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Camp Mary Atkinson Friendship Bracelet

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Friendship bracelets are cool, but friendship bracelets with rhinestones, chain and stones are way cooler. We were the girls in the craft cabin at Camp Mary Atkinson making friendship bracelets all day. This grown-up version works just as well with blazers as those bracelets did with our camp uniforms. Mix them with layered chain bracelets and vintage watches.


  • beads
  • metallic sequins
  • rhinestone crystals
  • curb chain
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There are a lot of options here depending on which materials you want to add to your bracelet and which colorway you have. The good thing is, they all look cool. We’ll walk you through one but show you a few other options. Here we used coral beads, olive crystals and a few copper sequins.

First things first: thread your needle and make a big double knot.

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Start at one end of your bracelet and sew coral beads as you go along the edge. Thread the beads onto your needle, and use a running stitch to attach them to the bracelet. When you reach the end of the bracelet, secure with a double knot. Cut your thread.

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With a new length of thread add shimmer by stitching over the pattern on your bracelet. Then highlight areas by sewing on metal sequins.

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Once you’ve got your sequins in place, add the crystals to the center of the bracelet. Thread the needle through the hole on the side of the crystal and stitch it a few times to the bracelet to hold it in place, just like a button.

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Decide whether to give it to your bestie or keep it for yourself.

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Here are a few examples of other variations.