up at The Cheese Plate.

Favorite song at the moment...Can't pin-point a song, but my two go-to albums are Muse & Foo-fighters.

First off, your silk ribbon is out of this world. The color you achieve all with sustainable and natural materials is breath taking. We'd love to here a little more about your process from the silk itself to dying. 
To create long-lasting natural color there are a variety of steps that need to take place. The material first needs to be scoured. Although your material might appear to be clean, silk has natural coating that needs to be removed for proper dye absorption. Then, you need to mordant your material.  Most dye materials require the use of a mordant to create a bond and allow natural colors to "fix" to the material. Now you can color. Cooking color into your material can take hours or weeks to achieve your desired shade. Finally is the washing.  Washing our silks, until the water runs clear, to avoid color bleeding is essential to our process.

This month we gave our subscribers the materials and guide to make their own plant dyed tote bag. What tips do you have for a first timer to the natural dying game?
Experiment! Changing the pH of the water can often create drastic color shifts. Try adding in some lemon juice or vinegar to make your water more acidic. To make more basic, add baking soda or soda ash. You will be amazed how drastically color can change with one of these simple additions.

During our research and prototyping, we found that plants can be a tad temperamental. Dye baths that looked vibrant would end up quite soft, and some would completely change when alum was added. What plants give the most vibrant pleasing color with no additives? 
Turmeric, annatto seeds and onion skins create strong vibrant colors without the addition of a mordant. Bonus, they are food & kitchen safe so you won't need separate pots and utensils for dyeing. 
We're suckers for all the colors at farmers markets. We found that local and organically grown plants and fruits produce a stronger color. What do you like working with seasonally? 
I love to gather & play with what is in abundance seasonally & locally. In spring- dandelion leaves, summer - golden rod, marigolds & black-eyed susans, fall- walnuts and winter- sumac. The variety of hues you can create with just these few dye materials are endless. Many of our "limited edition" ribbon colors are the result of experimentation with our local and seasonal harvest.
You're featured in pretty much every wedding blog ever. Now that wedding season is in full force do you have any custom projects you're looking forward to?
Oh, I have a long list!! Much of my work is repetitive manual labor which gives me time to brainstorm about all the pieces I want to create or products I want develop. Top on my list is a "ribbon guide", a go-to source for brides & florist to gauge how much ribbon they will need to create their desired look.

Thanks Shellie for sharing all of her plant wisdom! For jaw dropping photos, follow Shellie on Instagram and Pinterest @silkandwillow.

All photos by Rebecca Yale Photography.


May 26, 2015


Talking Shop With Katya Slepak

Meet Katya Slepak of Malaya Organics. Not only does she make small-batch and organic beauty products out of her small Brooklyn studio she also worked in the beauty industry for over a decade, has a degree in music therapy and has studied dance, yoga, kung fu and kitesurfing! Katya kindly took time out of her wonder-woman schedule to share her extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and the ins and outs of starting a beauty company.


After struggling with her own skin for many years and being dissatisfied with many of the costly products on the market, Katya started Malaya Organics. She uses herself as a guinea pig and says if it works for her sensitive skin it can also work for others. She only uses organic, wildcrafted, ethically sourced ingredients and goes through local distributors as much as possible. Even then she does further research to insure that there aren't any hidden preservatives. To get an idea of how detailed the process is Katya spent three years perfecting the recipe for her Face Serum which is made up of twenty all natural oils and herbs. Furthermore, since she's planning to distribute her products within the EU she had to follow the International Fragrance Associations guidelines to ensure the essential oils used were acceptable for skincare application. She told us that even a seemingly holistic ingredient like lavender can raise a red flag since it may also be considered an allergen.  

Katya also makes some luxe Bath Salts and gave us the 411 on all the salts she uses. Just like our English Rose Face Scrub, she uses Himalayan Pink Salt which is naturally anti-microbial, provides over 80 essential minerals and elements and increases circulation. She also uses Epsom Salt to gently detox, Ibizan Salt that is rich in minerals and elements and Solar Salt to ease aches and pains. To top it all off she uses lavender essential oil for it's soothing properties and vanilla absolute which is skin toning. Katya's summer beauty regime? Add the bath salts into a hot bath, fill up a muslin bag with dried herbs and let them infuse the water, soak, then use the muslin bag to sluff off dead skin before lathering up in a body oil.  We seriously can't wait to try this. Katya shares more about her business and beauty go to's below!

I Make...100% natural, organic luxury beauty products.

First maker memory...I made body butter for my very troubled dry hands. It was really difficult for me to get this formula to the texture I wanted. So I toiled and toiled until my hands were happy. After giving my friends and family a try, I couldn’t make it fast enough! 

Makers that inspire you...Quero weavers. The women of that tribe create the most beautiful tapestries. Each design has a meaning that tells a story of ancient wisdom. Visiting the Andean mountains and meeting the women who weave was one of the most inspiring maker encounters of my life. I am also infatuated with perfumers. Natural perfumery is an incredible art form that demands being fully present, connected and deeply inspired.

If you weren’t making beauty products and building my brand, you’d be making music (recording vocals for my husband’s electronic compositions); getting advanced yoga training; spending a year in India, oh yeah, and babies :)

Favorite tool of the trade...Glass beakers and bowls. I love to work with them. They make me feel like an alchemist concocting a magical potion. 

Material(s) you want to work with...Ayurvedic herbs. I really want to study Ayurveda and incorporate it into my formulas.

Top Places to Source...I source only organic, wildcrafted ethically sourced ingredients from reputable suppliers that are obtained directly from farms and growers as much as possible.

Something you wish you could make...Jewelry and Clothing! I have so many ideas for what pieces I want to wear but I do not have the slightest clue on how to use a sewing machine or manipulate precious metals. 

Favorite place in Brooklyn to snack....Union Pizza Works in Bushwick. It’s become my second home :)

Favorite place in Brooklyn to get your drink on...Barbes in Park Slope. I love their Slavic Soul Parties!

Favorite shop in Brooklyn to blow your paycheck at...People of 2morrow

Favorite song at the moment....Burning by The Whitest Boy Alive 

This month we're giving our subscribers the materials to make their own salt scrub. What household or common ingredients would you recommend adding to a salt scrub? 
Coconut or Olive Oil for hydration; Vanilla Extract for an exquisite scent. 

Summer time means days spent out in the sun. What are your tips for healthy all natural ways to protect and soothe skin from the sun?

Coconut and Jojoba oil both naturally have SPF 4-6 so they are great for gentle daily sun protection. All of my skin formulas contain Jojoba so I wear them on my skin for daily outings as well as after sun exposure. My Body Oils, Face Serum, Hair Oil and Lavender Lip Savior have tons of skin and hair loving ingredients that help regenerate and nourish after sun exposure, increase elasticity and lessen the effects of sun damage. My skin and hair usually stay super hydrated even after extreme sun. When sun bathing I use Coola SPF 30 for face and body. 

Aside from Malaya, what other beauty products are on your top shelf? 
Dr. Alkaitis Cleanser and Soothing Gel, Acure Shampoo and Conditioner, Dr. Bronner Castile Soap in Peppermint and Baby Soap Bar, Alima Pure mineral foundation powder, blush, bronzer and eye shadow, Ilia mascara, Bite lipstick.  

Our founder Janet Crowther spotted you and your goods at the Fox Fodder Farmer's Market in Vinegar Hill. Any other markets you'll be vending at this season? Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg, Indie Beauty Expo, Axis Show, ID Pop at the Chelsea Market.


We want to thank Katya for welcoming us into her studio and sharing her beauty knowledge with us and our maker community. Make sure to check out her website and to follow her on Instagram @malayaorganics.


May 19, 2015


Marble & Milkweed - Studio Tour

We're big fans of Briar Winters and her small batch apothecary company Marble + Milkweed. She's not only our go to natural beauty expert (see June 2014's lip balm making tips), but also has one of the most covetable studio spaces in all of Manhattan. We caught up with her and talked face scrubs, fresh herbs, crystals and where to get the best almond croissant. Check out her studio space below and stay tuned to The Source for three custom face scrub recipes she created for us!

What amenity would most New Yorker's kill for? Natural light. We lost it when we saw this afternoon light pouring in.

This Himalayan quartz is both beautiful and holistic. Briar sells them in her shop and recommends dropping one in a cup of tea. 

We nerded out when we saw these precious vintage boxes that Briar fills with solid perfume. She told us that she's even filled heirloom boxes for customers. 

We're always drawn to mood boards. Her's has the moon phases, postcards from friends and favorite Instagram images. 

Briar tries to source her herbs and oils from small local farms as much as possible. She has holy basil being grown for her in North Carolina for tea and works with other farmers in Vermont and upstate New York. When working on such a small scale Briar has the ability to "customize" a herb and be apart of the whole growing process from seedlings to dehydrating. 

Briar was a pastry chef before she started Marble + Milkweed, so when the topic of almond croissants came up things got serious. She swore by the one at Arcade Bakery in Tribeca. Needless to say we marched directly over there and each inhaled our own. 


We want to thank Briar so much for welcoming us into her studio space. We'll be posting her three custom face scrub recipes using materials from the Hyde Park Collection later this week, in the meantime follow Briar @marbleandmilkweed on Instagram for dreamy behind the scenes images.


April 16, 2015


Carmen Rogge of The Flair Exchange

Meet Carmen Rogge of The Flair Exchange, a Florida based party decoration studio. Carmen and her team painstakingly hand cut confetti and tassels so that you can kick back while throwing the party of the century. Carmen kindly answered all of our questions from DIY advice to who she'd invite to her dream party.

I Make… Mostly party decorations; but I’d like to think I make really great lattes.

First maker memory… On a bead loom, fourth grade.

Makers that inspire you… Dylan Design Co. creates incredible home wares. Tony, the creative force behind the company made us a pair of brass ottomans that are the epitome of craftsmanship. AND East London Liquor Company, small batch gin that you can only get in London. The flavors in this gin are so subtle and gentle, it’s very different from the juniper abrasive gins we’re accustomed to here in the states.

If you weren’t making party décor, you’d be... making clothing.

Favorite tool of the trade… Our confetti dies. They make perfect circles every.single.time.

Material(s) you want to work with… I’d love to work more with fabrics, just for fun.

Top Places to Source… Wouldn’t you like to know. But in all seriousness, as close to home as possible. We make sure all of the components and materials we use are sourced here in the USA.

Something you wish you could make… A poached egg. 

Favorite place in Maitland, FL to snack…. Mediterranean Deli.

Favorite place in Maitland, FL to get your drink on… Eden Bar at the Enzian.

Favorite shop in Maitland, FL to blow your paycheck at… Adjectives. The vintage glassware selection is superb.

Favorite song at the moment…. Come Alive ( feat. Toro Y Moi )  

Q: The Flair Exchange clearly brings the party. That being said, who would you invite to your ultimate dance party?
A: Oh. This is tough. All of my gal pals, cause they’ve got moves and Slow Magic because he’s got dancing tunes.

Q: To celebrate the start of Spring we're giving our subscribers the materials to make their own mini piñatas. After prototyping for a month though we can confirm that hand cutting fringe is exhausting. Any tips that Flair Exchange can offer to a DIY party decorator? 
A: But it makes for great confetti right!?! I follow a 50 / 50 rule for parties. Half of the party is usually bought; half of it is usually handmade. It’s not advisable to DIY everything; you’ll never get the chance to actually enjoy your party.

Q: We read that you were a psych major before you mastered in tassels. Considering that colors can effect someone's mood, what color palette brings you the most joy?
A: Yep, that is correct. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do in college and it’s a pure shame that kids (cause that’s what I was) are forced to makes such big decisions at that stage in life. But! When it comes to colors, I really love all of them! Mixing color combinations for our products is hands down the best part of my job. When it comes to personal preferences; I’m a plain jane black, white & gray kind of gal. 

Q: The Flair Exchange is stocked everywhere from Alabama to Greece and your tutorials have been featured on Apartment Therapy and Buzzfeed among many others. What's next to conquer?!
A: Aside from expanding our line to include party hats & party headwear; we’d love to collaborate with more brands & designers. I think we do our best when working as a community in support of one another’s endeavors. 

We couldn't agree more! Follow The Flair Exchange on PinterestTwitter and Instagram @theflairexchange, and check out their shop! We think the Handcut Confetti in Sorbet is the perfect companion to this month's Mini Pop Piñata.

All photos courtesy of The Flair Exchange.


April 08, 2015


For The Makers Studio Tour

Looking for some spring cleaning inspiration?  Well you're in luck, we're opening our doors (virtually that is) to our new studio! As some of you may know, we moved back in January and after months of organizing, painting and feng shui-ing, the space is finally in order. Come take a peek at where we design collections, hoard rhinestones and eat sweets. The view ain't bad either.  

Every month we gather our thoughts and inspirations on a mood board. Use your own collection of magazine tears and photos on a board or wall for a unique and vibrant display.

What would we do without The Container Store? We use clear plastic bins and acrylic storage for everything!

Most offices use filing cabinets for important papers...not us. We store prototypes, samples and #makertakes in labeled cabinets to keep things out of the way but easily accessible. 

We work with a lot of small beads and rhinestones, so we rely on lacquered and acrylic trays to keep the clutter contained. Yes, even sparkly things can be considered clutter at times. 

These cardboard boxes not only house our kits each month, they're also perfect for keeping all of our shop items organized. What do you do with your collection box every month? 

Don't forget to treat yo self once all the organizing is done! Our new office is right above my favorite bakery, Burrow. Which means... Trouble.

Thanks for visiting! For more behind the scenes photos, follow us on Instagram and Twitter @forthemakers.

xo, Janet + Team FTM


March 23, 2015


Good4you Herbals

Meet Jes of Good4You Herbals, a Cape Cod based beauty line that is entirely plant based. Not only does Jes steer clear from chemicals in her products, she also forages and grows her own flowers and berries as much as possible. We caught up with her and got the skinny on her process, favorite local spots and of course plants.

I Make...natural plant based makeup and skin care from local flora.

First maker memory...making flower crowns when I was five.

Makers that inspire you...nature, wild flowers especially and Tony Lujan.

If you weren’t making plant makeup, you’d be making... clothes from natural organic fibers.

Favorite tool of the trade...juicer.

Material you want to work with...plant based paint.

Top Places to Source...secret beaches, lost meadows, sand dunes, local farms. 

Something you wish you could own packaging using 100% locally sourced materials.

Favorite place in Cape Cod to snack...wild berry bushes.

Favorite place in Cape Cod to get your drink house with locally made cordials and libations.

Favorite shop in Cape Cod to blow your paycheck at...Shift Eco Boutique in Hyannis.

Favorite song at the moment...Journey by Black Uhuru and The Cat by Orangepeelmystic

Q: We read that you try to harvest and grow your own plants as much as possible. Tell us a little more about the process that goes into making plant based products.
A: My life revolves around plants based on the seasons. I make as much as I can from what I respectfully gather from the wild or grow in my garden. This limited batch supply is the true beauty and inspiration behind my skin care and makeup line. Beach roses are my favorite. I gather the petals when the blossoms are in peak bloom on summer afternoons. I turn them into a steam distillation for my beach rose toner, powders for my rose lip tints and clay masks, infuse the petals fresh in olive oil for my body and facial salves and dry them for inspired DIY projects.

Q: This month we gave our subscribers beet root, hibiscus, cinnamon and arrowroot powder to make their own blush. What are some of your favorite plants to use in make up for color and homeopathic purposes?
a: I love experimenting to reveal the secrets plants offer us. I recently made lilac powder from lilacs blossoms I gathered last Spring for a body powder. Any rose dried and powdered makes the most amazing addition to any makeup, body powder or beauty mask to make at home. Turmeric is an amazing yellow, seaweeds for green. Some colors give way to this whole new consciousness of what natural beauty really is - painting the face with flowers, plants, clays.

Q: Other than your own makeup what beauty secrets do you swear by?
A: I lather my skin in salve throughout the day. I especially love my beach rose balm right now. Drinking herbal teas to keep harmony. Good water. Love. Carrying crystals in my pockets. Being outside. Watching cute birds. Inner beauty is everything.  

Q: When traveling we love to see the different indigenous flora and fauna of the area. What destination would you go to just for the plants? 
A: New Mexico and Hawaii!

Thanks so much Jes! We hope this inspired our makers to further DIY this month's Kora Kona Blush. If crushing your own rose petals is not feasible please check out Jes's website and become inspired by her Instagram.

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