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Huntington Key Ring

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As the seasons change we always love to switch things up a bit. We reorganize and regroup. A few new pencils and a new fall bag can make a girl feel prepared to take on anything the season throws her way. Rather than invest in a new bag add a folk-inspired tassel key ring to accessorize your accessory.

We used saffron thread to create the tassel but any color works. Use several shades of a color to take your tassel to the next level. Add your own charms or beads to personalize your key fob.


  • scissors
  • sewing needle
  • index card or postcard


  • embroidery floss in one of the six colors included (we used the saffron color)
  • vintage key ring
  • iridescent crystal prism
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Gather your materials. You'll need scissors, your For the Makers sewing needle and an index card or postcard to wrap the thread around. You may also want to add extra beads or charms you already have.

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Measure a section of thread about a foot long. You'll reserve this for another project.

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Snip it. Set aside.

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Measure and cut TWO more lengths of thread about a foot long. You'll reserve this to tie around your tassel and string your prism later.

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Hold the end of the thread with one hand and start wrapping with the other. You can adjust how long your tassel is depending on the size index card you use.

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Wrap the remaining thread around the folded index card or postcard.

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Wrap until you're out of thread.

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Open the key fob and attach it to the thread before closing the key fob.

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Slide the thread off of the index card.

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Slide the thread to the smaller end of the key fob. Gather the thread you reserved to wrap around the tassel.

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Hold the end of the reserved thread in one hand and wrap the thread around the tassel.

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Tie a knot with the ends of the extra thread.

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Double knot it to secure the tassel.

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Pull the wrapped thread apart.

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Placing your scissors in the center, cut the end of the tassel.

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Trim the ends.

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Thread the needle onto the extra thread you reserved.

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Thread the needle through the hole in the prism.

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Pull it onto the thread and remove the needle.

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Tie a knot close to the prism to secure it.

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Add the prism onto the key fob.

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Tye a knot around the prism, making sure to have the prism pointing down so it lays with the tassel.

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Pull tightly to secure the knot.

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Add your keys!


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over 5 years ago

This one was super fun. I hope it holds up to the chaos that is my purse! :)



over 5 years ago

Thanks Robin! We have been using ours for 3 months now and it still looks good! We reinforced the crystal with some extra thread, cause our purses are crazy too. Let us know. xo



about 4 years ago

@girlcab some of the prisms have smaller holes. You don't have to use the needle to get the thread through. Try putting it in without or using a piece of tape as a needle. We also tried putting some clear nail polish at the end of the thread to make it stiffer and easier to go through the hole. If all that doesn't work you can take a few strands away from the floss to make it a bit thinner.



about 4 years ago

My needle won't go thru the prism