Brownstone Collection

Brownstone Key Fob

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Tired of standing outside rifling through for our keys in handbags and pockets? The baguette-shaped stud adds a bit of toughness to the soft grosgrain and velvet on the Brownstone Key Fob.


  • scissors


  • ribbon (velvet or grosgrain)
  • brass stud
  • key ring
1%20key%20fob%20materials Pin-it%402x

Gather your materials. You have enough materials to make two key fobs in velvet, two grosgrain or one of each.

3%20key%20fob%20pull%20through Pin-it%402x

Pull the ribbon through the key ring till it’s in the center of your ribbon.

4%20key%20fob%20half Pin-it%402x

Fold the ribbon in half, covering the key fob.

5%20key%20fob%20line%20it%20up Pin-it%402x

Align both sections of the ribbon and place the the stud on the ribbon where you’d like it.

6%20key%20fob%20squish Pin-it%402x

Push over the prongs with your fingers or the handle of your scissors.

9%20key%20fob%20angle%20cut%202 Pin-it%402x

Trim the ends of your ribbon. We used a 45 degree angle but feel free to get crazy here.