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Charlotte Lace Earring Holder

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Some baubles are just too pretty to keep in your jewelry drawer. This lace earring holder will contain the clutter while keeping all your tiny shiny things in once place, out in the open for all to see. It’s a little leather and a lot of European lace, both delicate and functional.


  • scissors
  • E6000 glue


  • brass end bars
  • European lace
  • peach leather cord
  • brass hook
  • cardboard or thick paper
  • tea bags (optional)
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Gather your tools and materials. You'll need scissors and a small piece of cardboard- a shoe box works perfectly. If you'd like to dye the lace grab a few tea bags as well.

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If you'd like keep the lace white skip through to step 5. If you'd like to add a little color add a few teas bags to a pot of simmering water.

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When the water is colored to your liking, turn off the burner. Add the lace and stir. The longer it sits in the tea bath the darker it will appear. We left ours in for 20 minutes.

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Rinse the lace in warm water. Let dry completely.

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Measure the cardboard to fit inside the gold end bars. Cut one for each end of the lace.

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Add a thin layer of glue to the first cardboard strip.

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Gently place the first cardboard strip, glue side down, onto edge of the lace.

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Apply a thin layer of glue to the top of the cardboard strip.

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Fold the lace and cardboard over once. This will make your ends thicker and sturdier for the gold bar end.

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Repeat the gluing and folding on the opposite end of the lace.

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Tie a double knot in the peach leather cord.

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Slip the leather loop into one of the end bars.

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Slide the lace into the gold bar end and press firmly and evenly to close it.

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Fold the second end bar over the remaining end of the lace.

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So now for the fun part! Make a small hole and screw the brass hook into place.

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Hang it up and add your baubles.


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over 6 years ago

I like this one. it was hard to fold it evenly, so it definitely looks handmade



over 6 years ago

I LOVED this!



about 4 years ago

LOVE! I also want to know where those drop diamond earrings are from!! I've been looking for a pair like that for forever!