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Even Cowgirls Get the Blues Charm Necklace

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Channel the cool blues of winter with this charm necklace. We love to mix it up a bit: a semi-precious stone mixed with a print and a vintage glass stone. Add your own charms to keep mementos of your favorite people and adventures close. We’ve added an extra clasp and headpin so that you can turn your favorite beads and single earrings into charms too. Make sure to add a photo of your love to the locket.


  • round nose pliers
  • clippers
  • flat nose pliers


  • small jump rings
  • one large jump ring
  • lobster clasps
  • chain
  • charms
  • headpins
  • nail polish
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First make the necklace. Open the large round jump ring.

Ch2 Pin-it%402x

Thread the jump ring into the last link on the chain and close it tightly.

Ch3 Pin-it%402x

Open one of the smaller jump rings and add the other end of the chain as well as a lobster clasp.

Ch4 Pin-it%402x

You have a necklace! Now onto the charms.

Ch5 Pin-it%402x

Making charms is as easy as adding a lobster clasp with a jump ring.

Ch6 Pin-it%402x

Open the jump ring and add the component and the lobster clasp. Close the jump ring tightly. You’ll do this for the blue stone, the heart locket and the printed charm.

Ch7 Pin-it%402x

To create the lapis teardrop charm thread the bead onto a headpin and create a loop at the top with round nose pliers.

Ch8 Pin-it%402x

Trim the excess wire.

Ch9 Pin-it%402x

Open a jump ring and add the looped wire and a lobster clasp.

Ch11 Pin-it%402x

The locket has a recess that is perfect for adding a shot of color. Nail polish is perfect for this. It might sound crazy but it works. Pick your favorite shade and paint the recess in the locket. It takes a few minutes to dry so be careful, and patient.

Ch12 Pin-it%402x

Add the lobster clasp with a jump ring.

Missing Pin-it%402x

Add charms as you wish. The more the merrier.


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almost 5 years ago

I made this yesterday. So fun! I love that the charms are on lobster clasps so I can remove or rearrange them as I like. I bought some extra clasps and jump rings so I can make additional charms from whatever odds and ends I find. Thanks for bringing this project back!



about 4 years ago

#bringthisback please!! So cute!!



about 3 years ago

Do this one again! I've ogled this tutorial sooo many times, wishing I could make this necklace.



about 3 years ago

Not a bad idea @mannawee - we'll think about it and let you know if it makes a comeback;)