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Daisy Card Case

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Inspired by the clear bags and clutches seen on the runways at Philip Lim, Rochas, and Valentino this crystal clear card case shows you have nothing to hide. With holiday parties in full force you never know when that dude by the punch could turn into your next client. Of course you have a business card- right at the bottom of your purse next to the lip gloss and the... wait is that a Junior Mint? Time to make your own card holder.

Protip: Wallets and card cases are a super thoughtful gift if you fill them with a gift card or cold hard American dollars.



  • crystal clear vinyl sheet
  • hex stud closure
Vh1smointerestw Pin-it%402x

Gather your tools and materials. You'll need to print the PDF template, a hole punch, scissors and a thin tip permanent marker. Unscrew the hex stud so that it is in two separate parts.

Vh2smw Pin-it%402x

Place the clear vinyl over the template and trace slightly outside the line. Mark each circle where the holes will be.

Vh3sm Pin-it%402x

Remove the clear vinyl and check to see if you need to touch up any spots.

Vh4sm Pin-it%402x

Cut the vinyl slightly inside the line you drew. This will keep your edge crystal clear.

Vhextra1sm Pin-it%402x

To make a small hole for the screw to go through, take your scissors and line up the end with the mark you've made. You will be doing all the small holes this way. Leave the larger one for the hole punch.

Vhextra2sm Pin-it%402x

Very carefully, push against the vinyl while twisting the scissors back and forth. This will make a small hole. Don't push too hard or you will make a larger hole than needed. The hole only has to be big enough for the screw part of the stud to fit. Do this for all three small marks.

Vh5sm Pin-it%402x

Punch out the large hole with a regular sized hole punch. If you don't have a hole punch you can cut the small circle out with scissors. Try to be very precise as you don't want the hole to be too large.

Vh6smw Pin-it%402x

Holding the flap opposite from the one large hole push the back of the stud through the the small hole you made.

Vh7sm Pin-it%402x

Fold the two side flaps in and push onto the stud screw.

Vh9sm Pin-it%402x

With each of the three flaps folded firmly down, screw on the top portion of the hex stud. This will both secure the envelope and act as the clasp.

Vh10sm Pin-it%402x

Add your business-lady cards.

Vh11sm Pin-it%402x

Go forth and give people your digits.


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over 5 years ago

do you know where we can find more clear vinyl like this? I messed this project up completely and I would like to try it again and if it comes out nicely the second time around maybe make more for others...



over 5 years ago

@Jnlopez We got our vinyl from a plastics company in New York that unfortunately doesn't have e-commerce but this looks pretty similar: http://www.eplastics.com/Vinyl_Sheet Hope that helps! Such a great gift idea.



over 4 years ago

Where do you get your screw back studs? For this project and also for your Le Pouchette project (the screw on button-stud). Also what size are they? I love these and am having trouble finding them.