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Constellation Tote

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This tote is perfect for weekend trips. Around town it just as easily holds library books, greenmarket veggies or a secret stash of fashion magazines. We love the idea of a dreamy, starry-eyed constellation but anything goes here. You could use the fabric marker to add stripes, spots, stars, hearts or your favorite saying.


  • hole punch
  • pen, pencil, or sharpie
  • optional: flat-nose pliers
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Gather your materials. While you can use the studs and fabric marker included in the box to create whatever you’d like if you’re using the zodiac guides you’ll need to print out the guide you’d like to use.

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Cut out the constellation and use a hole punch to punch the center of each star.

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Place the guide on the tote and use a pen to mark where you’ll add the studs.

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Place a stud over your pen mark.

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Add the studs one at time by pushing the prongs through canvas.

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Fold the prongs over with your fingernail or pliers to secure the prong to the tote.

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Keep going. Repeat with the remainder of the studs.

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Using the printed constellation as a guide draw in the lines with the fabric marker.

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You may have to go back over your lines a few times to make them dark enough. It’s best to start out light and darken as you go.


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about 5 years ago

this is absolutely adorable! I would love to see more personalized projects like this in the future :)



about 5 years ago

Thanks @Jnlopez! That's good to know. We love anything personalized around here.