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Dahlia Candle Holder

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We co-opted an oyster shooter glass to use as a tea light holder perfect for al fresco dining. It’s paired it with a shot of neon because we just couldn’t help ourselves. The neon cord feels like the perfect shot of pink to offset the lush green of summer dinners on the patio. For bringing a bit of the garden inside the small glass can also double as the perfect container for a hanging plant.


  • scissors
  • super glue


  • neon cord
  • tea light holder
  • tea light
  • metal S-hook
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Gather everything you need including scissors and super glue.

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Unroll the neon cord from the card and measure 18” from the end.

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Wrap the cord around the tea light holder at the 18” mark.

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Tie a double knot, making sure the cord fits snugly around the holder. About an inch from the top rim.

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Remove the cord from the holder (so you don’t get glue on it) and add a dab of superglue to your knot.

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Snip the long end.

Tl7s Pin-it%402x

Fold the loop you’ve made in half in order to determine where the next knot should be placed.

Tl8s Pin-it%402x

Tie a knot there with the cord you just cut and add another dab of glue.

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Trim the end once the glue has dried.

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Cut the long end of the cord so that it’s about 18”. Now you’ll have two matching pieces of cord knotted to your loop.

Tl11s Pin-it%402x

Tie a third knot in between the first two. You''ll be dividing the loop into quarters.

Tl12s Pin-it%402x

Give it a dab of glue, trim the knot and cut the third strip about 18” from the knot.

Tl13s Pin-it%402x

Repeat with your fourth knot.

Tl14s Pin-it%402x

Trim the fourth length of cord and any cord that’s a bit too long. They should all be the same length when you are finished.

Tl15s Pin-it%402x

Place the loop with four knots back on the votive holder.

Tl16s Pin-it%402x

Pull tight.

Tl17s Pin-it%402x

Knot the ends to create a small loop knot.

Tl18s Pin-it%402x

Dab this larger knot with super glue and trim one last time.

Tl19s Pin-it%402x

Insert the S-hook into the loop.

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Light it up!