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Hester Travel Candle

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Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or staying put this chic gold candle adds a bit or romance. Personalize it by adding a few drops of your signature scent or a swatch of patterned paper to the lid. Who knew making your own candle was so easy?


  • scissors
  • stove top
  • saucepan
  • dish towel
  • 16 oz. can


  • golden tin
  • 3” candle wick
  • natural beeswax
  • essential oil (optional)
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Gather your tools and materials. You'll need scissors, a saucepan, clean 16oz tin can, and a dish towel.

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Working on a covered surface, pour the wax pellets into the can. We worked on Kate Moss's face but any newspaper will do.

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Add a few inches of water to the saucepan and add the can of wax. Let it simmer gently. Hot wax and simmering water are no joke so please be careful. When wax is hot enough to smoke, it’s in danger of igniting. Never leave heating wax unattended. Keep children and pets away from work areas.

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Keep watching as the wax melts. It happens quickly!

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If you'd like to add a scent add 4-5 drops of essential oil while the wax is melting.

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Straighten the wax wick and place the metal base onto the center of the tin.

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Once the wax is completely melted turn off the heat.

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Using the dish towel to protect your hands remove the can of wax from the stove and slowly pour it into the gold tin. Be careful! It's really hot.

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Let the wax dry. We used a chopstick to prop up the wick as it dried so that we could drink a cocktail.

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Once it's completely cool, snip the wick about 1/4" away from the wax..

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Light it up. But ya know....carefully.


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over 6 years ago

Love that the wax is bees wax...made this with thieves oil essential oil, which both smells nice and keeps the winter germs away.



over 6 years ago

Love this. I was at a friend's house with no essential oil. I put a couple of drops of Orange extract and a couple of drops of Almond extract from her kitchen. We'll see how it goes.



over 6 years ago

@RobinRD Let us know how it goes!